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Mint manicure

Mint manicure

Modern ladies prefer to look stylishly and fashionably. Well-groomed girls draw attention of people around, including opposite sex. That is why it is always necessary to look ideally. It is worth paying attention to the most fine details, including to manicure. In this season in a trend mint color which will help to express the identity to each beauty. We will consider the main advantages and features of design, and also we pdelitsya by secrets of masters who will tell how it is correct to create ideal nails.

Features and advantages

Mint shade won't get never out of fashion. Similar colors are especially popular not only during the summer period when there is a wish for something fresh and cool, but also in the winter when there is a wish for heat and a cosiness. The mint manicure will cope with similar tasks, will allow you to look stylishly and naturally in any situations. This neyl-art to experts of nail service was especially fallen in love.

In similar tones professionals create the creative works, pleasantly surprising women.

We will consider the main features and advantages of this manicure:

  • High quality. The majority of modern firms suggests to get varnishes of the corresponding tones. They differ in high quality and firmness. Respectively, it is better to acquire cosmetic production only in professional shops. So you will be able to avoid a fake. Thus attentively study goods, you look at an expiration date and estimate integrity of packing. Only with an ideal varnish the corresponding manicure will turn out.

  • Wide range. Many cosmetic companies which gained trust of modern women of fashion, offer a wide palette of shades of mint color. It can be the sated tone or translucent pale options. You will be able to get that product which will suit you. According to the chosen palette you will be able to realize the creative abilities and to trace the most unusual design.

  • It should be noted what exactly mint color is universal. It can be applied at all seasons of the year. It is also possible to pick up shades which will be optimum for working process, holiday or a party. With such manicure you will be able to declare the identity is unostentatious and thin.

  • Simplicity in application. The mint manicure can be created with own hand in house conditions. Will only be to get all necessary cosmetic products, accessories and tools enough. Also it is worth stocking up with patience, especially to beginners in the industry of beauty. After all it is rare when the ideal manicure from the first turns out. With regular practice you will be able to improve the skill. It will turn out better and better each time. Of course, it is worth beginning with simpler design, then already to pass to difficult elements.

  • Economy. It is possible to create mint manicure in a house situation, and it means that you will save the financial savings. You won't need to go to expensive beauty shops any more to create creative nails. It will be possible to make it independently in any time, convenient for you. You will be precisely sure of safety, sterility of devices, and also you will be able to embody the creative skills.

  • Excellent mood. When you create own hands beautiful mint manicure, the mood will only improve. This color promotes preservation of a positive spirit for the whole day. It will help to become more self-assured, attractive to people around. Affairs will easier be successful, you will be waited by success.


It should be noted that there is a set of options thanks to which the manicure with a shade of mint will help to emphasize your appeal. Fashionable tendencies include some main orientations:

  • Monochrome option. This manicure is supposed to be done in uniform color. It still remains fashionable and actual. You will be able to choose various tonalities of a product, for example, to pick up light-mint, menthol, with greenish or bluish notes. The covering will look accurately, frostily and gently.

    This option is simple in drawing is one more advantage of a monophonic covering. To you will be to process carefully a marigold enough, and then it is simple to cover with the pleasant varnish a nail plate. Experts advise it to do in some layers as shades are pastel. The classical embodiment of a service jacket with a similar varnish will become also unusual highlight.

  • Lunar manicure. This type of design still holds the top places of popularity. It looks stylishly, fashionably and attractively. The history of such neyl-art originates in the last century. Then there was a fashion on not completely painted nail plate. Now the trend continues to exist. Women of fashion many prefer this option of a covering.

    It is possible to carry to advantages of such design that it will be suitable for any actions. You will be able to create more reserved design for work, to embody the creative idea for a party. Especially well the decor, when nails long looks. Also in this case it is possible to experiment with a combination of flowers. It is possible to include gray, orange in an element of a hole or other options which were pleasant to you.

  • With different shades. This option can be carried out with the most different flowers. You can not hesitate in the creative rushes and realize the most creative design and the most courageous combinations. For example, it is possible to combine a mint varnish with brown, gold, yellow etc. You watch that the composition was organic and I fitted into your clothes. It is also possible to create attractive options with various tonalities of a mint shade. That the composition turned out harmonious, it is worth having them equally on both hands. Thus intensity of tone let either increases, or decreases.

    Treats this option also to an ombra – smooth change of color of a plate. If you want to emphasize softness of the manicure, it is possible to combine the main shade with white tone.

  • Two-color option. This manicure assumes use of only two flowers which are combined among themselves. For example, it is possible to take as a basis menthol color, and on it to create decoration of a pink shade. By the way, it is also possible to use pastes, stones and other elements of a decor.

  • Emphasis on one nail. This option assumes creation of manicure in uniform scale. Thus one nail will be allocated with creative design. Thus, you place all accents. It is possible to resort to the most various technicians: to ornament a nail plate manually or to paste a stylish sticker. Most often for accent the ring finger gets out. However you will be able to think up and the option.

    If you decided to use this design, It should be noted that white color will help to emphasize the main background, It is also possible to reach contrast by means of an embodiment of white points or other patterns. The black shade will be swept well up, will help to open the importance of your drawing. And here by means of green shades you will be able to draw almost imperceptible pattern. It will look simply and elegantly. To fill drawing in the color, yellow, pink, lilac shades are applied.

  • Stemping. This equipment will allow you quickly and easy to create the most uncommon design of nails. It is possible to refer simplicity of drawing and opportunity independently to create creative drawing to the main advantages. Isn't necessary will go more to expensive beauty shops and to pay big money. You will only need to get a ready set which will help to embody stylish design.

Ideas of design

Nails of the modern woman have to be stylish and well-groomed. Many ladies aren't content with a monophonic covering. They prefer to express the identity in creative drawings which do independently or by means of the nail technician. There is a huge set of designs of various complexity which you will be able to create. We will consider some of them.

One of the most fashionable options of this season is the decor with negative space. This design won the hearts of all women of fashion. It looks quite effectively, especially if to combine such space with a mint varnish. It will also be possible to add the most various accessories, for example, pastes or stickers to emphasize a style orientation.

It will be beautiful to look design with spangles. They will be especially pertinent at a festive party. They will help you to shine with literal sense of this word. To make such design quite simply. It is only worth covering a nail plate with a monophonic mint varnish, for example, and then to apply on spangle tips. Do it accurately by means of a brush. And from above don't forget to put a top covering reliably to consolidate result.

Popular is also a design with drawing. The mint shade will help to show the creative abilities. The most important – let it prevails in the lump of color. As for drawings, they can be the most different. It can be florets, abstraction, animal etc.

The main thing, not too to go too far. Otherwise everything will look simply ridiculously.

Also the combination to other elements of a decor will be good to look. For example, when it is necessary to look especially smartly, it is possible to use pastes. It is possible to decorate with them one nail or to create the whole composition. However it is worth remembering that it is necessary to apply pastes only in limited quantity, differently you can look simply provocatively and tastelessly.

At any time it will be ideal to look monophonic manicure. It there can be various shades of mint color. To do such design quite simply and easily. And handles stylishly and accurately will look.

Interestingly the neyl-art with geometry looks. It also is a trend of this season, as well as bezh. This color will be ideally combined with mint tonalities, giving to your hands of grace and style. It is also possible to choose registration options with a foil. The nail plate will be bright and brilliant, and you will be able to give highlights to the chosen image.

It is also possible to apply in creative design different tonalities, for example, peach and mint, coral and mint, lilac, chocolate, lemon shades. They will help to refresh your individual style, to emphasize the chosen onions. Don't forget to combine design and with your clothes.

The manicure in pastel gentle and mint tones will attractively look at any shape of nails. They can be sharp, with the rounded edge, long or short.

One more interesting design which is popular with modern women – beaten glass. These are special slices of a foil which you will be able to paste on the design created by you. They can be a different form and a different shade. Select such option which will organically be entered in your style concept.

It is possible to choose the most different options which will approach your dress and to emphasize identity.

How it is correct to put?

It should be noted that an important point is not only purchase of a varnish, right on color, but also the correct drawing a covering. It is possible to make it even house conditions. The main thing, accurately to follow the instruction. Then the manicure will turn out accurate and exact. We will consider how it is correct to put a varnish step by step:

  • First of all, you will need to put the nails in order. For this purpose carefully process fingers, give the necessary form to a nail plate, remove a cuticle and exclude all roughnesses. Also it is necessary to remove properly the previous covering if you had it, by means of special means.

  • Preparation of a place for carrying out work and all necessary tools will become the following stage. You should get in advance all those materials that can be necessary during the work. Treat them not only varnishes of the chosen shade, but also various subjects: nippers, a special stick for a cuticle, liquid for removal of a varnish, the wadded disks, nail files different on brush subtleties, design subjects (beads, pastes etc.). As for a manicure venue, it has to be rather light and convenient for you.

  • After you processed previously nail plates and brought them into an appropriate look, it is worth applying on them a basic covering. It will help to create equal nails. Carefully dry everything under the UF-lamp.

  • The beautiful manicure won't do and without beautiful varnish. It should be noted that it is necessary to put means by means of a brush with the accurate movements. Such gentle shade as mint, experts recommend to put in some layers that tone became uniform, and you reached ideal result. Don't forget to dry each layer in the UF-lamp.

  • Now it is possible to start causing design. It is also worth thinking over in advance this moment that you precisely knew, what elements of a decor will be necessary for you. It is worth doing everything slowly and accurately. Only this way you will be able to receive an ideal neyl-art. If you the beginner in the industry of beauty, it is worth beginning the creative activity with simpler drawings or designs. Gradually you receive due skills and you will be able to practice already more difficult drawings.

  • For those persons who want to emphasize the identity and to declare itself, it is possible to use not in one color, and at once several shades. Also successfully mint color is combined with silver, a blue shade, with gold etc. For example, you can create mint manicure, and holes to dress in green color.

It should be noted that for this year the most various tendencies are actual for design about gel varnish. So, you can use a vtirka. It will only be necessary to choose the corresponding pigment and it is possible to create beauty on a marigold. It is also possible to add to them decor elements. To make design with a butterfly or to refresh manicure, having added a lemon. Actually in this season and to select a covering under the clothes. For example, it is possible to make manicure under a mint suit. Your onions definitely doesn't remain unnoticed.

Shellac for nails will keep a long time and to please the owner if all of you make truly.

Professional advice

Many ladies who only start learning beauty elements, don't know precisely all nuances and secrets which will help them to cope perfectly well with an objective. We will consider the most widespread and useful tips of experts:

  • The most important and first council, especially for beginners – not to go too far. You shouldn't think that if all your nails will be covered with intricate drawings even if also such beautiful mint color, it attractively looks. In certain cases everything will look very ridiculously. Therefore it is better to adhere to more reserved style. In this case everything will look stylishly and fashionably.

  • Choose right shades. Let the shade of your manicure or its element have by all means something in common or with your clothes, or with specially picked up accessories. So you will be in a trend and you will draw attention of people around with the good taste.

  • Carefully process nails before work. This stage shouldn't be passed, and it is better to pay it the maximum attention. After all how qualitatively you will process a plate, and quality and durability of your covering will depend.

  • Get cosmetic products only in professional shops. So you will be able to pick up the necessary and qualitative means and to avoid a fake. Before purchase be not afraid to spend time for studying of goods. You shouldn't run at once on cash desk. Better attentively examine integrity of packing, an expiration date and other indicators.

  • Start doing design from simple to the difficult. It concerns both all manicure, and neyl-art elements. Otherwise if you the beginner in the industry of beauty also undertake difficult work, it can simply turn out not that you conceived. Therefore it is better to begin with simple things. In fashion always there is a monophonic covering.


Among numerous responses of women it is possible to note that positively estimate mint manicure. Such decor looks attractively and stylishly, women note. They like high quality of goods. It belongs to varnishes of the known checked firms which proved in the market of cosmetic production. Thanks to such goods it is possible to create stylish design which will keep long enough on your marigold.

It is pleasant to ladies and the available cost of a varnish of the corresponding color. You will be able to get a menthol covering for reasonable price, thus without having spent all the family accumulation. Also it is possible to save and on campaigns to neyl-specialists. Now it isn't necessary to wait in line any more to register to the necessary master. You will be able to improve the skills independently at home. Thus you will be sure of safety and you will be able to create fashionable manicure at any time.

The attractive moment for all women of fashion is also the wide range of models of various shades of mint color. You will be able to acquire those goods which will suit you in the necessary parameters and a tonality. Everything will depend on your idea and on what design you were going to embody.

Also positively ladies estimate also availability of means. You will be able to acquire goods in any cosmetic shop. It is worth deciding on texture and the necessary shade only.

We considered the main advantages of mint manicure. Now you will be able independently to create fashionable and attractive design which will express your identity. It is worth remembering that it is necessary to buy cosmetic products only in professional shops. Before paying goods, properly check its tightness, integrity of packing, an expiration date. You shouldn't use expired products. They can do much harm to your health. Let the mint manicure will help you to become surer and attractive.

You watch mint manicure with a lacy stemping in the following video.