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Cuticle scissors - rules of a choice of scissors and their professional sharpening

Cuticle scissors - rules of a choice of scissors and their professional sharpening

Types of the cutting arsenal for manicure

Scissors for manicure can be divided into types:

  • Straight lines for cutting of nails, formation of their length and a form
  • Removals of a cuticle

These types are distinguished by design. Scissors for a cuticle have the rounded-off ends, and for cutting of nails – straight lines. A common feature of all the manikyurnykh of devices – their small size.

How to choose cuticle scissors?

Process of a choice of scissors for cutting of nails is very simple. All without exception will suit any of these tools. Major factors which need to be considered in the course of a tool choice – material which is used for production, convenience to hold in hand, a smykaniye of knives, a zatochennost.

At first it is necessary to pay attention to material. For manicure most often apply medical steel, zinc and nickel to production of scissors. Medical steel is considered as the best material for such tools. Direct scissors from medical steel the best, they hold sharpening more long, don't rust. These good properties increase production expiration date. Don't save upon purchase the manikyurnykh of tools. After all it is better to buy at once model more expensively, than every season to get the new.

Examine attentively the tool after you decided on material. The cutting edges have to be straight lines, without breaks and jags. In an ideal it is an equal and smooth surface. Surely look as they reveal and closed.

Pay attention that any model has to be closed quite smoothly and densely. Don't buy the direct scissors which are closed breakthrough. It shows on poor quality. When using such mechanism there is a risk of injury of nails or cuticles.

Edges on all length have to adjoin very densely with each other while tips, straight lines and rounded off, to meet in one point. In such models the detail allowing to work only with tool tips is very important. The it is less at manicure a step, the risk of stratification of nails or probability to wound cuticles is weaker.

Rings from the inside have to be smooth. Them it has to be comfortable to hold in hand that those didn't slip out and didn't squeeze fingers. Rings influence quality of manicure. They have to settle down strictly on one line. Remember that convenience of rings unlike parameters of the cutting part, are size subjective. Independently before purchase check their convenience.

The following component which shouldn't pass at a choice the manikyurnykh of devices is a screw. It is recommended to choose models with the screw which can be adjusted. It will allow to hand over without special work the tool for sharpening in a workshop where the master will remove or will weaken the screw, having returned to edges sharpness.

Quality in many respects depends on a right choice of the master in sharpening. Don't save on the beauty.

Scissors for a cuticle

Before making a purchase of the tool for a cuticle it is necessary to examine attentively the cuticles and lateral rollers. There are at all people these areas different. Is thick and dense, thin and transparent, average density. And each type of a cuticle needs the model. It needs to be considered.

  1. For a thin cuticle it is necessary to choose model with the thinnest a cloth and knives. It still is called scissors needles. With their help it is possible to pick up even very thin cuticles, having cut off them it is accurate.
  2. For a dense cuticle there are professional scissors having a thick cloth and thick knives. They can be used for processing of dry uchastkochok of skin of lateral rollers of nails.
  3. Normal cuticle - soft to the touch and about one millimeter long. It is necessary to choose for it standard professional scissors.

Children's cuticle scissors

Experts created also very safe tools for manicure. Them it is possible without special fears to use for cutting of nails at children. Such model has the rounded-off tips that does it safe. It is simply impossible to be wounded with them. They are universal and are used also for removal of hairs in ears.

Distinctive features of children's scissors is special sharpening and the truncated cutting part that considerably accelerates trimming of nails at children, and the rounded-off ends of edges reduce probability to wound the kid to zero. Material – stainless steel which is used for production of the surgical tool. Fine edges aren't in a stupor within three years.

Sharpening of cuticle scissors

It is necessary to know how it is correct to sharpen the tool. The best option is to carry it in a workshop but if there is no such opportunity, it is possible and in house conditions to make it is professional.

Scissors of the small size can be ground small abrasive whetstone with fine-grained structure. For processing of a concave side of model, it is necessary to round off a whetstone edge.

For determination of dullness, the cutting surface needs to pay attention by sight. If the manikyurny tool has characteristic specks more than one millimeter on all length of an edge of a cloth, it needs to be sharpened. The less than spot, the it is easier and simpler to grind model. Will be to carry out enough to them on the machine. Spots more than two millimeters say that the tool wore out strongly. It is necessary to sharpen it more long. It is possible to address to the expert for a dusting.

Before sharpening it is important to consider that fact that such cosmetic tool is sharpened only on the machine with a diamond wheel. It is possible to get it in a construction supermarket. Here it is possible to buy also a sandpaper where the circle is got. However you remember that such mechanism quite expensive therefore it is better to think where it is possible to hire it.

Properly examine model regarding existence of a side play. Eliminate a side play, having tightened up the bolt fastening parts till the moment, a dense prileganiye to each other of a cloth.

Cloths of scissors need to be turned in so that there was a gap on a site of their connection. It is necessary to do it accurately not to break.

We turn on the machine on the minimum speed and it is carried out on a diamond wheel serially by one and second edge of panels. We do it on all length with an identical force.

We check sharpening of scissors and we repeat once again. Sharpening on very thin or dense paper is checked. There is a check option approximately. In this case it is necessary to consider thickness of spots which after sharpening there have to be about 0,2 millimeters. It was necessary to remove by means of a simple napkin or fabric without pile on the ends of edges agnails. The Manikyurny tool is ready to work.


Today on sale professional scissors at the different price meet. Cheap models, are generally made of fragile materials, besides they are insufficiently ground, aren't comfortable for fingers of hands, not really well pick up on a cuticle skin, leaving agnails. You don't pursue cheap model. Don't save on health.