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Manicure at the sea

Manicure at the sea

In the summer opportunity is given not only to have a rest, but also to take care of a condition of the hands, to try new clothes style or cosmetics. Producers let out new lines of production by each summer season, and makeup artists recommend to use fashionable tendencies in creation of the image. Though the sea manicure in the basis remains classical, every year there are new cosmetic products and ideas how to decorate the nails according to a situation and a way of life.

The manicure at the sea is attractive not only that it is seductive to try it, having gone on the vacation to other country or having appeared in an environment, new to itself. Sea style is associated with such concepts as freedom, carelessness, relaxedness, pleasure and proximity to elements. A variety of options of such manicure strikes both a combination of flowers, and opportunity to tell story of the rest by the sea by means of the laconic, but attractive jewelry supplementing manicure – a paste, spangles, stickers and drawings.


Time of holiday gives us the chance to pick up the most interesting and style of manicure, new to itself. The beach manicure borrows ideas the nature – colors, the invoice, drawings are dictated by that we see round ourselves, having appeared by the sea. The manicure is naturally supplemented with the chosen fashionable bathing suit, footwear, accessories. The new image and special summer mood is so created.

At a choice of options of sea manicure in honor there are those colors which are directly connected with the sea, the sky, sand, tropical vegetation:

  • blue various degree of a saturation;
  • the blue;
  • the white;
  • the green-blue;
  • the turquoise;
  • the green;
  • the silvery;
  • the golden.

This summer in beach manicure all colors and shades are creatively used; the only condition is reflection of a sea or beach subject when developing design.

The subject of the sea can be realized by means of the wavy intertwining color strips forming the bewitching pattern. The golden general background of manicure can "be washed" by a blue or blue pattern on a nail tip.

Some fingers can be "dressed" in a striped stripped vest not only classical white-blue flowers, but also almost any other. Bright strips on nails is a basis of modern sea manicure. It is favorable to combine striped drawing with more gentle monophonic option of the manicure recovered by thematic drawing, for example, an anchor or a small fish.

As a decor use of the following elements is widespread:

  • paste which can have the most various form allowing to beat a subject of the sea and a beach;
  • the figures representing fishes, dolphins, starfishes, mollusks, a cockleshell, seaweed, the ships, yachts, rumpelx, lifebuoys, palm trees, stones, corals, pearls;
  • stickers with thematic drawings;
  • beads;
  • gold glitter.

That the manicure looked stylishly and is fresh, you shouldn't overload it with details and flowers. A little combined or, on the contrary, contrast shades, a couple of decorative elements – and the fine manicure is ready.

As the summer passes amazingly quickly, and there is a wish to try different options of nail design, to do resistant manicure with the help gel varnish will hardly seem attractive idea. It is known that after its removal nails need to give some time to have a rest, and there is a stylish wish to look during so rare holiday every day. On the other hand, if a variety doesn't belong to your priorities, imposing gel varnish will help you to create ideal manicure for a long time. It is possible to change decorative jewelry of nails, without doing harm to a varnish surface.

Fashionable tendencies

In fashion bright and original combinations of flowers – blue and gold, pink and white, red and blue, orange and green. However remain the most widespread flowers of manicure for the period of rest blue, white, green and golden.

Unexpected combinations of flowers, including such contrast option as combination black and white will be suitable for the teenagers preferring bright nail design.

The similar "zebra" softened with a color decorative element will seem ideal option for those who looks for at the same time originality and laconicism.

If radical option to you not to liking, combine more gentle or juicy colors (garnet, pink, peach, wine) with gold or silvery.

Other fashionable tendency is use of gradient technology of imposing of flowers from lighter to more dark shade. Such reception allows to simulate the worrying sea surface: waves of color are so smoothly imposed at each other that as a result make impression of the waving water.

The classical service jacket can be added with jewelry in the form of fruit that will give to a refined and laconic basis a fresh summer look.

In general, in the current season use of the bright flowers of a varnish which are advantageously shading suntanned skin, and a thematic decor is welcomed. Length of nails can be such what is convenient to you, however accurate short oval or rectangular nails now again in fashion. If it is about the increased nails, average length is that is necessary.

That the chosen option of manicure didn't bring you in improper time, choose resistant qualitative materials. Neon shades, popular among youth, are advantageous from the point of view of their brightness, but lose the qualities after long stay on the sun. That it didn't occur, use a basis before drawing a varnish.

The gradient manicure can have any scale, in particular, pink-lilac, peach-beige, yellow-orange. These quite thematic shades are perfectly combined with pastes and spangles. The shape of nails thus can be rectangular or semi-oval, allowing to show smoothness of transition of one shade in another.

The invoice of manicure can also reflect a surrounding situation. It can be brilliant and ideally equal, as the quiet sea in a sunny day. Or the invoice can be rough, with various impregnations imitating a loose sand. Such invoice, in particular, will help to hide some defects (roughnesses) of nails which didn't manage to be corrected earlier in other ways. Ideas for the summer it is offered very much today that the choice of the most perfect of options appears the main problem.

If you prefer the French manicure, it also allows to experiment it to reach truly sea or beach character. The sea service jacket is elegant and laconic: classical white tips and the dark blue background decorated with a golden anchor; the transparent and pearl background and blue tips added with bright stickers or pastes. Addition of bright red color will add to a reserved service jacket a special savor.

Ideas of design

The bright and beautiful design of nails can be made one hundred different ways. Combinations of flowers, invoices, drawings and jewelry allow to expand options of ideal sea manicure indefinitely. Having added the image of a palm tree or a cockleshell, you not only finish the chosen idea, but also you will create special carefree mood for yourself and for people around.

Jewelry, besides the main function, is capable to fix impressions and memoirs not worse than photos or the diary. Perceiving design as one more way of accumulation and information transfer, you will pass to higher step in improvement of this art.

Your personal experience, helps of designers or reminiscence of last years can form the basis of beach manicure. For a start it is worth being defined by that will be required to you for an embodiment of your idea. The set of necessary tools and means includes:

  • manikyurny set if you plan to look after natural nails independently;
  • the qualitative basis under a varnish which will allow to prolong service life of your covering and will keep health of nails;
  • varnish of 2-3 thematic shades;
  • finishing covering which will consolidate result;
  • some options of a decor;
  • glue for fastening of decorative elements;
  • thin brushes if you plan to apply on nails drawing independently;
  • special adhesive strips which will facilitate drawing ideal "stripped vest";
  • means for removal of a varnish if it is required to correct design;
  • wadded disks;
  • oil for a cuticle, necessary for care of nails every day.

How to make nanikyur in sea style you look in the following video.

The choice of style of manicure is dictated not only your tastes, but also a situation in which you show the neyl-art. If your rest by the sea doesn't assume business meetings and official actions, it is possible to choose any juicy colors and original jewelry, alternating them is so frequent as soon as it is possible. So, the sea attributes executed in style of modern animation will improve your mood and will encourage the people surrounding you.

If the official meeting, a business dinner is necessary to you, choose color scale quieter and more strict, giving preference to not striking transparent bluish, white, nacreous shades. Not numerous decorative elements in sea style will add graces to manicure, without making heavier it. Such option is universal therefore experiments can be begun with it. More sophisticated and detailed options of manicure will demand time and training.

It is possible to offer the following interesting ideas of manicure for the summer spent by the sea:

  • manicure "day-night" with the alternating blue and golden main tones on which the corresponding jewelry (the gold or silver moon rejecting easy patches of light on a surface of dark blue "water" is applied; the cockleshell or a starfish decorating golden and sand "beach");
  • manicure in "decline at the sea" style from 3-4 flowers (blue, lilac, pink, yellow) imposed by the waves which are smoothly passing each other; the black drawings representing silhouettes of the flying seagull, palm trees, yachts, a volcano, a beacon, in a word, everything are applied on this background that you will surround at this moment;
  • manicure in "fish scales" style which small wavy drawing can be put, using a thin brush and a white varnish; on a silver-blue or pinkish-lilac background it will look very attractively;
  • manicure in pebbles style within which color and the pebbles form you can choose to the taste, preferring sand, grayish and pearl, bluish-gray shades;
  • manicure "seabed" in which water depth is imitated by means of several layers of the transparent varnish applied on flat or convex decorative elements in the form of cockleshells, starfishes, small fishes, corals, chests with treasures, mollusks, pebbles etc.;
  • classical "stripped vest" in which both classical, and original shades, decorative elements within sea subject can be used (anchors, lifebuoys, field-glasses, telescopes, ropes, chains, ships);
  • manicure in "sandy beach" style where the main yellow or golden equal or rough background is combined with brilliant silvery or ultramarine wavy tips;
  • lunar manicure of silver-white color with the image of the sea and palm trees which perfectly shades suntanned skin of hands;
  • celestial-blue gradient manicure with small fishes, starfishes, bubbles and chains a paste which casts thoughts of romanticism of voyages.

Very juicy the manicure in which different colors, invoices and drawings within one concept are combined looks. For example, 2 nails can be "dressed" in a blue-white stripped vest with an anchor, others 2 – in "dress" of a gentle shade on which color peas are scattered. The invoice of a basis can be both smooth, and rough, with an impregnation of spangles. It is quite good to apply a brilliant golden varnish on the last finger.

The gradient manicure with use of a fashionable shade of sea water in which the most delicate greenish-blue flows in the almost white will be suitable for swarty hands of the excellent.

As ornament can be applied on monophonic rectangular nails not only drawings, but also inscriptions. You define sense of these "messages"; it can be any words bearing positive sense. The Russian women of fashion prefer to use words of English or French languages, but it is possible to put and hieroglyphs, having practised for a start on paper and having specified their value.

Popular colors

For a trip on rest to the sea stock up not only ideas, but also necessary materials. The simple resistant manicure with use can be made gel varnish in advance and to paste the jewelry corresponding to a case on a universal basis, going on a beach or on a party.

The sea subject defines, but doesn't limit a choice of flowers of a varnish. The various shades which are associated with the sea (blue, blue, gray, white, lilac, green-blue, violet, black) or with inhabitants of a seabed (silvery, coral, pearl), vegetation or fruit (green, peach, apricot, pink), in other words, all possible shades will help you to create the unique work of art.

If you prefer classics, except blue, white and golden, several modest jewelry in the form of a cockleshell or a star it will be required nothing to you. If you are young and the original bright manicure is part of your style, choose the bright neon colors which are perfectly combined with swarty skin.

Question concerning what type of manicure to prefer – resistant gel or a simple varnish – is solved proceeding from a condition of nails and the mode of time. If nails are healthy, and time hasn't enough – gel varnish will appear for you optimum option. If you love experiments and you have a lot of free time – choose a simple varnish which is easier for removing and putting.

Professional advice

Professionals of manicure advise on holiday always to try to achieve 2 objectives: to improve a condition of nails by means of a complex of cosmetic procedures (clarification, food, moistening, treatment of microinjuries) and gradually to develop the style of the manicure considering both a season, and requirements of a situation (official or daily). The correct manicure is always based on the solution of these of 2 tasks in a complex. The choice of shades and a decor is a matter of taste. Maintenance of health of nails is a question of your responsibility before by itself.

Among tendencies of the current season it is possible to choose what in the best way correspond to your developed style, change which it can not to appear serious need. It is only enough to add some nuances (a decor, new shades, technology of imposing of strokes), and the sea manicure will be ready.

Originally the neyl-art with use of ethnic motives, characteristic for the country in which you spend the summer holiday looks. A geometrical Greek pattern, images of local animals (turtles, dolphins), plants or mascots will be very pertinent.


The "holiday" manicure is, as a rule, deprived of official severity and allows all imaginable experiments with styles, invoices, shades and a decor. The sea and sand, seagulls and palm trees, stones and pearls, inhabitants of the sea and the ships – literally everything can be an incitement to development of idea of a neyl-art. Having the imagination and a considerable stock of time, it is possible to realize the inclinations of the true artist even if it is about creation of a picture in a miniature – on a surface of own nail. Users of the Network willingly impart the ideas, positive and negative experience of drawing sea manicure. The richness of options of a decor and styles inherent in this kind of nail design is most often noted.

Modern women of fashion appear the busiest even during holiday as duties which on them are imposed by a social role, don't come to an end neither on holiday, nor during rest by the abroad. It is simple to relax and forget opportunity about everything on light most often becomes the next illusion. Therefore many prefer not to change essentially habitual style of manicure, and for ornament to use ready options – stickers, figures or pastes.

However the ideal manicure can be created only on ideal nails therefore holiday should be used and for improvement of their state. Existence of free time will help to be engaged in the hands seriously. Do for them the nutritious and softening trays, process nails and a cuticle special oils, don't neglect hand cream.

Being abroad, you can get acquainted with the manicure options, new to you, traditional for other countries (for example, Brazilian or Japanese). Reviews of these types of manicure, as a rule, positive as they are based on careful natural improvement of a condition of nail plates.

Rest by the sea is not only memorable experience and chance to restore the health. It also opportunity to practise a neyl-art, to learn about current trends in nail design, to develop the art abilities. The richness of ideas and additional materials for manicure allows to pick up interesting versions of its decision for rest by the sea.