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Manicure with stones. Design of nails with liquid stones

Quite recently in nail art there was a manicure with liquid stones, and for the shortest period the new equipment found the admirers. The repeated champion of competitions in a neyl-art Ekaterina Miroshnichenko became the author of interesting and original design. What does the equipment, popular among women, represent?

Concept "liquid stone"

This phrase is meant as sculptural or stained glass gel which with addition of pigments gets effect natural semiprecious or a jewel. When performing equipment by an indispensable condition it is considered creation of a frame in the form of a beautiful pattern that gel didn't spread and I got a desirable form and dimensions.

Of effective it is considered one manicure with liquid stones with use of a foil as a fringing, such technology is called "gold molding".

Manicure with stones. Design of nails with liquid stones

What stones turn out in this equipment? Any. For example, adding a green pigment to gel, we receive an emerald, blue turns into turquoise, yellow is an amber, red - respectively a ruby.

Manicure with stones - rather expensive pleasure, as the cost of gels and materials, necessary for its implementation, rather big. But by this time already there were worthy analogs which will help to reach the most similar effect.

We reveal a secret of "precious manicure"

The equipment represents three-layer drawing on a plate at first of a contour, then stained glass gel, and then sculptural. Thanks to the last the effect of the magnifying glass which subsequently is filled with a pigment is created and as a result there is a jewel.

Manicure with stones. Design of nails with liquid stones

The idea of manicure with stones was initially developed for the nails increased by means of acryle as they possess the convenient length and good density of a plate. But popularity of new equipment expanded use borders, and now such procedures carry out and on natural nails.

Necessary materials and professional tools

Before beginning manicure with stones, it is necessary to study the list of necessary accessories.

  1. Gels. This equipment provides existence of 5 types: gel protection surely has to be without dispersions, availability of color art gel for a service jacket, contours are created from gel-paint or art gel of black color, but surely having not oil dispersion which after drying in the UF-lamp will allow to imprint to a foil, stained glass art gel of any shade, sculptural gel (its consistence is obliged to be dense).
  2. Brushes. To make manicure with stones, it is necessary to get 3 types: angular (with its help the French manicure becomes), "hair" for a portrayal of a contour and patterns, basic for drawing the main layer.
  3. Foil. Professionals of nail service recommend to use the special foil intended for manicure, but it is possible to replace with the usual. The color chosen for manicure (gold or silver) depends on a stone.
  4. UF-lamp. Thanks to it occurs not only fast drying, but also better hardening of a stone.

The instruction for creation of basic design

Professionals recommend to realize the first steps in new equipment from the simplest, that is to make the French manicure with stones.

Manicure with stones. Design of nails with liquid stones

Step 1. To trace on a nail tip a service jacket element - a smile, then to dry in the UF-lamp about 2 minutes.

Step 2. To apply gel protection and to send nogotochka to the UF-lamp.

Step 3. Beginning of creation of stones. By means of a brush "hair" and black art gel to draw a contour pattern. Upon termination of to polymerize in a lamp.

Step 4. Putting gilding. The foil undertakes (a little more, than a nail) and is pasted by the opaque party, well nestles and by fast breakthrough is torn off. As a result the contour will become gilded.

Step 5. By means of a brush "hair" apply yellow and silvery gel on a contour - so that 2 shades had smooth transition. Drying.

Step 6. Putting stained glass gel. The shade depends on a type of the reproduced stone.

Step 7. The manicure with stones has to have the volume therefore sculptural gel which creates effect of a hemisphere is applied on a substrate. Again drying in the UF-lamp.

Step 8. A nail covering finishing gel for preservation of the received design. Put it with a basic brush. Last stroke: drying in a lamp.

Compatibility of liquid stones and natural nails

As it was told earlier, the manicure with stones was created for artificial nails. And whether it is possible to execute a know-how on the natural? According to professionals, it is possible, only if previously to apply on a plate gel varnish (basic) for a service jacket and to remove the sticky layer formed round nails. Most effective to carry out manicure by means of shellac. Thus firmness of the main layer is provided.

Manicure with stones. Design of nails with liquid stones

The manicure with liquid stones on natural nails has one problem: sometimes put in the course of paint spread. Therefore before procedure the plate needs to be ground carefully by means of a baf, having provided the best fastening.

Trend options

Looking through photos "liquid stone" technologies, many girls want to begin training with the combined equipment. But masters suggest to experiment on lunar manicure where practically all nail plate has a bright shade, except a semicircle at the basis.

Manicure with stones. Design of nails with liquid stones

If the manicure for a festive event is planned, before the 8th step in the presented earlier basic equipment make a basis of a liquid stone by means of means "velvet sand". Thus the jewel in this option will appear on a velvet substrate.

The most graceful designs are created on nails of small length. About what the speech? First, the stone has to be present not on all, but only on one finger. Secondly, the size of a stone depends on nail length. Respectively, the it is shorter, the more small a stone. In this case the manicure becomes the true jeweler art. Nevertheless the total result will be tremendous. Only present, the scattering of rubies, emeralds and pearls on short nails how gracefully looks!

Anyway, whatever was length of your nail plate, the manicure with liquid stones will always cause admiration of people around and will emphasize identity of the hostess.