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Miracle manicure with the help a printer art for the press on nails

Presently emergence "in public" with not well-groomed hands and nails is considered bad manners.

Miracle manicure with the help a printer art for the press on nails

Accurate and almost imperceptible or bright bright – any manicure demands time regardless of that it is carried out in salon or in house conditions.

Besides, saloon procedures are rather expensive. But the modern invention – the printer for the press on nails allows to create refined and original manicure quickly enough.

The cost of such procedures in salon is much cheaper than handwork of the master, besides there is an opportunity to get this "wonderful car" in private use and to be engaged in creation of original drawings on nails independently.

 What is the drawing press?

Many women heard about this device, but not all happened to use it and not all understand, what is it.

The printer for the press on nails resembles the ordinary inkjet printer superficially and represents the device which is intended for drawing the most various drawings on nails.

Miracle manicure with the help a printer art for the press on nails

Various models differ among themselves on a complete set and characteristics. One of the major parameters is resolution of the printer on which specification of the put images depends.

Also depending on model the software attached to the printer allows to store a huge number of options of design of nails and even to create own masterpieces.

The majority of on the sale models has a special screen which is intended for a choice of drawing and other parameters, for preservation and editing images.

The special nozzles allowing to do drawings on nails not only hands, but also feet usually are included in the device package. There are printers which print not only on nails, but also on various subjects: lighters, charms, cases.

On average productivity of such car is 5-10 times higher, than at the master putting drawings manually.

This device can be used as for drawing drawing on a natural nail, and on any kinds of artificial nails. The press can be carried out both on each nail plate separately, and on five at the same time.

Durability of such digital manicure same, as well as at the usual. Drawing images is made on the nail plate covered with a basis, and after is fixed by means of special gel.

Miracle manicure with the help a printer art for the press on nails

The press lasts only some minutes that especially pleases women who and manicure beautiful want, and time at them isn't enough at all.

Images are put with a photographic accuracy, and practically any who though understands the personal computer a little can use such device.

As the printing of images is carried out

The technology of drawing drawing on a marigold doesn't represent anything difficult. This process is absolutely painless and harmless therefore there is nothing to be afraid here. He is led to some stages:

He is led to some stages:

  1. The special basis (UF-gel) which is included in the package is applied on the cleared and fat-free nail plate. It is necessary in order that the printer at the press distinguished borders of a nail and didn't go beyond their limits.Miracle manicure with the help a printer art for the press on nails The basis needs to allow to dry. Sometimes special means (a white primer) which is put under the UF-basis in addition is included in the package. It serves for increase of firmness of the paint used in an art the printer for manicure, and for a bigger saturation of drawing.
  2. After means dried, the fixture which conveniently fixes their situation is put on nails.
  3. Further the hand is located in the device in which, depending on model, there is a printing of the image on one or at once on five nails.
  4. By means of the established software the image which is transferred to a nail plate subsequently is selected.Miracle manicure with the help a printer art for the press on nails The device by means of the built-in video camera adjusts the image size on nail borders.
  5. The selected image goes on the press. Process will occupy all a couple of minutes.
  6. After that over drawing it will be necessary to put a sheeting – and the manicure is ready. At desire it is possible to decorate in addition nails with pastes or other accessories.


Small and udalenky – the manual device for drawing the drawing Wonder nail

The average cost of the printer for nails in online stores makes about 30-50 thousand rubles. However, there are also manual mini-versions of such devices to which also the manual mini wonder nail printer belongs.

This compact device allows to apply precisely and quickly drawing serially on each nail.

Miracle manicure with the help a printer art for the press on nails

The principle of work consists in an otpechatyvaniye by means of a matrix with ready drawings on a nail plate of the pleasant image. Its work doesn't require food.

Six ready plates matrixes with images that allows to select the pleasant image from 54 offered options are included in the package.

Besides, the machine is delivered together with 7 varnishes of different color which can be mixed for obtaining the necessary color. This device works with all types of nail varnishes.

This mini printer for nails costs 10 times less automatic devices about which it was told above, i.e. about 117 USD. Some online stores suggest to get it even cheaper – for 1500 and even for 30 USD.

Miracle manicure with the help a printer art for the press on nails

 That speak about printers for nails

"Are the owner of such device. With everything it is happy: quickly and qualitatively. By means of it it is possible to earn additionally not bad, persons interested to make to itself manicure by means of the wonderful car much …"

"I worked at such printer. Paints eats quite a lot and drawings generally some nurseries therefore also orders generally were from children …. But quickly and without efforts …"

"I bought the printer for photodesign of nails and is very happy. Quality of the top-level press …"

"I saw at the girl manicure with camomiles – very much I attracted. I learned that that on such printer did it. I decided and buy.

Podkopila of money, parents helped and now I am the happy owner of this wonderful device. On girlfriends and myself already I tried it – it was pleasant. Now I want to start earning additionally with its help …"

Miracle manicure with the help a printer art for the press on nails

"I ordered to myself the inexpensive manual printer. Everything arranges, I use with pleasure. Saving of time spent for manicure, enormous …"

Here that owners of the wonderful cars capable write, according to them, in only some minutes to create original drawing on nails.

But how many people, are so much and opinions, and we very much would like to learn your point of view concerning various printers for nails. Read articles on our site and remain always beautiful!

You can see the printer for the press on nails in operation on the offered video