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Manicure with a unicorn

Manicure with a unicorn

The fashion on iridescent unicorns went beyond children's animated films long ago. Now magic horses everywhere – women of fashion decorate with them accessories, dye hair in bright colors, wear clothes with the prints and inscriptions eulogizing unicorns. Certainly, the fashionable trend didn't avoid also nail-service. Girls share in a network fan photos, and masters – video lessons of creation of manicure with a unicorn.

What is necessary?

Kinds of manicure in style of a unicorn a huge set. It is possible to tell that all means will be suitable for creation of such manicure. But it is simply impossible to do without some attributes. Get the following:

  • Stickers for nails. An easy and pleasant way to decorate the nails are so-called water stickers. Drawings on a film basis are easily applied on nails and keep very long, don't grow dull. Now there is a lot of them: big and tiny, bright and reserved, animated and graceful, water and translated.
  • Pastel shades of varnishes. That drawing was better allocated against, it is necessary to choose for it pale shades blue, mint, pink, white or beige color.
  • Bright colors. If you don't want that your nails decorated stamps, use bright varnishes with a thin brush – it will be so possible to draw a unicorn, for example, according to the unique sketch of the master.
  • Rainbow, clouds, stars, flowers, hearts. That to your unicorn it wasn't lonely, it is better to add drawing with various patterns. Everything will approach – beginning from unostentatious curls and finishing with chains of stars, hearts, flowers. But clouds, a rainbow will become the most pertinent drawings.
  • Inscriptions. The manicure with inscriptions perfectly will be suitable for fans of unicorns: the quotes from animated films motivating phrases, your author's inscription or simply any cheerful nonsense. On your nail precisely there will be a place for several lines.
  • Spangles and pastes. Many consider that the brilliant varnish got out of fashion. Perhaps, indeed, but only not in a case with unicorns. Here everything will approach that shines, whether it be spangles for nails or special separate pastes. It is possible to make brilliant all background or only a drawing contour – to choose to you.
  • Kamifubuki. This trend similar to mini-confetti for nails, got accustomed in the environment of nail-service long ago. A huge variety of flowers, forms and the sizes of plates allows to create from them different patterns: geometrical, chaotic. It is possible to cover with them a nail completely. Very unusually, but it is worth trying definitely.
  • Gradient. The gradient manicure – a combination of several flowers which are smoothly passing each other will become an ideal background for a unicorn. The most logical combination for this situation – iridescent shades.
  • Vtirka. The holographic manicure won at once hearts of women of fashion unusual iridescent structure. Perhaps, it is possible to tell that neon shades represent the magic environment connected with unicorns.
  • The 3D - a horn. For a dessert – the most, perhaps, unusual decision. It is a volume horn which is applied on a nail with special means (in some layers). Not the most convenient decision as the pattern forms ridge ledges, but looks very originally, fantastically.

There is a lot of options for creation of magic manicure. That it is even better – they can be combined: for example, to make neon manicure with a volume horn, kamifubuka, pastes. It is possible to make an iridescent gradient with inscriptions and drawings, clouds with spangles. Experiment and enjoy!

How to make step by step?

The most demanded and simple option is drawings stickers and inscriptions for nails. "To lodge" such amusing an edinorozhka on nails it is very simple, the beginner will consult even.

After the main hygienic manicure it is necessary to apply a varnish of any shade on nails. It is most preferable to use under a background pastel tone. Then it is necessary to moisten a sticker in water, accurately to remove drawing from a paper basis and to put to a nail, having previously a little dried a varnish. After it is necessary to cover drawing with a transparent varnish or a special fixer. So the picture will more long hold on, without losing brightness and without being erased. A form and length of nails – any, it is also possible to use accidental elements for ornament.

Volume manicure in salon

Such manicure can't almost be made most in house conditions therefore it is better to address to the professional. Manicurists use acrylic varnishes and equipment of a skulpturirovaniye. The form of a horn and a ridge relief are created by means of the machine for polishing, then nails with fresh manicure keep in an ultra-violet lamp. It is a little patience – and your personal work of art is ready.

For such manicure the shape of nails needs to be approached to a horn form as much as possible. It is necessary to make narrower them by the end and to point by means of a nail file. Be ready to that it is necessary to get used to excess freight and volume roughnesses. But for the sake of such beauty it is possible to suffer.

To whom will suit?

Doesn't matter, the stay-at-home you or the party-goer, the pensive personality or practical – manicure with a unicorn will suit all.

However you shouldn't forget that for some situations it is inappropriate. There are rules of a dresscode, ethics. If you are a doctor, you will be able hardly to work with such manicure. And at a concert of symphonic music for certain osuzhdayushche will look at you. But the manicure with a unicorn will be ideal during summer holiday and beach parties, in night of celebration of the Halloween and on a New Year's masquerade.

Even if you for restraint in all that concerns appearance, it is worth trying such fantastic manicure. Nobody will resist this magic! Only correctly estimate the forces. If you are sure that to create such manicure independently it won't turn out, choose the salon which was credible clients. There all will make ideally. It is possible to address and to the good private master who won many positive responses.

As the manicure with a unicorn is carried out you learn from the following video.