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Tweezers for a cuticle: how to choose the best and it is correct to use them (reviews and responses)

Accurate and well-groomed nails are the integral element of an image of the modern woman. It is possible to put in order hands in beauty shops, having trusted in professionals of the business, but much manage to carry out procedure independently, without spending constantly for it money. Successful implementation of manicure in house conditions requires a little patience and a set of good tools. An important element of such set are special tweezers for a cuticle which choice needs to pay special attention.

Councils for a choice good manikyurnykh of tweezers

Getting nippers for manicure, you shouldn't save even if their use only in house conditions is planned. At a choice it is important to pay attention to some parameters:

Tweezers for a cuticle: how to choose the best and it is correct to use them (reviews and responses)

  • length of the cutting edge. Optimum it is considered an indicator in 5 mm, such tool perfectly will suit even to at whom not experience in its use at all;
  • the tool should be taken in hand to move in all possible ways: connections have to be dense, has to creak nothing, it is important that the movement was smooth without breakthroughs and clicks;
  • important value has material of which nippers are made. The most optimum option – medical steel;
  • it is necessary to check the tool course, having several times squeezed and having unclenched it. If tweezers hardly are unclenched, you shouldn't buy them;
  • the tool has to lie conveniently and comfortably in a hand;
  • on an external surface there shouldn't be scratches, the sharp acting sites and other defects;
  • before purchase it is also necessary to check sharpness, it is possible to make it on a usual polyethylene paper bag – nippers have to cut it, but not pull or tear.

As it is correct to use and cut off a cuticle

It isn't difficult to give to a marigold beautiful appearance in house conditions, the main thing to consider the main recommendations about procedure implementation. First of all, it is necessary to disinfect the tool any convenient structure, and to steam fingers a little in warm water. Tweezers bring disclosure to a cuticle and get one of edges a little under it then cut off part by means of tightening of nippers. Also such tool it is possible to get rid of agnails on lateral rollers. Tweezers it is necessary to move smoothly, without sharp movements and to cut off fabrics, but not to tear and pull them.

Tweezers for a cuticle: how to choose the best and it is correct to use them (reviews and responses)

In the course of trimming you shouldn't press too strongly the tool to a nail plate, the movements have to be lungs, tips fabric of a cuticle rises a little and cut off – any excess pressure. It is important to understand that the cuticle should be absent completely, during procedure it is necessary to leave a thin, accurate strip which would carry out function of this element of a nail – protected from infections. After procedure it is necessary to grease hands with the moisturizing cream.

On the termination of manicure it isn't necessary to wash tweezers with water is negatively affects the tool, will be to process them disinfecting structure enough. For extension of service it is recommended to use special caps and covers.

Video: as it is necessary to cut off a cuticle

Independently to make to itself beautiful cut manicure quite simply, for this purpose rather in detail to study this video and to start practice. In a video lesson there is all necessary information concerning this procedure and subtleties of its carrying out.

What nippers for trimming of a cuticle it is better: review

Conditionally all tweezers can be divided into two groups: for household and professional use. Distinction is usually covered as material and various subtleties, for example, a handle covering. Having a little looked, it is possible to choose really good option for the favorable price, and it will be a pleasure to bring its use.

Nippers for manicure of Zinger/Zinger

Tweezers for a cuticle: how to choose the best and it is correct to use them (reviews and responses) Under this trademark it is possible to meet the big range of various tools for manicure, including tweezers. There are some options: an offhand grinding, with the lock, with a golden or silvery covering. Production differs in very high quality: the sharp part a long time doesn't zatuplyatsya, the tightening unclamping mechanism elastic, isn't bent. The tool will cope as with large agnails, and small work on removal of small parts of a cuticle. Such nippers at house use can serve many years without additional sharpening.

Yoko / YOKO

Tweezers for a cuticle: how to choose the best and it is correct to use them (reviews and responses) Tweezers from Yoko are made of cobalt steel, they are well polished, shine and have no errors in the form of sharp ledges. In assortment it is possible to choose the most convenient for himself compression mechanism option: double metal plates springs, double or unary standard spring. Also there is a possibility of a choice of length of the cutting edge (from the 4-yokh to 15 mm). The offhand grinding at production of tools guarantees their sharpness and long use without additional service. Production is made in Vietnam.

Staleks the professional

Tweezers for a cuticle: how to choose the best and it is correct to use them (reviews and responses) In assortment under this trademark a wide choice of professional nippers from qualitative materials. Options differ in the handle width, length of the cutting tool, the size and other parameters. In order that the tool was steady against processes of corrosion and possessed the increased durability, for its production surgical steel is used. In total with an offhand grinding such parameter guarantees that repeated manipulation on sharpening is required not earlier than in 5 years of active use.

Eklat / Eclat

Tweezers for a cuticle: how to choose the best and it is correct to use them (reviews and responses) The tool is made for removal of a cuticle from stainless medical steel at the expense of what it can be sterilized and disinfected fully. The spring of the closing element has the soft course thanks to hinged screw connection that allows to use nippers, without worrying that unexpectedly tweezers will sharply move. Edges are closed densely, tips the thinnest that provides ease of access for removal of a cuticle. Careful processing of each detail provides the maximum service life of nippers.

How to grind tweezers

Any qualitative tweezers for removal of a cuticle long time please the owner with ease in use and sharpness of working plates, however sooner or later it is necessary to resort to sharpening procedure to return to the tool its initial characteristics. For this purpose it is necessary to address to the professional as this type of works means use of a certain equipment and special skills.

Tweezers for a cuticle: how to choose the best and it is correct to use them (reviews and responses)

Sharpening of the tool takes place in some stages:

  • for a start the master checks for existence of a side play (a gap between working surfaces) and in need of it eliminates;
  • springs of a bend are corrected for providing the smooth course;
    in the presence of a rust it is eliminated;
  • further the master sharpens each plane in turn from within, forms a thin and sharp nose.

At professional approach tweezers become same what were right after purchase. But if to address to the bad master or to save on this procedure, it is possible to damage the tool completely.


Alice: I have tweezers for a cuticle from firm Zinger, they simply magnificent. I use them more than seven years, and all of them as new! Aren't in a stupor, well cut off a cuticle, don't tear it, comfortably lie in a hand. Ideal tool!

Alexey: I work as the manicurist, it is convenient to me to use tweezers with the long cutting edge. I chose for myself the tool from Yoko, I have no complaints. Well lay down in a hand, qualitative and long serve even at very active use.

Inga: For a long time I do manicure of the house itself and I teach the daughter! Tweezers help to get rid of agnails, and I practically never cut off a cuticle – it at me in itself accurate and small.