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Design of nails with a tape: ideas, rules of performance of manicure with its application and the prices

Current fashionable trends change every new season. Here and  this year in fashion design of nails with a tape, capable to give to your manicure of luxury, aristocratical restraint and grace.

To get such tapes for manicure, it is possible practically in any shop where production for beauty and  personal care is presented.

The sticky ribbon reminding an adhesive tape happens the most different sizes, but the most popular — it is very thin, literally 1.5 mm of a tape of different color.

Such sizes of a tape both do manicure aristocratical and give it originality, esthetics and refinement. If earlier pastes, today in fashion of a tape were applied to stylish effect.

 On the one hand the ribbon represents sparking something, bright ornament, juicy color, and here the second party is processed by sticky structure which pastes a tape to a surface of nails. Thus you can have short or long nails, the creative and fashionable manicure all the same will turn out.

 It is possible to paste such ribbon: it is enough to cut off the necessary sizes of slices from a roll and accurately to paste them to a surface of a nail plate.

Classical option of the French manicure, with a white strip in the top part of a nail, in house conditions all did and many simply drew strips nail varnish. Remember, how many it was necessary to suffer to make this strip equal and accurate if you  didn't use special sets for a service jacket.

And in a case with adhesive tapes, you always receive beautiful and stylish, very original manicure.

It is possible to use a tape for creation of the most different manicure. The main thing — it is correct to pick up harmonious color scale of the most varnish covering and color of a tape.

The range of a choice of color of a tape very various and there will be options for every taste: fashionable metallic and gold, modest pastel tone, bright and juicy saturated shades of various flowers.

By means of such adhesive tapes it is possible to do daily options of manicure, business and evening, with one or several strips, rhombuses and other figures which can be created by means of strips.

 For example, the striped manicure looks very originally and brightly. For it you will need to apply only a varnish on nails, to wait so far it will dry and to paste tapes several strips. Thus we will note that as a basis, you can use any types of a decorative varnish, it is fine to stick to a tape and  don't disappear. Any design of nails about gel varnish (shellac), opaque options with a tape looks gracefully and stylishly. The main thing that your strip was equal, I approached under color of a varnish or I created contrast.

Tape for design of nails: how to use

Design of nails with a tape: ideas, rules of performance of manicure with its application and the prices 

Step 1
To receive accurate manicure, you should make manicure for a start: to get rid of a cuticle, to cut nails and to give to a nail plate the necessary form by means of a nail file.

Design of nails with a tape: ideas, rules of performance of manicure with its application and the prices 

Step 2
After these procedures put any decorative varnish (gel, usual, acrylic , etc.). Surely wait for full drying of a varnish covering that the tape was strongly pasted, and  the varnish wasn't damaged.

Design of nails with a tape: ideas, rules of performance of manicure with its application and the prices 

Step 3
After the varnish dried, cut off the necessary length of a ribbon and unstick it from a basis. It is necessary to hold a tape for a tip that on it as little as possible fat which is damaged by sticky structure and a tape got it can be pasted not so strongly to nails. 

Design of nails with a tape: ideas, rules of performance of manicure with its application and the prices Step 4
Fastening of a tape has to happen close to nail perimeter to gain the finished and harmonious effect. But it is impossible to allow that the tape for design of nails was higher than the edge of nail platinum, it leads to its damage and it will quickly come unstuck.
Design of nails with a tape: ideas, rules of performance of manicure with its application and the prices 

Step 5
After all of you accurately attached, it is necessary to put a varnish fixer layer to protect a ribbon and the turned-out pattern, to paste it even more strong.

If you create a multi-color palette from different varnishes, the tape is glued only after you put all shades of a varnish and waited for their full drying. For those who doesn't know about use of such material, as a tape for design of nails how to use it, it is possible to read in recommendations which the manicurist makes.

During the work with gel or acrylic manicure, tapes are pasted before applying a finishing varnish coat on nails.

Adhesive tapes were thought up by stylists to create peculiar emphases on nails with different decorative coverings. But today they create the most stylish and original designs without which your arsenal of "beauty" would be incomplete.

You can fix tapes in the form of strips on all nail or paste one strip which will give to manicure of originality and grace.

Service jacket manicure — classical option, it is possible to do very quickly now and the most important — is accurate. Everything that will be required — to put you it a basic decorative varnish of a pastel shade, to wait for it full drying. After that accurately attach a tape on edge of a nail plate so that the tape didn't go beyond its limits. Now it is possible and to fix everything a protective transparent varnish.

For such type of manicure you can choose classical option of a tape of white or beige, gentle pink color or use golden, silver and other options of tapes.

In this season at the height of fashion various geometrical patterns and ornaments which you simply will also be able easily to do by means of strips. In this option very carefully cut off tapes that they precisely corresponded each other,  didn't go beyond the patterns which are thought up by you. Creatively chaotic geometrical confusion looks and also stylishly symmetry with multi-colored tapes looks. The tape for design of nails can be the most different thickness, the main thing — not to go too far in such accent and if you  don't know how to use different schemes of fastening of strips, review examples of works from famous stylists better.

Tapes and in manicure of frappe are used, thus, such original design of nails, can remain within 2 weeks.

Adhesive tape for nails: councils for a choice and application

Design of nails with a tape: ideas, rules of performance of manicure with its application and the prices The most widespread mistakes during the work with tapes — it is negligence and  not completely dried varnish covering on nails.

If you for the first time are engaged in such type of manicure, it isn't necessary to think out to himself something very multilayered and geometrical. Try to work with one strip by means of which you will be able to determine for yourself the necessary sizes of a tape, learn to glue correctly a decor so that it  didn't go beyond a nail plate.

You have to watch closely also that the adhesive tape for nails didn't gather on nail platinum wrinkles and folds which create inaccurate effect and all design looks not really beautifully and quality of work suffers.

At any multi-color manicure and at application of various accessories always there has to be a sense of proportion and taste. Only in this case you will be able to brag of fashionable and stylish design of nails which supplements and finishes your style and an image.

At a tape choice, consider a form and length of the nails. If you have almond-shaped nails, you can use tapes, different in thickness. And here the thin adhesive tape for nails — is ideal option for square and roundish forms of a nail plate.

The thickest tapes creating metal gloss — it is already separate accessory which can be used as the most important accent in design of manicure.

You can buy adhesive tapes for nails in specialized shops where offer all means on leaving and various accessories, jewelry , etc.

Tape cost for manicure quite low, and the price of a roll begins from 50 rub. Therefore you can buy the whole arsenal of such accessories and create the most stylish and beautiful designs of nails.