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Rules and secrets of teenage manicure

Rules and secrets of teenage manicure

It is difficult to present that a weak half of mankind wouldn't seek to look beautifully. Ladies try to pay attention to each trifle of the image, beginning from a hairdress and finishing with manicure on tips of the nails. Each girl the teenager looking at elegant women, dreams to look also. Therefore girls teenagers from early age pay to the appearance much attention. But, what to open the individual image it is necessary to use many efforts.

But at some school institutions there is a dresscode, and pupils are obliged to correspond to it. Therefore the youth has no opportunity to express the style in clothes. However the school manicure is an excellent way of self-expression for girls, but in the territory of school it shouldn't be bright and bright. The manicure needs to be pertinent, modest and to consider age of his owner not to cause excess remarks from teachers.

The main principles of care behind hands of children and teenagers

Good manicure for teenage age it when nails of the child are close-cut and to have light tone of a varnish. Today, parents understand that care of the teenager's nails it not luxury, but important part of procedural hygiene. The manicuring can be carried out independently, or in beauty shop.

Let's learn, what secrets of children's manicure happen.

  1. The first rule which it is necessary to observe, this removal of an old varnish. By means of liquid for removal of a varnish without acetone remove the remains of former manicure.
  2. After that it is necessary to wash up hands.
  3. Then to take scissors or a nail file to give to nails the round short form. It isn't necessary to leave long nails, but also to cut off shortly too it is impossible.
  4. Wooden stick clear nails of dirt.
  5. Now time of removal of agnails came. For this purpose hands of the child need to be placed in soap warm solution, and to wait for a skin softening. Then to take nippers and accurately to remove agnails. After that to remove from a nail a cuticle an orange stick, or in need of it to cut off nippers. After such procedure, a hand of the child it is recommended to grease with cream.
  6. And at the last stage to varnish nails. Children of preschool age can apply transparent tone of varnishes. Teenagers can use a palette of opaque light tones. Or to represent drawing in light execution.

It is possible to carry out the correct care of hands of the child most. The manicure is carried out as well as for adults. If you are at a loss, in correctness of children's manicure, will better address to beauty shop to the master. It will help to pick up a personal course of procedures.

What nails the schoolgirl has to have?

Teenage leaving of nails shouldn't be defiant and mark a huge number of pastes. The youth manicure represents accuracy, without excess decor and jewelry, it has opaque natural tone. Such design of nails will look at school stylishly, elegantly and pertinently.

Let's review examples of design of manicures for teenagers of schoolgirls.

Transparent basis for manicure

Such manicure will be ideally suited for girls of elementary school. It is possible to emphasize a marigold not only a transparent varnish, but also an opaque covering. It is also possible to add a little decorative beads and to fix the strengthening varnish. By means of such manicure, it is possible to emphasize natural beauty of your hands. The manicure for the small child occurs, in the same way as well as at the adult woman. Such manicure won't cause, anger in the teacher, and won't become a reason for reprimand of schools with a strict dresscode.

Look as the manicure on a photo looks fantastically.

Ideas for manicure in light tones

The manicure with light, pastel tone which will emphasize her diminutiveness and esthetics will be suitable for the girl of the teenager. On a children's marigold pink, peach and beige colors of varnishes very lovely look. Such nails will never get out of fashion.

The French service jacket always in fashion

The French manicure is one of the most popular designs for nails. It is a classical image for all women. Also will be ideally suited for senior pupils. Such service jacket will be entered into any order of the very young girl, and will be perfectly in harmony with a school uniform. That will give to the young woman of fashion refinement and appeal.

And if the school dresscode, allows to apply various drawings or patterns on nails, it is possible to add manicure with an easy decor. For example to allocate the line of a smile, or to draw a small light pattern.

You can see examples of the French service jacket on a photo.

Printing manicure or imitation of newspaper lines

Newspaper print – the interesting and new direction in fashion. Such manicure will draw attention not only the girl's girlfriends, but also attention of some teachers. Figures, letters, notes is everything corresponds to subject of school. Such idea of design will attract young women of fashion. If you wanted to make such pattern, surely study chapter about technology of execution of such manicure.

You can see some original designs on a photo.

Manicure with fashionable drawings

The girl the teenager shouldn't forget that at some educational institutions there is a dresscode. And if a dresscode it is allowed to have for senior pupils patterns on nails, any girl with pleasure will seize such moment. However you pomnit, that school walls aren't intended for bright dresses and defiant manicures. Finest to have nails in sustained in light tones, with not striking pattern. Which can be drawn with a thin brush, or to use ready stickers for nails. The pattern can be made not on all marigold, but only on one. Thereby to emphasize the identity. On a photo, you can see original design for your nails. So it will be easier for you to decide on a manicure choice.

That it would be more clear to you, how the school manicure becomes, we prepared for you video a lesson. Lovely ladies be always the most charming.