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Hairstyle of claws to a pug

The first hairstyle of claws promises a pug high psychological voltage as to a dog, and her owner. That is why it is so important to seize bases of this, apparently, simple manipulation.

When to start cutting claws

It is necessary to accustom the pet to a pedicure from shchenyachy age.

First, puppies have a rapid growth of all organism, and promptly growing claws inevitably will give to wrong a paw post-avatar. And it, in turn, will provoke the reversing the shchenyachyikh of fingers interfaced to strong pain.

Secondly, the earlier at a mopsik the habit to transfer procedure, unusual for it, will be fixed, the more quietly it will react to it in the subsequent.

It is known that animals very much don't like to give the pads in someone's charge and usually resist any violence over their extremities. In your arsenal (depending on the pet's psychotype) some methods of schooling to a podstriganiye of claws: arrangements, encouragement, punishment and switching of attention.

Hairstyle of claws to a pug

The part of factory owners considers that time is simpler to punish the dog who is becoming hysterical before a pedicure, than to cut off all life on one claw in a week. Even worse – to leave everything as is, and to reconcile to terrible horn "snails" on dog fingers.

It is important! If you once subordinate a pug to the will, it will facilitate your mutual understanding on all joint life. The pet without nerves will maintain any manipulations, beginning from hygienic and finishing medical (injections, transportation, bandagings).

Remarkably, if you buy the puppy who is already accustomed to a pedicure by the factory owner. You will need only to follow its advice.

As it is often necessary to cut claws

It is done once a month though it is more preferable – time in two weeks. Mopsa pensioners their young colleagues need a scrap of claws at all not less, than. Especially as claws continue to grow in respectable age, and grind off (at walks on asphalt) much more slowly.

By the way, run of a pug on an asphalt covering facilitates the owner's task a little. There is a natural, though uneven grinding: average claws are automatically straightened, but is worse – lateral. Claws on hinder legs grind off slightly quicker, than on lobbies (especially at males). Also we don't forget about the fifth finger, whose claw demands cutting constantly.

If you don't cut to a dog claws, wait for consequences, such as:

  • diseases of the musculoskeletal device – the bent claws will lead to unnatural position of fingers, a kosolapiya and pains. Gradually there will be a deformation of joints and a backbone;
  • traumatizing soft fabrics – to it conducts uncontrollable growth of the claw on the fifth finger which isn't erased when walking. These the pug can incidentally be hooked by a hook for any subject (at home or on the street) and to be wounded;
  • bad coordination and loss of balance at run – the truncated claws serve as a support, and grown twist fingers;
  • clatter of claws – you will always hear as the pug knocks them when goes to satisfy at night thirst.

Hairstyle of claws to a pug

Correct hairstyle of claws of a pug

In an ideal after trimming of claws they shouldn't adjoin to a floor during walking/run. In a claw allocate a pulp (a kogtevy bed with blood vessels and the nervous terminations) and a dead zone with which you and should work.

It is most difficult to shorten black claws where pulp borders are indiscernible. In this case the directional light which will show where vessels come to an end can help. The pulp is better looked through on brown and light claws: it looks as the dark site going from their basis almost to a tip.

It is important! Not to touch a pulp, you don't hurry (especially at the first hairstyle) and cut off claws approximately on 0,5 mm for "step". Don't try to chop off a claw at the necessary length at one stroke is it is fraught with injuries.

Algorithm of cutting of claws:

  1. Wash paws, having slightly taken them in warm water. They not only will become pure, but also will steam out.
  2. Put a paw on a horizontal surface (a table, a floor) to place a kogterezka strictly at an angle 45 °, without reaching 1–1,5 mm a pulp.
  3. Cut a claw, you won't notice yet that the cut brightened or turned pink – the following movement will already damage a vessel.
  4. Grind each cut-off claw a file, making the movements in one party. It is necessary for prevention of agnails.
  5. If incidentally touched a pulp, process it hydrogen peroxide.

Remember – the more often you cut claws to the pug, the quicker the vessel hides in depth, and the each subsequent procedure is easier.

If you not in forces to master the panicking pet or you are afraid of it to injure – go to the groomer or the veterinarian. Strangely enough, but strangers often affect a dog soothingly.

Hairstyle of claws to a pug

How to accustom to a hairstyle of claws

Supporters of "carrot and stick" recommend to do a pedicure together with the assistant who will hold "client" when you cut off claws. After each processed paw give to a puppy a delicacy.

It is possible to cope with the adult schooled dog and alone, having given command "to sit!" – then you cut it claws, without forgetting to praise and encourage with a yum-yum upon termination of execution.

If the dog is badly brought up, to teams doesn't submit, isterit and resists, it is necessary to hold him together while the third is engaged in claws.

More difficult to the one who didn't manage to find assistants. In this case plan of action is as follows:

  1. you shake a pug for withers until he stops using up (at renewal of a panic again undertake withers and so to absolute calm);
  2. you take a pad and you shear a claw then you praise and you release a dog to play and run about;
  3. in 5 minutes you repeat a session, but you cut off already 2 claws, and so on accruing to the final.

Important! The pug is obliged to acquire – while he keeps coolness, him praise, treat and quickly release. Otherwise – are enough for withers and don't lag behind before full submission to master's will.

By the way, if you want to fix more strongly a lesson, cut off claws to a hungry pug. It will catch communication between a pedicure and a yum-yum, and next time willingly will provide you the pads.

Hairstyle of claws to a pug

There is one more cunning on schooling of a pug to trimming of claws. Start warming up his pads: at first after walks, then when the pet sits or dozes on your hands. He has to get used to your careful manipulations and not shudder when you touch its fingers.

Will pass no more than two weeks of such massage, and the pug won't even notice that you artfully approached his claws and already them cut. The owners who seized this method assure, what even at casual traumatizing a pulp, a dog resignedly allow dostrichx all remained claws.

Video about a hairstyle of nails at a pug

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