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Manicure space: the step-by-step instruction + useful tips for beginners

Choosing design of nails, women, as a rule, are guided by a set of the principles: it is very important that the covering looked stylishly, harmoniously supplemented an image and at the same time had something in common with mood. Despite popularity of a classical service jacket, many ladies give preference to other, more non-standard designs. Incredibly effectively the manicure space allowing to represent on nails of the planet, stars and fogs looks.

Manicure space

Manicure space – a trend of this season. This covering looks not only is modern, but also is fresh, new. Such marigold attracts general attention and causes interest. In salon such design will cost much enough, but it doesn't prevent girls to master equipment of this covering of the house at all.

Than space on nails is interesting?

Lately the subject of space is rather popular: in shops it is possible to meet clothes and accessories of the corresponding tone. The covering of nails the image of space bodies looks rather effectively in any life situation: the manicure perfectly looks on weekdays, but also safely emphasizes identity on festive events.

Features of modern space design

A few years ago the space covering was already put by women of fashion: masters represented stars and comets, using spangles and stickers. The modern industry of beauty gives the chance to represent any space body or object – everything depends on the imagination and desires of the client.

Manicure space: the step-by-step instruction + useful tips for beginners

  • Procedure of hot manicure is rather simple to carry out it to houses, but the result will surpass expectations.
  • If to be trained to work with drawings on nails a needle, shortly, a marigold will be exclusively painted and without visit of salon, it is possible to receive particulars in our article.

As it is correct to prepare for procedure

It is necessary to understand importance of a preparatory stage in creation of space design of nails. Most of girls carry out its gel varnishes which keep on nails up to the following correction.

That the varnish (both gel, and usual) well laid down and looked tidily, it is necessary to execute full cleaning of nails: to give to nails the form, to zapolirovat a brilliant layer and to remove the become horny skin, cuticles.

Cut or hardware?

Many women already passed to hardware manicure. Such cleaning is carried out on dry nails quickly enough. The special device – Fraser is necessary for it. The device is on sale in the majority of shops of electronics, but its use demands skills and experience.

Manicure space: the step-by-step instruction + useful tips for beginners

The classical cut manicure is carried out only on the steamed-out and prepared nails. Only the manikyurny set which is in each house is necessary for such cleaning.

We master equipment of cut manicure

You shouldn't hurry to apply space on unprepared hands: the varnish covering will roughly lay down and finally will spoil all result. It is necessary to begin with removal of the previous covering from a surface of nails of preparation of a nutritious tray.

There is a lot of recipes of trays: it is possible to add some drops of iodine to water or to mix a little lemon juice with vegetable oil. When skin of hands becomes softer, it is necessary to start direct performance of cut manicure.

First of all, by means of a nail file, give to a marigold the form necessary to you. In a case with space manicure the classical square, and also oval form will look most pertinently. It is necessary to move a nail file in the direction from edges to the center to avoid traumatism of a nail plate.

Manicure space: the step-by-step instruction + useful tips for beginners

Removal of cuticles happens step by step: in the beginning skin is removed a metal shovel (or an orange stick), and then cleaned nozhnichka. To achieve ideal result, it is necessary to use special tweezers also. This device will help to clean the smallest agnails.

Many experts recommend to use oil for mitigation of cuticles at the final stage. Such means not only will make skin of hands velvety, but also will promote the fastest healing. At the end it is also possible to use hand cream, rubbing it the massage movements.

We carry out space manicure independently

Many women of fashion are interested how to make manicure space in house conditions. In such situation the Internet having rather large number of the training video records will come to the rescue.

It should be noted that the manicure space in house conditions takes away a lot of time, and therefore better to experiment in the day off when you don't hurry and you can concentrate on design.

Before making manicure space it is necessary to get some means:

  • Base (black, dark-violet or other dark varnish)
  • Light varnish (it is useful for performance of fogs)
  • Some bright varnishes
  • Spangles (it is possible to replace with a brilliant varnish)
  • Fixer (transparent)
  • Sponzh

How to put a covering?

It is necessary to apply a basic dark varnish (if necessary it is possible to cover in two layers) on already processed and polished nails and to wait for its drying. Further accurately put a light varnish on sponzh, and the easy "promakivayushchy" movements touch nails a wadded disk – on your hands there will be a fog. Similar procedure should be carried out and with brighter varnish: having moistened with it sponzh, easily concern the basis of already ready fog.

Manicure space: the step-by-step instruction + useful tips for beginners

When the covering dries up, start the most interesting – creation of planets. For this purpose the dried-up nail is covered with a brilliant varnish. That drawing looked more naturally, it is possible to combine spangles of various size.

At the end nails cover with a fixer and wait for full drying of a covering.

Space manicure gel varnish

Many girls already managed to estimate advantages of gel varnishes. Such coverings don't lose the attractiveness later even some weeks. For performance of space by gel, besides color varnishes, the qualitative base, a fixer and an ultra-violet lamp will be necessary.

Manicure space: the step-by-step instruction + useful tips for beginners

It is worth understanding that the gel covering demands certain skills, and therefore it is much better to be trained on simple varnishes. When you completely accept appearance of a marigold, can start being trained in space manicure by gel.

Absolutely unexpected result will be yielded by use of a diamond covering: a marigold will look more volume. At any lighting appearance of hands will please you: the covering will be poured by new and new paints.

Manicure space: the step-by-step instruction + useful tips for beginners

  • Drawings on nails acryle can be very different therefore it is better to examine all options before doing drawing.
  • The thermovarnish changes color depending on temperature, giving to your image a special highlight, is more detailed on a subject here.

Useful tips

The space manicure seldom turns out from the first. Because of it many are upset and refuse this design. Actually any roughness or a flaw can be corrected and modified.

Fresh ideas

As well as any kind of a nail covering, space design has the secrets:

  • Nails will look even more unusually if you use the white varnish put on sponzh for a portrayal of planets.
  • The classical transparent fixer can be replaced with a varnish with a silver glitter – on your nails there will be the real Milky Way.
  • If you incidentally put any varnish in surplus it is perfect it doesn't matter. The site problem in your opinion can be painted over simply a dark varnish which you used as base. In this case the design won't suffer at all, and you shouldn't remake everything.
  • Many girls note that the dark varnish, after removal, leaves traces on nails. It can be avoided if before a covering to apply base or a usual transparent varnish on a marigold.
  • Choosing bright shades for manicure, you shouldn't forget that design space looks more effectively in cold tones. Best of all pink, violet and blue patches of light will approach.
  • It is possible to replace sponzh with a slice of a scouring sponge. It leaves less dense traces and as result the covering looks more tidily.

Space manicure – really standing design which will suit extraordinary persons with active living position. In this case nails will become only an integral part of a stylish and modern image.

Manicure with space design: video

The space design is popular not the first season. This whole art, individual and unique, and which main plus – its universality.