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Manicure in style: Nude, Tiffany, Chanel, fate and swag

  • Manicure of Nude
  • Manicure from Tiffany
  • Ideas in Chanel's style
  • Manicure of rock-style
  • Manicure of swag

Manicure of Nude ↑

Manicure in style: Nude, Tiffany, Chanel, fate and swag

Some last fashionable seasons Nude style keep leader positions, and not only in a make-up, but also in clothes and in manicure. nyud to make manicure in style not so simply as can seem. He demands ideal nails, competently picked up other details of an image. Thus within its powers to emphasize your elegance, visually to extend nail plates, to express their ukhozhennost. "Nude" means "nakedness". But for "naked" manicure it is necessary to work a little:

  • Remove a cuticle, give to a marigold ideally equal identical form, polish plates and an end face the bafy. Best of all nyud looks on nails of an almond-shaped form.
  • Cover nails with base.
  • Put 2 layers of a beige or corporal varnish. The girls belonging to a cold type can pick up a varnish with the rozovinka but almost imperceptible. The varnish has to be unostentatious and almost imperceptible.
  • Put a fixer.

Dry each layer for 5 minutes. Any point, deepening put on a damp varnish can nullify effect. Therefore dry a varnish very well.

Using the minimum tool kit. It is possible to make the most fashionable manicure of this year of a varnish of one shade – manicure in Nude style.

Manicure from Tiffany ↑

Manicure in style: Nude, Tiffany, Chanel, fate and swag

The manicure in Tiffany's style is a design of nails or their continuous covering in the mint-blue color. Or rather light blue, as though the diluted white. The name turned out thanks to color of packings which use at sale of production of this fashionable house, and entered wide use after a release of the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany". Nails in Tiffany's style can have the following lines:

  • The relief bow, is executed by means of a molding or a sticker. The bow can be white. Sometimes it is done by means of usual acrylic paints and a thin brush. It can settle down on 1 nail, and can on several and usually it occupies the fourth part of a nail plate.
  • It is done on short nails of the square or rounded-off form.
  • It is quite acceptable in a decor to use stones. For example, for accentuation of a hole or as a bow frame.
  • Very effectively the combination of color of Tiffany with white enamel looks. It is possible to allocate with it a hole or free edge.

The manicure in Tiffany's style won't leave indifferent the romantic gentle natures and girls wishing to make this time the marigold very womanly.

Ideas in Chanel's style ↑

Manicure in style: Nude, Tiffany, Chanel, fate and swag

Unforgettable Koko and now, and in the far future will dictate fashionable tendencies. It isn't surprising that want to pay to it tribute and by method which is available to all – to make manicure in which the main lines by it the created collections are guessed. Your manicure will find Chanel's lines, if:

  • You represent a brand sign – 2 the bound half rings.
  • The most contrast – white and black are in the flowers of a brand.
  • As additional it is possible to use golden (including a glitter), gray, beige, color taup.
  • On nails there is a black-and-white ornament, strips, covers, patterns or images in the form of letters.
  • The firm print of fabric postponed for nails can look very effectively if it is drawn correctly and very accurately.

In our opinion the manicure in Chanel's style with the image of a logo on an opaque background can become one of the most successful:

  • Apply a black opaque varnish on the prepared nails with 2 layers. This effect can achieve if to take some seconds just put varnish over steam.
  • On each nail fix a sticker of black color with the image of firm half rings.

The manicure doesn't demand drawing a fixer. For effective contrast on one nail the pattern or a hole can be white color.


Manicure of rock-style ↑

Manicure in style: Nude, Tiffany, Chanel, fate and swag

Manicure in swag style and fate are a little similar. Existence of dark color, bright, volume accents, slogans and provocative words, images of logos is the main lines both.

The manicure in style can be made fate so:

  • Apply on a black background the image big, on all nail plate, a cross. It can be golden, white, silvery.
  • On some marigold fix stones in the form of thorns of a square or cone-shaped form, naturally, golden color. Background, besides, the black.
  • The black-red gradient quite corresponds to this style.
  • Draw on nails in the silver color a ring, a chain.
  • On a bloody background draw a black skull.
  • Stained glass in black claret white orange gray tones looks rather ominously.

Put the selected image as emphasis on 1-2 nails or decorate at once everything – a choice for you. In this style many attributes don't happen.

Manicure of swag ↑

Manicure in style: Nude, Tiffany, Chanel, fate and swag

Existence of expensive articles of clothing, gadgets, massive jewelry, tattoos in the form of inscriptions, backpacks and baseball caps, long hair of the most unimaginable flowers, rather rough footwear (gym shoes, snickerses, sneakers on a platform) is the main lines of style.

If you belong to fans of this style, you can emphasize it with such types of manicure:

  • The leopard print executed in nonconventional color – black-pink, crimson-violet, blue-black.
  • Galactic design or manicure in swag style under the name "space".
  • Image of heroes of the animated film (most often Mickey Mouse, Angry Birds) or video of game.
  • Glamourous pink bows as it isn't strange, too belong to style svэg. They have to be very bright.
  • Asymmetrically and with use of all flowers of a rainbow designate free edge of a nail.

Any of these designs will emphasize this style. In general try to use more paints, learn to draw letters various fonts, add begin to flow.

The manicure has to emphasize your mood, taste, so – and onions, views, lifestyle.