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Grid on nails - stylish manicure for all occasions (photo)

Grid on nails - stylish manicure for all occasions (photo) it is difficult to tell manicure by means of a grid, who and when for the first time I turned female nails into the ground of an embodiment of the most surprising and intricate decorative imaginations. But, since that moment when for the first time sad monophonic painting by a varnish was replaced with creation of drawing, the master nejl an art can't stop neither in plots, nor in a color variety, in assortment of the applied materials. All is used – beginning from banal stickers, to stones, lace, a grid, a foil, glass and metal and so forth. To list all materials which the master nejl design can't use at creation of nail masterpieces.

Some of materials are very difficult in use, and some are so simply imposed and used that they can use even without the assistance of the master and to create various options of manicure in house conditions. For example, the manicure by means of a grid at all the visual complexity, differs in relative simplicity of execution. Design of nails at the heart of which the fabric grid, differs in effective and unusual appearance. Uniqueness and originality of such decor is well visible even on a photo. And everyone will be able to realize it, it is enough to conform to the simple rules and technicians.

List of the necessary

The first that is required to you for creation of unique manicure with a grid it is a grid for design of nails. It is it is over not about a construction grid from metal, and about fabric, to get which it is possible in any drapery and textiles. Considering that the fabric grid has reasonable price – can buy it not only adult young ladies, but also young seductresses, decided to experiment with the marigold. By the way about experiments – the grid presented in shops differs both according to the invoice and in size of cells, it needs to be considered and upon its purchase. That is the choice of a type of material depends on that what drawing you to a jota to create on the nails.

Except a grid for creation of a unique masterpiece on nails it is necessary:

  • colourless covering (as a basis);
  • varnish of black color;
  • means for removal of a varnish, is desirable without atsetonovy;
  • sticks from cotton wool;
  • economic sponge or piece of foam rubber.

Manicure with a grid – staging of process

Neill design with a grid is intended for beautiful long well-groomed nails. Therefore or to you it is necessary to let grow and care long and persistently for the claws, or to use building. Drawing with a grid on short nails won't have due effect and all your efforts or masters will be vain.

Apply a basic covering in the form of a colourless varnish on beautiful long claws. Then nails need to be enameled with silver outflow. It isn't recommended to apply enamel with a thick layer not to drag out drying process. On a nail plate, on completely! the dried silvery layer, it is necessary to put a grid (see a photo) and by means of a sponge or foam rubber to apply on it a varnish of black color. The black varnish needs to be put with the patting movement. In a few minutes after procedure of drawing a black decor, it is necessary to tear off sharply a grid from a nail. By the same technique it is necessary to create design on all or on several claws. And a varnish which remained at the edges of a nail plate, it is possible to clean by means of special means and a Q-tip.

As touch-up it is necessary to cover nails with a fixer (a colourless varnish). Neill design with a grid is ready, and your nails for certain will have due effect on people around. It is possible to use such equipment for creation of unique design in any color scale.

Snakes come to life on hands

By the way by means of a fabric grid it is possible to reproduce one of the most fashionable in this season – an animal print, namely – imitation of a snakeskin.

The drawing made by means of a grid will allow to steal nails leather of an anaconda or python that is very actual in a new fashionable season.

Despite that it is difficult to turn nails into a snake skin, by means of a fabric grid it can be done even in house conditions.

For this purpose will be necessary:

  • covering basis and covering finishing;
  • varnishes and enamels of different flowers. The color scale depends on that what leather of a reptile you to a jota to simitirovat (it is possible to pick up options for a photo of the real snakes);
  • fabric setochka;
  • sponge or sponzh.

The technology of creation of snake manicure with use of such unusual material, doesn't differ from traditional "mesh design". The main complexity is drawings a color varnish on the grid which is wrapped up round a finger, but the result is worth it.

If independently it is impossible to create such snake drawing in house conditions at you – you can always use services of the master of nail design. The result will strike you with the beauty and originality.