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Manicure with tapes for design of nails

Among lovers of manicure there are conservatives giving preference to classical style and the innovators who are in continuous search something special and new. The technology with a tape was developed for those and other ladies.

Having mastered it, it is possible to do independently classical French design or extravagant evening performed by with the glued strips. It will help to save means and time without prejudice to an image.

Manicure with tapes for design of nails

What the tape for manicure represents?

The manicure represents the painted plate over which the tape strip with a self-adhesive basis is pasted. The design color and tape can be the most various. A free choice and for decorative coverings where can be used both gel, and a varnish.

Decorative ornament is on sale in specialized shops or is ordered on the site on the Internet. For frequent application and experimenting with design it is more favorable to buy the whole set.

Especially as easy to work with material, beginners can consult even. The most popular is the thin strip, only 1,5 mm wide. Gentle lines will give to manicure of refinement and refinement. The assortment line strikes with a choice of textures: under silver, gold, with spangles, in a strip, melange, etc.

For what it is necessary?

Manicure with tapes for design of nails

The tape does process of registration of difficult drawings easier. The usual covering with unusual finishing looks where it is more interesting and isn't dull. The sticky basis allows to use material without special work. If there is a wish to add design with accurate equal lines, not to find the best option.

That work looked accurately, it is necessary to follow some rules of use of a decor:

  1. When gluing a strip it is necessary not to reach to the brim cuticles of 1-1,5 mm. The tape recorded closely or with an overlap will quickly break.
  2. When drawing a finishing covering it is necessary to seal the ends carefully.
  3. For cutting of material it is better to use sharp scissors, after all accuracy of manicure will depend on quality of a cut.
  4. The main assistant in fastening of strips are the tweezers. The pointed ends of the tool material is simpler to hook and fix.

Use options

Resourceful masters thought up to a tape some options of use. It can serve as the decorative registration supplementing drawing and to be auxiliary material for creation of a clear boundary.

In the first case of a strip are pasted before a fixer on ready composition, and in the second – on a basic covering, but before fixing of a surface is removed:

  1. One of options is differentiation of color zones. In the beginning on a plate the marking becomes, then each zone becomes covered by different color of a varnish. For convenience it is possible to use a cliche. After drying of a covering on borders the tape is pasted. As the fixing means the fixer is used.
  2. Material can be applied to the same borders, but it is pasted on a basic covering, and after drawing a varnish and drying is removed. In this case borders will have equal contours of uncovered plates which in combination with color compositions look quite interestingly.
  3. Conveniently by means of a strip with the glued basis to do a clear boundary between two tones. After drawing a varnish on one zone it is necessary to dry a surface and to paste a decor on edge of drawing. Then to paint the following part of a plate. After drying accurately to remove auxiliary material. As a result between color zones there will be an accurate contour.

How to make manicure with tapes?

Manicure with tapes for design of nails

For creation of manicure in house conditions with tape technology, it will be required:

  • manikyurny set for processing of nail plates and cuticles, a set of tapes;
  • tweezers with thin tweezers;
  • basic covering;
  • color varnishes;
  • orange stick;
  • fixer;
If in work shellac is used, drying requires an ultra-violet lamp. As the fixing material the finishing covering is applied.

Step-by-step management:

  1. To remove an old covering from nail plates.
  2. To make a tray for a softening of nails and to humidify with special means. 2-3 minutes later to remove the remains with a dry napkin.
  3. To process cuticles in the habitual way.
  4. To degrease surfaces of plates and to cover with a basic varnish. To dry.
  5. In the beginning the color varnish is put or decorating is created by several tones. After drying on certain borders of drawing fasten the sticky party of a ribbon, cut off by the size of a nail plate.
  6. If color coverings aren't provided, strips are pasted at once.
  7. The following stage carries out fixing of an accessory by a fixer which is applied on a plate with two layers with obligatory drying of everyone.
  8. When performing manicure by gel varnishes it is necessary to observe the same sequence, but with drying of each layer under an ultra-violet lamp. Tapes are fixed before a finishing covering.

Ideas of manicure with tapes

Manicure with tapes for design of nails

A variety of modern materials gives the chance to embody the most unexpected decisions at registration of nails.

Technology with a tape not an exception:

  1. The classical French manicure will play in a new way if to issue a side of a service jacket a brilliant thin strip. It is possible to create such effect on all fingers, or only on one each hand.
  2. Not bad the option with the strips of different width fixed on one finger of a hand looks. Or by the same principle, but using identical thin tapes, to arrange at one distance on a plate surface for creation of effect of a stripped vest.
  3. The geometrical figures on a plate of a symmetric, asymmetric and chaotic form issued by strips of a tape of different thickness will create complex extravagant composition. Actually the beginner will be able to execute it even. The main thing to show patience and accuracy.
  4. The fashionable manicure with a hole added with a brilliant decor will look interestingly and exclusively. The thin strip will emphasize a contour of lunochny area.
  5. The design executed against a light varnish became one more idea nejl an art. Over the basis decorative strips are pasted, creating the correct or chaotic zones. After that the color varnish is applied on a surface of zones in one or several tones. Further strips are removed, and the surface is fixed by a fixer. The combination of color fragments on a light basis turns out.

Liquid tape for manicure

Manicure with tapes for design of nails

Not so long ago in the market of manikyurny production there was a liquid tape. The product in the flakonchikakh, similar to a varnish is issued. Means considerably facilitates process of decorating of nails and practically excludes mistakes when performing work, after all as to try, the covering all the same supports a contour of a nail plate.

This problem when performing water manicure is especially known, gradient, with a hole, with use of plates for a stemping. Before recent time the adhesive tape which needed to be cut out and pasted round the processed zone helped to avoid similar trouble. It saved situation, but process convenient to call difficult. Therefore with the advent of a liquid tape it became much easier to carry out decorating.

The principle of action consists in drawing funds for an integument round a plate. It is possible to do it by a brush which is fixed on a bottle cover. 3-4 minutes later the liquid structure stiffens, turning into a film.

After performance the manikyurnykh of procedures the film accurately is removed, and together with it and the varnish which went beyond a zone of a nail plate. Thus, the liquid tape serves as the auxiliary material preventing a varnish exit abroad of nails. Liquid was issued only the pink earlier. Now in assortment there was production of different color.