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Manicure on suntanned hands

Manicure on suntanned hands

The manicure is always the finishing detail of any image. And it is very important that it was ideally combined with all another. It concerns not only dresses, but also appearance of the girl. Jewelry for nails should be selected under features of the tsvetotip. It is recommended to be guided by a skin shade. If the varnish strongly contrasts with color of your hands or merges with it, it looks not always well. Therefore it is necessary to be able to pick up noticeable accent which will do your image much more interestingly and more brightly. You learn from this article how to make ideal manicure on suntanned hands.

Basic rules

In the summer when the whole world becomes brighter and colourful, ladies want to add the same bright accents and to the images. Select saturated and interesting colors always to be allocated and draw to themselves attention.

The majority of us spends much time on the sun. After all beautiful suntanned skin now in a trend. Easy healthy suntan will be overcome very attractively. To place accents, girls use bright colors. It belongs not only to a make-up, but also to manicure.

If you choose suitable colors, your dress will become more harmonious and interesting.

Choice of suitable flowers

As colors play very important role, it is necessary to be able to decide on that color scale which is suitable for swarty skin.

Shades of the red

Girls with olive suntanned skin perfectly suit shades of the red. Varnishes of all shades of the red look sexually and effectively. An ideal shade red for suntanned young ladies – red and red. Scarlet color with easy orange subtone helps to focus attention on natural beauty. It doesn't give to skin an unpleasant reddish shade which looks painfully.

One more interesting shade of the red – coral. It looks very lovely and brightly. Coral nails perfectly suit young girls.

Shades of the yellow

It is considered one of the most summer flowers yellow. Solar bright nails look faultlessly on pale skin. And for suntanned more pale will approach tone - for example, a shade of a ripe melon better.

It is possible to shade beauty of natural suntan by means of beautiful honey color. It looks brightly - and at the same time doesn't distract on itself(himself) too much attention.

Brilliant colors

The summer is an ideal season to shine and shine under warm sunshine. If you have a beautiful suntanned skin, it is best of all for you to refuse golden and copper shades. They can merge with tone of skin. Professionals advise to give preference to dark metal shades.

Not the most obvious, but definitely safe choice – black tourist's raspberries. Dark nails and in summertime look very well and elegantly. Even if in the beginning these Gothic nails will seem to you too gloomy, over time you will be able to overestimate a situation and to understand as far as everything is beautiful and refined.

Shades of the blue

In the summer many dream of the sea. For this reason many girls associate blue color with it. Beautiful blue nails can be shining and neon. Interestingly the light blue, and also cold green-blue looks. And here the classical blue and indigo should be avoided. It will definitely not suit you if your hands already managed to become covered by beautiful golden suntan.

Shades of the green

Other summer color – green. If you have a beautiful suntanned skin with olive subtone, such color perfectly will suit you. Best of all beautiful emerald nails look. One more trick which is advised by professional manicurists – to use the turquoise shade combining and green, and blue. Beautifully on such nails decorative elements in the form of metal or translucent spangles look.

Corporal colors

Shades of the corporal will well be overcome and on white skin, and on the suntanned. If your skin already became covered by attractive suntan, you definitely will like such colors, as chocolate, light-beige, gentle coffee and slightly grayish. All these of tone suit suntanned girls.

Neutral shades

Well on suntanned hands also neutral shades – white, gray or silvery look. On contrast with darkish skin they look elegantly and charmingly.

How to make in house conditions?

Girls with suntanned skin often want to embody the creative ideas in reality in house conditions. For someone this option is good that takes much less time, and someone simply wants to save a little money to spend them for long-awaited holiday. It should be taken into account, what fashionable ideas you can use to decorate tips of the suntanned fingers independently.

Sea subject

Now in a trend manicure in sea subject - on an equal basis with monophonic blue and blue manicure. For performance of such neyl-art it is possible to use shades blue, white and red. All of them are ideally suited for suntanned girls and are perfectly combined.

If you are pleasant to embody such idea, the easiest way it in reality – simply to paint over a nail plate in one color and to make on it stripes by means of an adhesive tape or a thin brush.

As a rule, such manicure is done in style of sea stripped vests, combining blue and white. But it is possible to try to replace blue red, silvery or emerald.

If you don't like monotony, on one of nails it is possible to draw an anchor (or it is simple to allocate it in other color). It will add a highlight and will make manicure more interesting.

Service jacket

Interestingly also the service jacket executed not in classical beige and white shades, and in brighter flowers looks. The nails allocated to the light blue or saturated violet will well look. Playful and romantic natures can try lunar manicure also. This summer the embodiment of such idea will also be in a trend so you can safely use this novelty to diversify the summer image. Holes too can be painted over not only white and other light shades. Experiment with bright flowers which suit you, and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Flowers and vegetable motives

Romantic young ladies suit the various flower patterns decorating nails. Trace sunflowers, roses or poppies, combining bright shades and trying to make a contour accurate. If something doesn't turn out, be not upset – it is always possible to make a pattern more unusual, reminding pictures of impressionists. It is best of all to begin with simple motives – it is possible to be limited to the simple branch traced by a black brush.

Masters don't recommend to do the same pattern on all nails. The combination of different variations on the same flower on several nails will be beautiful to look.

It will look it much more unusual. You can also trace a vegetable pattern only on one nail, having left all others monophonic.

The decorated

The summer is excellent time for experiments. If you go to holiday, you almost for certain will have no difficult household chores. This ideal time to create on tips of nails complex compositions from pastes. It looks quite unusually and approaches not all images. It is best of all to decorate in such a way only one nail.

Suntanned hands look beautifully and is well-groomed in itself. Having chosen suitable option of manicure, you will make everything only better. Select ideal colors, combine them and draw beautiful and accurate patterns. The main thing here - not to go too far and not to make manicure too overloaded and bright.

Be not afraid to experiment design, after all the summer is a time, ideal for courageous acts! Your nails will fix a set of delighted looks.

It appears, possibly to make manicure by means of a toothbrush! You watch a master class in the following video.