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Maple leaf on nails: ideas of autumn manicure

At fall there are so much attractive parties! How many paints the autumn wood gives to people around! Maple leaves are especially attractive by the carved five-pointed form and red-yellow scale. Many women of fashion try to express it in the manicure. How the ideal manicure with maple leaves has to look? What it is better to represent - gloomy and rainy fall on a marigold or bright and colourful? We present you some creative approaches to the image of autumn maple leaves on nails. Maple leaf on nails: ideas of autumn manicure

Isn't that so, the bouquet of autumn leaves lightens a staz mood? And why not to draw them with a varnish on nails? Best of all - one or two-three leaves. How to draw a maple leaf on nails? The autumn neyl-art means a set of various options. We suggest to be transferred to the world of magnificent shades and coloring of an autumn time.

Use of juicy shades

The image of a small bunch or abstract drawing of one leaflet in red-yellow or green tones will be the best decision for positive design of maple leaves on nails. The most demanded design is considered application of juicy shades of lemon and orange flowers. Hands with such manicure will be precisely noticed by strangers, and it will become in the best way to bring bright paints in everyday life.

Autumn style demands use of shades of red color. It is well combined in manicure with other tones and brings in it nobility. Scarlet color always draws to itself attention.

And charming the design in wine shades will be stylish. Elements with claret and cherry tones look very richly. Also the brown scale is suitable for an autumn neyl-art. For a basis it is possible to use a beige, dairy, gentle-peach varnish. Maple leaf on nails: ideas of autumn manicure

Magnificent gold shade in autumn design

Fall for its rich paints still designate gold therefore it is worth using golden varnishes at this time. It can be brilliant saffron-yellow, lemon, canary, amber shades. Pertinently to make to an ombra with a golden varnish that nacreous tips turned out. It is in that case better to draw a maple leaf on nails on one or two fingers.

That to make gold tone on claws more saturated, take special toppings, they are called still sugar or sand. Perfectly will be suitable for design of manicure with a maple leaf on strip nails from a foil under color of gold. Possibly on one nail to use effect of beaten glass of golden tone.

Maple leaf on nails: ideas of autumn manicure

The best ideas of an autumn neyl-art

The manicure with maple leaves looks extraordinary, brings notes of charm and grace at image. You can choose quiet option or use cheerful and cheerful. Here very interesting design:

  • The little finger and forefinger cover with a claret varnish.
  • Apply a white nacreous varnish on other nails.
  • On a ring finger over a white basis draw a claret varnish some maple leaflets of the different sizes.

The technology of drawing of a maple leaf on nails can be different. One girls prefer more realistic images, another like animation drawings. Beautifully the following option looks: a light brown nacreous basis on nails, golden maple leaflets with black contours.

The original decision will be one or two nails to paint under imitation of texture of a tree, and on the others to draw the falling maple leaves. Unusual leaves can also be laid out brilliant paillettes. Maple leaf on nails: ideas of autumn manicure

Autumn sliders

The excellent decision for creation of autumn manicure with maple leaves without special expenses and special ability. For this purpose use water stickers (sliders). They very strong, bright, with accurate lines of the image. It is necessary to glue such sliders on white or very light varnish. Some stickers can't be distinguished from an art list.

Service jacket with maple leaflets

Very originally the autumn service jacket looks on nails. It is carried out with red-orange tips. Small maple leaflets are drawn near "smiles" in the form of a pattern. Tips of the French manicure can be strewed with golden spangles. Maple leaf on nails: ideas of autumn manicure

Master class: "A maple leaf on nails"

Skilled masters without special difficulties create beautiful autumn manicure. If you don't know how to draw a maple leaf on nails, we offer you the step-by-step instruction. For a start prepare all necessary adaptations and materials:

  • the strengthening base under a varnish;
  • main covering;
  • varnishes for a portrayal of leaves: yellow, red, brown, orange;
  • thin brush for contours;
  • black varnish for contours;
  • golden topping;
  • fixer.

As soon as all accessories for manicure are ready, start its execution. After the listed steps it will become clear to you how to draw a maple leaf on nails. Creating a cheerful autumn neyl-art, adhere to the following helps:

  1. Apply a basic covering on nail plates. It will protect a nail from harmful effects of the subsequent colourings.
  2. Make coloring of nails primary color. It is better to use a beige, light brown, chestnut varnish. After drying once again put a varnish.
  3. Start the image of leaflets. For a start remember a form of a maple leaf - it five-pointed. Apply five points of orange color on a nail plate, from above apply points of red tone on them, then the yellow. After that a brush trace five ends of a leaflet from these points. If it is difficult to you to do a leaf of three tones, use one color.
  4. Thin brush and black varnish carry out hardly noticeable contour round a leaf.
  5. If you decided to draw some falling leaves, repeat drawing according to the above plan.
  6. Strew each leaf with golden sand.
  7. Record design a fixer.

If you want to look in the fall for all 100%, choose a beautiful neyl-art with maple leaves.