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Palm trees on nails - tropical bright manicure for the summer, a photo and video of design

Palm trees on nails - tropical bright manicure for the summer, a photo and video of designpalm trees on nails in the Summer the juicy manicure enjoys wide popularity. A bright orange, optimistical green, fluorescent yellow, opaque varnish or a craquelure During the hot summer we recommend to you to experiment color scale of the manicure. Correctly picked up shade will be the most important addition to your looky, will emphasize color of a dress, jewelry and will lighten mood!
Now it is a high time to use tropical subject, flowers of a hibiscus and palm leaves in design of nails. Colors, tone, drawings … aren't present limits of the imagination. Coastal or desert, on the coast or among sand that you will choose, what palm trees and from where - here as you will think up as your desire will prompt, and we will try to describe to you how it occurs. As nevertheless palm trees on nails "grow".

That is required for a neyl-art of "Palm tree"

  • Base for manicure
  • Basis - a white varnish
  • Gradient of pink flowers
  • Spangles
  • Brush
  • Bast
  • Black acrylic paint

The design decision for manicure of a palm tree: step-by-step work

  1. Cover nails with base for manicure and let's carefully them dry.
  2. Open all prepared varnishes and choose color which will be a background. If your design sea, blue and if it is a beach - yellow. In a word, we prepare a background where there will be palm trees. In this case – we took a white varnish. Apply it on a ring finger and let's dry. The main thing not to hurry, both with drying of varnishes, and with drawing the first two layers. The surface has to be equal and without any ledges and potek. At accurate drawing layers the picture is drawn accurately and beautifully.
  3. On other marigold the gradient manicure is carried out on such technology - take sponzhik to create a gradient of pink flowers. Put on sponzhik two necessary varnishes, and press it several times to a nail. If it is required, on sponzh once again put necessary varnishes and apply the second layer of a gradient on a nail for bigger brightness.
  4. Remove with liquid for removal of a varnish surplus of a pink varnish on lateral rollers.
  5. Apply a varnish with golden spangles on a tip of a nail.
  6. Start drawing design black acrylic paint. A thin brush at first you trace trunks, then leaves.
  7. In end cover nails with a fixer. Your manicure with palm trees is ready.


If you feel that you can not master or you aren't able to draw, you can be trained on plates, or on false nails. Applying on them all new and new ideas, at the same time you will perfectly see a combination of tones and a type of the drawing. You can succeed without problems in design decisions, isn't worse than masters of salons. The success in development of a neyl-art can be consolidated on girlfriends, most likely they with pleasure will agree to such original experiment. And you will have an opportunity not only to look at the drawings, and to feel the author of a man-made masterpiece of nail coloring.
If you look for inspiration, look at "manicure of a palm tree" at the following collected photos of design of nails!

The fresh orange

Orange color is a highlight of a summer season. This popular color didn't escape and design of nails with palm trees! An ideal choice for those who wants to look bright and juicy in this season.

Sweet candies (photo)

Gentle shades pink and - remind candy classical colors sugar, sweet sugar candies. Is suitable for air and easy summer design, introduces in every image certain charms.

Citrus sorbet (photo)

Yellow nail varnish looks good solo or in combination with other article of clothing of the same color (a belt, a shirt, a scarf). You can choose for the design as soft, pastel tone yellow, and juicy, neon. Yellow with the orange — an excellent basis for manicure with tropical palm trees and design with the image of a decline.

Green frog

If you want to be allocated from crowd – execute design of nails, using color of a juicy green grass or the most delicate pastel-green shade. It isn't obligatory for you to put on in something green, this color look fantastically and solo.

The mysterious violet

Pastel and bright shades of violet color in manicure are present at summer fashion for an appreciable length of time. This color reminds juicy plum or a crimson decline. The basis of design of nails in violet shades is ideally suited for drawing of tropical palm trees.

Clear sky (photo)

The blue varnish reminds of sea waves, of a clear sky.

Palm trees on nails - as far as it is real

To make manicure with palm trees as you were convinced, not difficult absolutely. It is simply a little diligence, it is a little patience and you will decorate the nails. If nevertheless you prefer services of beauty shop - your right, masters will help you to pick up a pattern and will professionally transfer it to your nails. And for those who nevertheless was solved on experiments - successful creativity, the main thing is a little patience and everything at you will turn out.