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Minx manicure

Minx the manicure representing a covering of nails a heat-resistant film which can have a glossy or varnish surface became an innovation of the XXI century. Most often a marigold on which this special film is applied, look as if are pasted accurately over with a foil. The similar neyl-art has a wide choice of designs for every taste and color. Women of fashion can choose daily minimalism, the shouting diversity, ridiculous drawings, womanly ornaments, magnificent luster and many other things depending on mood and an occasion.

Minx manicure

Star Minx

The well-known scandalous star Lady Gaga became the legislator of fashion on a novelty in the field of nail art. After it the tendency was picked up also by many other stars: Rihanna, Beyonce, Pink, Cameron Diaz. For this reason the second name which carries Minx manicure – Hollywood. It is easily recognized on faultless drawing and a pure color.
Minx manicure

Technology of performance of manicure of Minks

It is possible to execute manicure of Minks both in salon, and in house conditions. Work with this equipment will require standard means for manicure, Minx film, a glass nail file, a special lamp.

  1. Before drawing a film it is necessary to process nails. It is originally necessary to remove accurately a cuticle an orange stick and to level a surface of a nail plate by means of grinding and polishing files.
  2. Then it is necessary to apply liquid for removal of a varnish on nogotochka or a primer to degrease a surface.
  3. Previously chosen Minks should be put under a lamp on 15-20 pages. It will allow it to heat up and become flexible and pliable.
  4. After the film was softened, it is possible to start drawing it on nails. First of all, it is necessary to choose the size for each nogotochk and to begin imposing procedure.
  5. It is necessary to put a film of Minks from the center of nail platinum to sides, smoothing and deleting from under it air.
  6. Nails with a covering should be put under a lamp and again to carry out pressing on all surface. After that it is recommended to allow to them to cool down during 10-15 pages.
  7. The following stage – removal of surplus of a film of Minks. For this purpose it is necessary to use cuticle scissors and to cut off unnecessary parts. Nails should be filed a glass nail file.
  8. In the final it is possible to iron once again the nogotochka covered with a film, its smoothing on all length.
  9. To estimate quality of manicure of Minx, it is necessary to carry out small pillows of fingers on free edge of a nail plate.

Design of nails of Minx-fashionable tendencies

The actual directions of manicure of Minx are monotonous style with use of silver, gold, red color, and also animalistic prints, abstract ornaments, flower drawings, peas, strips, a cage. By means of this novelty of a neyl-art it is possible to carry out the most freakish designs also: to transfer to nails of the image of fruit, surprising characters, space landscapes and so on.
Minx manicure


The glossy nails covered in the monotonous silver color with metal gloss are extraordinary popular. Besides coloring in 1 tone of Minx the manicure allows to decorate fingers with really enchanting and magnificent ornaments. Silver is perfectly combined with strips, circles, abstraction. Thus all nogotochka are decorated or is identical, or differently. In a trend a combination of different styles on one hand. According to fashion some fingers can be painted monotonously, and – in addition to issue others a film with the drawings which are combined with all manicure on style.
Minx manicure


Not less elegantly and fashionably the nails covered with a gold film of Minx look. As well as in a case with silver design, this style is very demanded and is presented in a set of options: monotonous coloring, dressing by abstract or minimalist drawings, combination on one hand of different styles. The monotonous design can be glossy or with addition of spangles.
Minx manicure

Silver + gold

The real opening is Minx the manicure combining two noble colors: silver and gold. Best of all the combination of shades looks when coloring each nail a film with the ornament combining both colors. And to make such design even more original, it is possible to apply a film of Minx of silver or gold tone on one finger.
Minx manicure


Bright and positive drawings on nails are capable to please with good mood all the year round. Already which the season a palm is held by drawings in peas. Thus color of a background and peas can be any. Also the flower ornament isn't less popular. The manicure which is carried out by means of a set of colourful shades enjoys big love among women of fashion. However it is fashionable to represent on the nogotochkakh not only flowers, but also fruit. Minks, allowing fingers to be painted "under a water-melon", is extremely demanded. "Animal" prints: under a leopard, a zebra, a python and others allow to create unforgettable style of fatal amazons. And the cage, for example, "Scotswoman" or "Barberri" perfectly is suitable for daily or office style.
Minx manicure
Minx manicure
Minx manicure
Minx manicure

Advantages of manicure of Minks

Minx is an incredibly easy to use and original form of neyl-design. It is carried out approximately within half an hour and keeps from 4 to 8 days. The resistant covering isn't greased and the long time allows nogotochka to look perfectly.

At present the Hollywood manicure was widely adopted and became available not only to star beauties. With its help any girl will be able quickly and qualitatively to create any pleasant design on the nails.