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Manicure with pineapples

Manicure with pineapples

Recently women became more attentive to the nails and hands, and there is no wonder, after all they always attract to themselves views of passersby. The beautiful and well-groomed manicure is the key to success on interview, work and even at a friendly party. And, besides, when nails are varnished, they are protected from negative impact of environment therefore it is plus in manicure weight. But a half put to make nails well-groomed, and another - to choose for them suitable design. Further we will tell about fashionable, juicy and bright pineapples on nails which will make any manicure and your day as in summer warm and positive.

Features of pineapple nail of design

Fruit was always excellent design for juicy manicure. And because they will precisely lift all mood even in the hot and cool afternoon. "Pineapple boom" on nails already in fashion long time though this year demand for it considerably increased.

The manicure with juicy pineapples is chosen not only for sea tour or to a beach party, such nail the design will be relevant and to usual everyday life, after all it is impossible to tell that it defiant. More likely, he simply bright and live also reminds of far tropics.

Mainly the manicure with pineapples is chosen by young girls who want to emphasize all the energy and impulsiveness, certainly, not in a negative word meaning. More mature ladies seldom give preference to such design, but sometimes make out on one nail for contrast.

Anyway, such manicure will be suitable for any age and for any skin color of the girl though on swarty ladies the manicure with pineapples looks most advantageously.

So if you decided to lighten mood to yourself and all people around, more courageous choose decorative pineapples on nails in their most different execution. They not only will become excellent addition of an image, but also without effort will please the owner.

We choose colors

Primary color for manicure with pineapples can be most different, the main thing that it was bright, after all juicy fruit very much loves ripe colors and shades. Most often as primary color choose acid options or bright crimson, blue, red, orange and, of course, classical white color on which pineapples will be perfectly allocated.

Technician of performance of such design almost ten. Pineapples can be drawn on the increased nails, to do aquarian designs, to represent fruit on gel varnishes or the most usual quick-drying.

Such manicure allows to apply in it the most different ideas and experiments. Combine some designs in one or combine textures.

Fashionable ideas and design

On Internet open spaces you will find almost one million the most different pictures with pineapple manicure which is executed in the most unusual variations. Eyes will run up and it will be difficult to choose something one. Not to be lost, more courageous choose some options of registration, add it is sensitive imaginations and forward to create own design.

  • Most advantageously pineapples look on white color of nails, still they can be added with beautiful lemon pastes or a gold portrayal. Not superfluous will be to make green pineapple leaves.
  • Perfectly also the combined fruit designs on nails when, for example, on one finger represent a kiwi, and on others a lemon, a water-melon, banana or pineapple look.
  • The simplest registration is considered use of sliders for nails with fruit. They are very simple and harmless in use, and, besides, you with ease execute with them manicure, without leaving the house. There is a lot of variations of such stickers for nails, they may contain simply fruit or the whole tropical compositions.
  • If there is a wish for solar mood, it is optional to represent the whole pineapples on nails, after all nobody forbade to draw their beautiful segments. It will be not less beautiful to look also pineapple in a section.
  • According to experts of nail of the industry, fruit on nails not always has to look as a picture of great artists, it is sometimes better to give preference to animation and simple sketches of fruit which look at all not worse.
  • Difficult fruit designs, of course, can be realized only in beauty shop. It is best of all not to do such list on all nails, differently in general hands will "hard0" look.
  • Will look very expensively volume pineapples on nails, but most often such design can be embodied in reality only in beauty shop as volume fruit becomes thanks to acrylic powder and other auxiliary materials.

Professional advice

It is very important to know that if you want to make pineapple design on nails, but you have no time and desire for experiments, register in beauty shop where without effort will embody your fruit dreams in reality more safely. And if the soul demands creativity, stock up with patience, varnishes and, for example, acrylic paints which most often use for a list on nails. They are absolutely safe in application and in no way don't influence a nail plate.

If you carry out design with pineapples of the house and you have experience about gel varnishes, it is best of all to give preference to them, after all on them it is easy to draw acrylic paints which are very convenient for a list.

If you decided to draw simple fruit composition by means of usual varnishes, surely choose fresh options and after each new color carefully wipe a brush. It is necessary to draw in accelerated because usual varnishes very quickly dry.

Be not afraid of experiments with flowers. The excellent decision will be to make two nails white and to draw on them pineapples, and to cover others with a bright yellow varnish. Such design will look is very juicy.

What is required for design?

For creation of a pineapple decor on nails to you the following materials can be demanded:

  • Acrylic paints for drawing and a list;
  • Usual varnishes or gel varnishes, top, finish, UF lamp;
  • Special brushes for art nail, surely get also a thin brush for a portrayal of fine details;
  • Stickers (if necessary);
  • Pastes, bulyonka, stones and other elements for a decor;
  • At desire a set for a stemping with pineapple cliches.

Certainly, only the expert can have such professional set, you only need to choose certain products for concrete design or you can not get it everything and it is simple to make manicure in beauty shop.

We carry out step by step

If you after all decided to experiment houses and to execute pineapple design, we recommend to pay attention to the following step-by-step instruction.

For a start the following materials will be necessary for you:

  • White, lemon or yellow, brown and green varnishes, transparent covering;
  • Thin and average brushes;
  • Liquid for removal of a varnish.

So, a master class:

  • Cover all nails in the white color, it will be primary color on which our fruit will be placed further. Let's a varnish dry up. As primary color you can also choose pink or cream option, the main thing that it was harmoniously combined with pineapples.
  • If at your yellow varnish a brush not really wide, with its help apply small circles on nails or use a separate brush. Thus, at you figures of future pineapples will turn out.
  • As soon as yellow specks to dry, by means of a thin brush trace them a brown varnish, doing a peculiar setochka.
  • Draw to fruit green tails.
  • Wait for full drying of design and cover all with a transparent fixer. At desire you can diversify a decor with small pastes.

Completely covered nails in yellow color with a brown portrayal and green leaves at free edge of a nail can become also simple design.

The pineapple which is completely executed from bright yellow a paste it can become the unusual decision not only will draw to itself attention, but also will look really smartly. It is best of all to carry out such design on gel varnishes, with usual it hardly at you will last long.

One more idea of manicure with pineapples is shown one video below.