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Molding on nails

The molding on nails is a true art in nail design. Volume compositions transfer all exclusivity and originality of a covering. Such type of manicure is very popular with brides and takes a significant place in a modern nail-decor. Surprising and magnificent options of an original molding on nails can be seen on a photo.

Ideas of a molding

Here a full scope for creativity, and every time – search and the invention something new. On fingers can flaunt:

  • bows;
  • florets;
  • leaflets;
  • patterns;
  • monogram;
  • symbols;
  • ladybugs and butterflies;
  • cockleshells;
  • animals.


The molding is carried out by means of special substance. To execute volume elements something is required one:

  • 3D gel-plasticine;
  • acryle;
  • akrigelx;

And make-shifts:

  • brush for an acrylic molding;
  • brush a petal for design;
  • dots;
  • monomer;
  • glass for monomer.

Molding on nails

We create beauty

The molding on nails has to be executed qualitatively. You shouldn't save on materials, differently it will be impossible to process fine details.

Petals by means of 3D gel-plasticine

The molding needs to be carried out on a ready nail which is covered completely with a top and the sticky layer is removed from it. It is necessary to work with plasticine in medical gloves.

  • Dotsom to gather 3D - gel and to roll it in a ball. To arrange it on that place where there will be the first petal (or any other element).
  • Thin synthetic brush to distribute material, from the middle accurately to trample down lepestochek at the edges.
  • To do on one lepestochka and at once to put to dry in a lamp not to spoil all composition.
  • Now in the same way to gather the second ball. To start flattening out it a brush from the center.
  • Now it is necessary to decorate the turned-out composition. To apply gel varnish in tone of a substrate on a palette or is more dark and accurately to darken core of lepestochok, painting over them a little.
  • To mix usual microgloss with a top and to apply on the middle of an element.

Rosettes plasticine

  • To walk a little bafy in that place where there will be roses.
  • To gather gel-plasticine pusher or a bamboo stick and to lay out the necessary quantity on a nail.
  • To dunk a direct brush into liquids for a sticky layer, to remove superfluous on a wet napkin.
  • To distribute gel-plasticine, doing a circle, pressing down not too strongly.
  • Dots to dunk in a klinser. And around in the form of a spiral to squeeze out a rose. When gel starts sticking to a dots, to moisten it in a klinser. Moving on a spiral, it is necessary to finish in the center.
  • Flat brush No. 4 for gel to press down a few petals, beginning at edge then revolving. To try to do it unevenly that volume turned out.
  • To decorate the finished composition with pastes and bulyonka.

Molding on nails

Flowers acryle

The molding on nails is carried out by acryle by means of monomer and a brush.

  • To dunk a brush into monomer. For a big ball from acryle it is necessary to moisten well a brush, for small it needs to be wrung out that it had a sharp nose.
  • To place a brush in acrylic powder.
  • To lay out a ball on a nail and to wait so far acryle will become opaque.
  • After that from a ball to mold any form. If it is a rose, by the easy clapping movements we do a layer is thinner and we go on a spiral.
  • Nose of a brush to raise lepestochka that material was more live and looked more volume.
  • For a rose to take one more ball it is less, to put it from above and to repeat too most.
  • Material is recommended to be flattened a little that the molding wasn't thick.
  • From above to put a top and to inlay with pastes.

Acrylic molding.


Elastic mix of acryle and gel. Such molding on nails rather easy in a sock and small on height. If near at hand there is no special brush, take a usual ball pen which doesn't write. Wind it with usual food wrap. The cone in handles will allow to do competent lepestochka.

  • To distribute akrigelx on the prepared nail.
  • Brush smooth movements "cut off" each layer lepestochka. To smooth, creating volume.
  • To send the turned-out composition to a lamp and to decorate to the taste with patterns or pastes.