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Spa pedicure

Spa pedicure

Each woman is worthy the best, and it concerns not only her destiny, but also her appearance on which this destiny in many respects depends. To any woman not permissibly to look bad, after all she is worthy the best – from the top to a marigold of feet. The Spa pedicure is a unique procedure which will allow to make legs well-groomed, and skin velvety. How to carry out such ceremony at home and to derive a sheer pleasure from procedure, we will tell in this article.

What represents a Spa pedicure?

The magic combination of Spa (spa) - a pedicure is a complex of actions for leaving for stupnyam directed on treatment and improvement of legs. Both the light massage, and a soft peeling, and the calming wrappings, and effective masks enters this set of methods.

The Spa pedicure will allow the woman to combine successfully business with pleasure. Skin and nails of feet – the favorable environment for activity of various microbes and fungi against which it is possible to fight on means of an aromatherapy and a relaxation which gives to women of a Spa pedicure. This procedure something like short-term rest, stay in paradise which you can reach if you stock up with time and a necessary stock of the looking after means.

Spa pedicure

What is required for the Spa pedicure procedure?

To carry out the full Spa pedicure procedure in house conditions it is required to you:

  • Basin with warm water
  • Pans for preparation of a mask, a srub
  • Towel
  • Nail files, scissors, nippers for nails
  • Pumice
  • Rigid bast or special brush for a pedicure
  • Polyethylene film
  • Aromatic oils (lemon, tea tree, orange, sandal-wood tree and so forth)
  • The moisturizing cream
  • Sea salt
  • The components which are a part of masks and srubs (coffee, strawberry, a lemon, sugar and so forth)
  • Liquid for removal of a varnish
  • Orange stick
  • Basis under a varnish, nail varnish, the fixing covering
  • Free time (1,5-2 hours).

Stages of carrying out a Spa pedicure in house conditions

Spa pedicure – long and pleasant procedure. If you have time, you can take pleasure from all procedures given below. The effect from such complex of actions will be considerable! However if free time at you that is called "just barely enough", you can pass some stages, however surely do them together with the others next time to estimate advantages of a true Spa pedicure!

  • Massage. If you happen to carry high heels and in principle to spend much time standing, massage will help to get rid of pain which you feel at the end, and maybe for all day of work. To carry out relaksiruyushchy massage and to get rid of painful pain, rub with oil (for example, olive) a foot. Now take one leg and clasp small pillows of fingers of hands a sole, having densely pressed fingers of hands to the middle of foot. Press small pillows of fingers into foot, moving from the middle of a sole down. Do this manipulation of 5-10 times. Then again clasp a foot and massage the depressions in the ground located between toes, moving in the direction from joints to an anklebone. Having put one foot on a knee, rest thumbs of both hands against a sole. Strongly you press on a sole, massing it roundabouts. Knock on a sole with a cam, beat on a heel. Clap the palm back on a sole, massage each finger, clasping it, pull a little. Do all these actions with the second foot.
  • Tray for feet. To prepare a thin skin and a marigold for the subsequent actions, it is necessary to soften them, having lowered a foot in a warm tray with water and sea salt to which some droplets of oil of a lavender, a sandal-wood tree, orange, a lemon or a tea tree are added. If you have some favourite oils, you can mix them, having prepared thereby a vitamin mix for the legs. Time of carrying out procedure of a soaking makes 15 minutes during which addition in water of petals of roses and inclusion of the pleasant weakening music will be not superfluous.
  • Peeling. Pumice will help to remove rough skin to you, however at its application the people having dry skin of feet should be careful. If you want to apply pumice to removal of dead cells of epidermis, you need to add to a tray for feet couple of teaspoons of olive oil. Don't rub the same site several times – enough once, differently it will do much harm to skin and on it cracks are formed. The correct use of pumice assumes its advance from edges to the middle of foot or to the Piglet. Also instead of pumice it is possible to use a srub for feet – prepared independently (we will tell about it a bit later), or acquired in cosmetic shop.
  • Drawing a mask for feet. After the excess layer of epidermis is removed, it is a high time to take care of food of skin and nails. For this purpose it is necessary to use a mask for feet which should be put for 15-20 minutes and to wash away warm water.
  • Podstriganiye of nails. After nails and skin of feet received a necessary portion of vitamins, it is necessary to be engaged in a shape of nails. Initially cut them by means of scissors or nippers, trying to give a rectangular shape to prevent growing of nails and emergence of fungal infections.
  • Food. In addition apply lotion or foot cream, also it can be one more masochka or a wrapping. It is necessary to take a mask 10-20 minutes and to wash away warm water.
  • Polishing. Polish a surface of nails with a special polishing nail file.
  • Covering it is delicious. Put a basis under a varnish, then primary color and a varnish fixer.

Recipes of srubs, trays, masks and wrappings for a house Spa pedicure

It isn't obligatory to go behind masks and srubs to shop at all to carry out the full Spa pedicure procedure at home. To derive pleasure from procedure and good effect it is possible and due to use of traditional national recipes which main components are "inhabitants" of your kitchen and the refrigerator.

  • Salt srub. Take one table spoon of small sea salt. Mix it with a teaspoon of olive oil and couple of drops of oil of grapefruit. Add a table spoon of cream or usual powder to a mix and apply on hands.
  • Coffee srub. Take ground coffee (1 tablespoon) and sour cream or honey in equal proportions. Rub a srub in a surface of feet and fingers the massing movements.
  • Sugar srub. Take cane sugar and olive oil in an equal share and mass these structure of foot on an extent of 10 minutes. The same mix it is possible to clear anklebones and calves, and to store the remains of a srub in the refrigerator.
  • Grass tray. Take in equal proportions a grass of a St. John's Wort and a nettle (on 2 tablespoons) and fill in with liter of cool boiled water. Having cooled infusion up to the temperature of 35-37 degrees, take in a tray of a foot of 10-15 minutes.
  • Tray with soda. Dissolve in soda teaspoon water 2 liter. Add couple of drops of oil of a lavender and fragrant liquid soap.
  • Clay wrapping. For preparation of mix take 2 tablespoons of white clay, 3 tablespoons of ground cinnamon, couple of drops of orange oil and a small amount of water to receive a smetanoobrazny consistence. You apply mix with a rigid brush. After drawing wind legs with polyethylene and put on warm socks or wrap up feet with a woolen blanket. 20-30 minutes later wash away structure warm water. Wrappings are recommended to be carried out twice a week.
  • Oil wrapping. Take on 2 tablespoons of oils of almonds and an olive. Dilute structure with 3 drops of essential oils of a juniper, a lemon and a lavender. Apply structure on legs.
  • Dairy and honey wrapping. Dilute 2 tablespoons of powdered milk with the 1st teaspoon of warm water. Add 1 table spoon of honey to mix. Having carefully mixed, cover with structure of foot.
  • Mint mask. Mix olive oil or oil jojoba with mint. Having kept a mask standing 10-15 minutes, wash away it warm water. If mint near at hand isn't present, you can replace it with camomile infusion.
  • Strawberry mask. You remember strawberry a fork, squeeze out juice of one lemon, mix. Add to structure of 2 tablespoons of milk, 1 teaspoon of liquid honey and 1 egg. Pound structure and apply it on legs. Such mask not only perfectly looks after skin, but also bleaches feet. In this mask you can replace strawberry with wild strawberry, currant, raspberry, apricots or peaches.

How much is saloon Spa pedicure procedure?

If you have no free time for implementation of the Spa pedicure procedure at home, you can use this service, previously having registered in procedure in beauty shop. The cost of this procedure is in range from 24 to 60 USD, depending on an image component of salon. As well as in house conditions, in salon will offer you the following actions allowing to improve a condition of skin and nails of legs:

  • Clarification and mitigation of skin by means of a special tray, for example, with extracts of herbs
  • Removal of dead cages at the expense of a srub, for example, with sea salt
  • The Spa peeling allowing to carry out clarification of skin and to make it velvety
  • Massage with the lotion or massage oil containing natural components
  • Food and moistening of skin at the expense of masks or the natural oils enriched with a vitamin complex.

To carry out the Spa pedicure procedure or to be limited to a usual pedicure? Of course, to carry out! It isn't important, whether there will be it saloon procedure, or house, the effect which you gain from a complex of actions of this sort is much more important. It is necessary only to find worthy sandals and men will be at your seductive legs!

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