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Manicure "water-melon"


The real woman always wishes to look stylishly and attractively, especially in a hot season. The summer – the ideal period to test new images, styles to dress bright paints and to decorate itself with various accessories. With arrival of heat there is actual a colourful make-up and manicure.

Water-melon – summer berry. It bright, juicy and sweet, perfectly looks not only on a table, but also on a marigold of women of fashion. In article we will in more detail consider a popular tendency – manicure "water-melon".

Summer design

The hot summer dictates the rules in style and images. On a marigold draw a kiwi in a section, grapes clusters, scarlet cherries, lemons, pineapples and other. From year to year at peak of popularity there is a so-called water-melon manicure. Such transformation adjusts on positive thinking and lightens mood.

At creation of "water-melon manicure" on nails draw colourful slices of ripe fruit or a fruit in a section. Bright color arbuzik draw attention and add to the general image of paints and freshness. Such manicure is associated with the sun, ripe fruit and berries, in the summer, heat and other delights of a resort season. This registration is chosen most often by young girls who want to emphasize the playfulness and excellent mood.

Examples on nails

Thanks to great popularity of manicure "water-melon", for all the time of its existence a large number of various options of registration of nails in this direction was developed. Each girl can pick up for herself the most attractive and stylish, for her opinion, a decor. We will consider the most popular and various types of manicure.

The standard. There is a classical option of creation of "water-melon" manicure. In this case on all nails fruit in a section is represented. Drawing can be applied on everything or nearly on everything. On ring, big or any other finger it is possible to represent a water-melon crust or a leaf.

Accent. In this case the water-melon in a section is drawn only on one nail of one hand. As a rule, other marigold are made up those colors which are used for fruit drawing: red, green, white, black. It is also possible to apply also other bright shades of varnishes.

Service jacket. For everything the classical service jacket is known. It is the most widespread manicure which is universal and approaches all styles. As summer of the woman of fashion choose a water-melon service jacket when instead of a white fringing on the edge of a nail draw a water-melon segment: A green strip (peel), white and red with black impregnations (pulp with stones).

Return service jacket. This option is the turned version of a water-melon service jacket. The image of fruit is drawn not on the ends of a nail, and at a root.

Slices. Very beautifully and colourfully the tiny water-melon segments drawn on nails, triangular and semicircular slices of juicy and sweet fruit look.

Gradient. Using a standard set of flowers (green, white and red) it is possible to make water-melon manicure with a gradient. Colors will smoothly pass from one into another. Over the cool black droplets – fruit seeds are drawn.

These are only the main options of registration. In your forces independently to develop a decor of manicure or to ask for the help nail technicians. If you like gentle and soft shades more, instead of dark and saturated green color it is possible to use light green option, and red to replace with the pink.

To achieve the maximum similarity of the drawn water-melon to the present, it is necessary to use two look green - a light and dark shade for a portrayal of strips on a peel. In spite of the fact that this idea not new, it still demanded.

Ideas and novelties of year

It should be noted that the "water-melon" manicure will remarkably look not only during a summer season, and also at the end of spring and in an early autumn. This seasonal registration of a marigold which looks actually until on the street costs a hot and sunny weather. The drawn fruit remarkably looks not only on a marigold of hands, and also standing. The water-melon pedicure will be perfectly combined with easy open sandals.

The manicure with water-melon segments perfectly is in harmony both with bright subjects of clothes, and with light and white clothes. The fruit represented on nails will become colourful accent which will draw attention of people around not worse than jewelry.

In this season of the fan of colourful images choose more non-standard options registration of manicure. If earlier at the image of fruit on one nail the others painted in green, red or covered with a colourless varnish, now titbits combine with various shouting flowers: blue, violet, orange, yellow and others. At desire it is possible to zamiksovat some flowers on one hand.

Huge popularity was found by juice manicure. The bright water-melon segment is covered from above with droplets of a transparent varnish, imitating water droplets. Such accent gives to freshness and ease. The picture as if comes to life. This reception is used often during creation of fruit manicures.

For anybody not a secret that the service jacket is the most widespread type of manicure. In this regard the water-melon service jacket is at peak of popularity in this season. It is possible to represent on a nail a fruit segment on layers or schematically to repeat it by means of color scale. On a choice the return or classical (decorative) option is offered to girls. The form of a water-melon segment thanks to roundness, is associated with a service jacket.

How to make independently?

In the presence of a certain number of expendables and skills it is possible to make colourful manicure "water-melon" independently. Before starting drawing drawing, it is necessary to be prepared as appropriate.

Preparation of nails for water-melon manicure:

  • For a start it is necessary to make a special tray for hands. Natural lemon juice and some drops of essential oil is added to warm water, what - on your discretion. It is necessary to keep fingers in a tray about 25 minutes. Skin will steam out and will be cleared for the subsequent processing.
  • As soon as the session came to an end, water from hands and nails is cleaned by means of napkins or a towel. Nutritious cream is applied on skin and pounded before full absorption.
  • Now time came to process cuticles. It is necessary to delete them by means of special scissors or nippers. It is necessary to get rid of cuticles, differently the beautiful and accurate manicure won't turn out. From a nail plate the cuticle is removed by means of a shovel or a wooden stick.
  • At the end it is recommended to apply on area round a nail special oil. It feeds integuments and relieves of the old, become horny cuticle.

We put drawing

After nails are put in order, time came to perform the most interesting and pleasant work – to decorate them with images of a juicy water-melon. We will review an example of classical option of registration with a portrayal of realistic fruit in a section.

For water-melon manicure it is necessary to prepare a certain color palette of varnishes:

  • Red or pink. This color is necessary for a pulp portrayal. To create effect of a gradient, 2 shades of one color, lighter and more darkly are required.
  • The dark green. For the image of dark strips on a water-melon crust.
  • Lime or light green. This color is required for light strips of fruit.
  • The white. It is necessary for a portrayal of a light layer between a crust and pulp, and also for creation of more realistic image.
  • The black. Not to do without this color. In water-melon manicure it is useful for stones and registration of fine details.
  • Transparent varnish. With its help the glossy covering becomes and drawing is fixed.

Step-by-step management of drawing drawing:

  • For a start we paint a nail primary color, red or pink.
  • As soon as the first layer completely dries, crust portrayal time came. We draw a light green strip, and over it dark green lines.
  • That the crust looked realistichny, it is necessary to represent on it small black impregnations. For a portrayal of easy details it is recommended to use a thin manikyurny brush.
  • Over red pulp we draw small black droplets are seeds. It is possible to apply white points on sharp tips of stones. They will make the image more volume and realistic.
  • As soon as drawing dries, we cover it with a transparent varnish.

Service jacket

It is also possible to try to make independently the above design in style a service jacket. Except a color varnish the brush for a varnish, and also stickers for the French manicure in addition is useful. It should be noted that on technology the water-melon service jacket practically doesn't differ from usual French manicure, only instead of white "smile" the green fringing appears.

There are two types of registration:

  • The crust is placed at the nail basis in the form of the semicircular line, as in the return service jacket.
  • As in classical French manicure drawing is put from above, on the edge of a nail. At first there is a green strip, then white and after - red part.

Useful tips

That the manicure turned out beautiful and looked remarkably, it is necessary to listen to recommendations of experts of nail service.

If you do manicure independently and for the first time you undertake drawing drawing, it is recommended to put the trial image at first. The training finger on which nail technicians perfect the abilities but if it isn't present near at hand will be ideally suited, it is possible to try to draw a water-melon segment on a usual sheet of paper.

Don't save on a varnish. Use only qualitative means which will be easily applied on a nail plate and long to keep without cracks.

To increase firmness of drawing, the layer of a transparent varnish is atop put. Don't forget, it becomes only after full drying of the image, differently you damage it.

During cutting of cuticles be most careful not to injure skin or a nail plate.

If you want to receive stylish, beautiful, accurate and resistant drawing, it is better to address to services of professionals. Masters from beauty shops will embody any your creative plan in reality. Such manicure will keep appeal for some weeks.

Water-melon manicure very stylish and interesting, but it looks pertinently only in a hot season. In the summer such registration will be ideally suited for appointments, walks around the city and pleasant pastime. Despite his playfulness, with such manicure it is possible to go to study or work.

How to do manicure "water-melon" you look in the following video.