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Pusher for manicure: what is it and how to use

In the war with a cuticle all means are good! – girls are sure. Also collect the whole army of tools on fight, and in general field marshals of this army appointed … a pusher for manicure! About that, what is it, as it is correct to elect "commander" and how to learn them to use – read in this article!

Iron tool of Beauty

Before practicing in a neyl-art or it is simple to make up a marigold, even nonprofessionals know that it is necessary to prepare nail plates. In particular, to relieve them of the thin skin accruing on them – cuticles. This a film thin initially can become rigid and gives rise to agnails. Completely and deeply it isn't necessary to cut off a cuticle and even it is dangerous, after all it carries out important function – protects from penetration to a root of a nail of harmful bacteria and dirt.

In a word, all cuticles are important, and all cuticles are necessary! However how to make a marigold more presentable and not to do much harm to itself? Answer simple: accurately to shift a thin skin, without injuring it. For this purpose in a manikyurny set of each beauty there has to be a pusher. What is it and for what it is necessary?

Pusher for manicure is a special tool by means of which shift a cuticle and model a hole. Also the product is known under names – a shaber, the trimmer and a manikyurny shovel. But English "pusher" - "pusher" nevertheless is used much more often. Not to do without it at the initial stage of manicure.

How looks?

This unit, as a rule, can brag of two working parties. One of them is always executed in the form of a rake. The role is intended to it to shift or, perhaps, to push a cuticle to a nail root. Besides, the shovel shifts pterigiya – the thin thin skin, almost imperceptible who grows after a nail, settles down under a cuticle and prevents your neyl-art to become ideal.

Other party of a pusher differs in a big variety. A tip can crown:

  • "Hatchet" – clears superfluous about lateral rollers. It is the most frequent satellite of a shovel.
  • "Pallet" – helps masters with prosthetics, treatment of the grown nails and callosities. As a rule, it doesn't suit for house use.
  • The nail file – speaks for itself.

Here on a photo a pusher for manicure:

Pusher for manicure: what is it and how to usePusher for manicure: what is it and how to use

The handle of "lopato-axe" is decorated with a carving not for appearance. This reception allows a pusher to lie conveniently in a hand and not to slide.

Product for a pedicure usually more massive and with the big working parties. Its size facilitates work of masters, but in usual life if you have bags of time, it is possible to consult also perfectly a small manikyurny shaber.

Of what it is made?

Make the majority of pusher of medical steel. It is easy to sterilize them and will serve the good tool of decade, unlike the same orange sticks which quickly become useless.

There are shaber from plastic on which tip the dense rubber hoof flaunts. Functions on moving of a cuticle they cope with the, and with them it is impossible to damage plates and to hold because of small weight many times more convenient. However considerably concede in durability and "longevity" to metal "brothers".

Wooden pusher beautifully called orange sticks. They are really made of an orange tree, but superabilities it doesn't give them. Shabera from a tree are split on the end of a shovel soon enough and difficult to disinfect them, after all the tree becomes impregnated with moisture after procedure and inflates a little.

I recognize him from one thousand … How to choose a pusher?

If you make manicure independently, a trimmer choice for nails has to pass responsibly. Be not enough the first comer in a supermarket. Buy qualitative in specialized shop better.

Here on what it is necessary to pay attention at a choice of the metal tool:

  • Pusher for manicure: what is it and how to useWidth and shape of your nails. The shovel can be in the form of a spoon, a square with the rounded-off corners or oval. For a wide marigold the rounded-off square will be ideal, and here almond-shaped it will cause one inconvenience. Most of neyl-masters prefer an oval for its universality.
  • On the handle there have to be surely notches. Take a product at the ready and estimate its convenience to yourself. At the same time you "will try on" also length, for example, 15 centimeters, limit for a shaber, can be rather big for the small female handle. And after all the main thing – comfort!
  • Sharpness. The better the tool is ground, the cuticle will recede rather more without serious consequences. Carry out pusher on a nail – at all sharpness it shouldn't leave scratches.
  • The price dispersion really strikes. It is possible to buy a shaber and for 2 USD, and for 2 thousand. Certainly, if you plan to use it exclusively to what to buy the very expensive tool, choose a mid-price segment. For example, the pusher for 10 USD perfectly will be suitable for house application.
  • Get a bilateral shaber, they can and delete a cuticle, and pterigiya, and to clear nails.

Shovel against a cuticle. How to use a pusher?

It would seem than that it is simpler – I took and I removed. But isn't present if it is wrong to work with a shaber, it is possible to be wounded and even so to injure a nail that it will start growing incorrectly! However if to conform to the elementary rules, the manicure will be not only beautiful, but also safe.

Step 1

It is necessary to clear nails of traces of a varnish and to soften a thin skin. Indulge handles with a tray or put means for removal of a cuticle. The stage with a softening can't be passed by no means because if to try to shift a dry thin skin, it is possible to break off it, will scratch, say, pleasant a little and in general it is sick.

Step 2

Holding a shovel at an acute angle, the soft movement shift a cuticle to a nail root. It is removed without efforts and if gives in badly, take still a marigold in a warm tray. Strongly it is impossible to press the tool as it is possible to scratch and even to remove a nail layer.

Step 3

The opposite side walk about nail rollers and a lunula and remove "fringe" which lagged behind a nail plate.

It is possible to look visually at work with a pusher on this video:

Here and all equipment. The main thing to control force of pressing and you will enjoy then accurate manicure without harm for nails. By the way, the cuticle after regular exercises with a shaber becomes thinner, and soon you will be able to refuse cut manicure absolutely.

Protect that you have. How to look after a pusher?

It will be useful to remind that the trimmer is intended for individual use and even after itself favourite it needs to be sterilized.

The metal tool can be boiled, kept under an ultraviolet or it is simple to wipe alcohol-containing solution. Plastic and a tree can't be boiled. For what it is necessary if you use a shaber individually? Hygiene! – neyl-masters answer. If to leave a dirty pusher, the remains of a thin skin will become the hospitable environment for all bacteria, and next time you will easily bring "guests" to yourself under a nail. So don't neglect clarification.

Dry shaber you store in a futlyarchik.

Even at frequent use only one sharpening in a year is necessary. Independently it is better for these not to be engaged, and to give it in a charge to the expert.

From time immemorial admired female handles. The correct and safe leaving will surely present you an accurate marigold and gentle fingers. Pusher is such irreplaceable means for manicure that you in speed will be surprised how did without it earlier! It will become much simpler and more pleasant to look after nails.