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Stemping for nails: that it how to use, a photo, video

To decorate the marigold, without visiting salon — dream of most of women of fashion. Today in an arsenal of neyl-design there was new "counter": a stemping for nails. Prints are created by means of a special rubber stamp, a metal disk and acrylic paints that excludes use of stickers and a manual list. The adaptation simple, and the technology of drawing is so simple that it is possible to put a marigold in order in 10–15 minutes. Use of a stemping significantly reduces costs of services of the master of a neyl-art.

Effective express manicure

It is necessary to create attractive manicure to modern girls as soon as possible. And besides beauty, interests women of fashion how to save. In this case a stemping — the ideal decision. The tool gives the chance:

Stamps for a marigold rationalize use of your free time. But it is necessary to get tools and to master technology of work.

Tools necessary for drawings

The standard set of a stemping for nails is on sale in any shop of cosmetics. As a rule, enter it:

Choosing a set, check quality of materials. Disks and plates have to be rather firm, and skraper — absolutely equal, without roughnesses. You look at certificates, holograms. The good stemping-set can't cost not much.

Besides the main materials take care of existence of a covering base, means for a basis and a decor, liquid for removal of a varnish, a top covering.

Usual varnishes to make drawing rather difficult. Their structure can be thinnish therefore recommend to use shellac or means with gel structure.

Features of technology

The technology of drawing a stemping on the nails covered with gel varnish is similar to work with usual decorative means. The beautiful neyl-design is embodied as follows.

Putting gel varnish

  1. Stemping for nails: that it how to use, a photo, videoWash up hands, wipe a towel and put antiseptics.
  2. Saw round nails soft (240 grit) or rigid (180 grit) a nail file. It is necessary to clean gloss. Dust a brush.
  3. Degrease a marigold means dehydrator. For firmness gel - a varnish covering use a primer which dries 1–3 minutes.
  4. Cause base for gel varnish and dry 1 minute in the UF-lamp.
  5. Cover nails with gel varnish in one layer and dry in a lamp of 2 minutes. Put the second layer and also dry. Dispersion doesn't need to be removed.
  6. Cover nails with a top and dry in a lamp of 2 minutes. Remove a dispersive layer by means of liquid or a spirit napkin.

Drawing stemping

The Stemping for nails gel varnish is good that drawing can be corrected. But the gel covering acts only as the main tone, on a marigold it imprints badly. Use special acrylic paints or a usual varnish.

  1. Wipe a disk acetone. So patterns will be accurate and equal.
  2. Apply a primer on a nail, dry in a lamp. Cause primary color, dry up in a lamp.
  3. Cover a metal plate in the chosen color, remove surplus skraper. It is necessary to incline a scraper at an angle of 45 degrees and to carry out on a disk.Stemping for nails: that it how to use, a photo, video
  4.  Remove a sticky layer by means of a spirit napkin or the wadded disk moistened in liquid for removal of a varnish from a nail.
  5. Blot a pattern with a stamp, trying to give a ride to it a little. Transfer it to a nail in the similar way. Dry in a lamp of 2 minutes.
  6. Cover a nail with a top covering and dry up in a lamp of 2 minutes.

Surely remove a dispersive layer. If the result wasn't pleasant, it can always be corrected — simply to wipe liquid for removal of a varnish. It is necessary to do it before drying in the UF-lamp.

Stepming for nails (video)

Cunnings of a stemping

Any manicure demands training. From the first at you the beautiful print therefore it is necessary to stock up with patience won't turn out. Masters of a neyl-art recommend the following:

  • To be trained in drawing a stemping for a marigold on a covering which needs to be removed. So you get skilled at to hold correctly a stamp, to work with a skraper and to print patterns.
  • Carefully to choose the liquid deleting the gel varnish remains from a plate. As a part of means there shouldn't be oils, after all drawing will be indistinct.

    Try to select a covering basis without spangles. Images beautifully look on contrast gel varnish, spangles do them indistinct.

  • Paint from a skraper which you used to wipe a napkin. Don't wait until it dries.
  • On a metal disk the varnish dries quicker, than on a marigold. It is worth transferring drawing as soon as possible, differently it will be visible not completely.
  •  Not to work near the conditioner, an open window, in the warm room. You  won't manage to print a stemping.
  • To apply paint or shellac on all surface of a pattern plate. So it will enter deepenings more evenly. It is better to think over at once a corner of placement of drawing on a marigold.Stemping for nails: that it how to use, a photo, video
  •  Not to apply cream on hands, so the stemping won't imprint.
  • It is possible to remove the paint remains the Q-tip moistened in liquid for removal of a varnish. Try to apply adhesive tape strips to skin or a disk, and then to remove. But it already aerobatics.
  • To coat the image extremely accurately. Try lajfhak from manicurists: apply a fixer on a plate cliche.

The qualitative and accurate stemping-design of nails is possible if it is correct to pick up the painting structures. Stop on acrylic varnishes — drawings will be colourful and volume.

How it is correct to choose a varnish?

Stemping for nails: that it how to use, a photo, video Usually the stemping-set already includes paints on the basis of acryle or gel. If they ended or you got a set without paints, look them for alternative. Choosing a varnish by which you will do patterns, pay attention to the following:

  • Consistence. Dense means will provide the clearness of drawings, won't spread and will prevent indistinct prints.
  • Pigmentation. Play on contrasts: the manicure has to have a clear boundary of drawing and a background. Having chosen relatives on shades varnishes, you risk to receive the greased design.
  • Basis. Use of a glossy covering is allowed, but best of all the opaque background looks.

You want to work with paints? Not a problem! The decorative covering allows to create unprecedented beauty patterns. Acrylic structures cost rather not much and are on sale in sets. The bright tube doesn't need to be looked for, they are on sale in all shops of cosmetics.

Consider that acrylic paint easily transfers large drawing. It is simpler to transfer thin lines and tiny elements varnishes.

Fashionable accents

At a choice of a kolor of a covering be guided by tendencies of stemping-design of nails. In a favor nyudovy tone which give to manicure accuracy. Stop on beige, pale coral, powdery, corporal, selecting it under a skin shade.

Classics of manicure — a scarlet color in all its variations. Don't refuse from wine, scarlet, claret, pink or terracotta. At peak of neyl-artovy fashion — neon. Experiment acid combinations yellow, pink, blue and green. Stemping for nails: that it how to use, a photo, video

Invoices of a covering also matter. The Stemping can be created by means of velvet opaque means, using them  as a basis. Combine it with metal tones, but avoid nacreous structures.

Drawing for a stemping of a marigold modern a fashion trend offer the following:

  • The thought-over geometry. Strict strips, triangles, squares and figures look is modern and it is unusual.
  • Refined vintage. Lacy patterns, an openwork nail plate, a coquettish fragment on tips of a marigold at the height of fashion.
  • Predatory animalistics. An animal print again in fashion that will please lovers of manicure a la a zebra, a tiger or a leopard and even imitations of a snakeskin.

Those who watchfully looks at experiments with a stemping, are recommended to address to classical combinations black and a metallic, black and a nyuda, negative space (partially visible sites of a nail).

The main thing in creation of attractive manicure — to master technology of transferring of prints and to possess taste to pick up combinations of shades.

Video on a subject: