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Cliches for manicure: types how to use for design of nails and how to make the hands

Creation of decorative manicure sometimes demands many forces, time and a number of special skills. Often there is a wish to make up not simply nails, but also to put a beautiful pattern or drawing that without certain tools and abilities sometimes it is simply impossible. That the unusual manicure was available to everyone without exception the woman, special cliches for different the technician were thought up – with their help it is possible to create desirable nail design with little effort.

What is the cliches for design of nails

The cliche represents a certain look the preparation intended for simplification of process of drawing. Which to use a cliche for nails and as to apply it depends on what equipment has to be realized.

Conditionally all bases for creation of beautiful manicure can be divided into two big groups:

Cliches for manicure: types how to use for design of nails and how to make the hands

  • on a glue basis. Such preparations are easily fixed on a nail plate and help to create accurate lines and drawings from them. After drawing a varnish over a cliche it is removed, and on a place of its emptiness (cuts) there is a concrete picture. The most simple and widespread example of the similar device – a strip for creation of the French manicure. Such bases have the mass of advantages: they are available, simple in use and at a certain level of experience yield ideal result. Here it is only necessary to use them carefully – from the first it is possible not to calculate with quantity of a varnish and time for its partial drying, and then it can be smeared at removal of a basis;
  • principle of a stamp. Such preparations reusable, drawing is transferred to a nail plate as a print.

What cliches happen and as to use them

Within pattern technology of creation of manicure there are basic rules concerning the course of the procedure. Some stages can differ depending on equipment, but the main algorithm remains invariable:

  1. the nail plate needs to be prepared previously. This stage means removal of the remains of an old varnish,
  2. moving away of a thin skin cuticle. Also for receiving an equal covering it is possible to polish a nail with a soft baf;
  3. now it is possible to put the first, basic layer of a transparent varnish protection and after its drying a varnish coat of primary color;
  4. it is very important that the main layer well dried out therefore it is better to wait for not less than half an hour. The covering has to not only
  5. to cease to stick, but also after strong pressing shouldn't remain a fingerprint;
  6. now it is possible to paste a cliche or to put drawing with a stamp. If the glued basis too sticky, you are afraid for integrity of the basic covering, it is possible to stick several times a cliche to skin of a hand is will remove excessive glutinosity. Further the cliche is put to a desirable site;
  7. the following stage – drawing a varnish on sites of cuts in preparation;
  8. remove a template when the varnish dried up already a little, but not completely dried;
  9. after drawing drawing the nail is opened with a sheeting.

There are some kinds of nail cliches, and each of them has the special appointment and gives a certain effect. We will consider the main versions.

Cliches for the French manicure

The French manicure is universal, in different variations it is suitable both for daily use, and for solemn occasions. Such design is very popular – it isn't persuasive and always well looks on hands. The French style means drawing on free edge of a nail plate of a strip of a varnish white (in classical option) or any other color.

Cliches for manicure: types how to use for design of nails and how to make the hands

In order that procedure was available in house conditions, special cliches were thought up. They look as the strips bent by an arch, and have the glued basis. Everything that is necessary for receiving ideal equal lines, is to paste a cliche on the prepared nail and to paint over the tip outlined by it in the desirable color.

Reusable cliches for a stemping

Stemping rather new current in nail design, this equipment received popularity because thanks to it women had an opportunity literally in some minutes to create unique drawings on nails. The main tool of equipment – plates and stamps with the beaten-out drawing.

Cliches for manicure: types how to use for design of nails and how to make the hands

There is a lot of variations of bases with the caused design within a stemping. It can be metal plates with the engraved image, plastic bases, and they can have the most different size – from small plates to enough large professional payments. Transferring of design from a plate requires a special stamp – the small device with the handle and a soft rubber or silicone small pillow for prints.

Process of creation of design takes place as follows: the varnish is applied on a cliche, its surplus is cleaned by a special soft rake. After drawing it is transferred to a stamp by pressing by it on a certain element of a pattern then by means of the same stamp drawing imprints on a nail. Procedure takes place very quickly, and the result turns out simply amazing.

For lunar manicure

The lunar manicure is considered one of kinds of French, it differs only in a place of drawing bow-shaped drawing. In this equipment the semicircle paints over a lunula site – places at the nail basis which is often easily looked through on a healthy nail due to color, other than other plate. Of course, paint over not a natural hole, form a bend identical on each nail and its size can be any.

Cliches for manicure: types how to use for design of nails and how to make the hands

For creation of such manicure it is possible to use both usual strips for the French design, and special stickers. In the first case the cliche is imposed in the usual way, here only not about free edge, and outlining an arch at the basis. The principle of use of preparations has no features.

For an aerographics on nails

This equipment isn't often used in house conditions as its realization requires the special tool – air brush. For nail design the small option of the device – a mini-pneumatic spray which in the established range sprays the smallest droplets of paint is used. Usually such equipment is used for creation beautiful a gradient transitions of color on a nail plate, but also with application of cliches of the technician gets the new direction.

Cliches for manicure: types how to use for design of nails and how to make the hands

The cliche also represents a plate with the glued dashing about which is put and fixed on a nail. Further paint dispersion procedure is carried out, and after removal of a sticker there is a beautiful, accurate drawing.

Vinyl cliches for creation of drawings

Vinyl stickers work by the same principle, as paper at a glue basis. Preparation with the chosen drawing is transferred to a nail, cuts in a plate are painted over by a varnish of desirable color, the slip is removed, and accurate and beautiful drawing remains on a nail plate. Huge advantage of such way before usual stickers – a variety of designs and specifics of material which provides a dense prileganiye of a sticker to a surface. Thus, when using vinyl cliches, the varnish doesn't flow on it, and drawing turns out accurate and equal.

Cliches for manicure: types how to use for design of nails and how to make the hands

Usually such type of stickers is on sale sets on 12 pieces – they settle down on one leaflet. The cost of vinyl slips isn't high, and even taking into account their one-time application the effective and unusual manicure becomes available to any woman or the girl.

How to make cliches for manicure the hands

Cliches for creation of beautiful manicure can be made and it is independent, without spending for it in general any means. There are some options of it of "a roundabout way":

  • the real find for lovers of original designs is an adhesive tape. Its edge can be cut out in any desirable way, and thanks to the functions, the piece will easily be recorded on a nail. Thus, it is possible to create as classical French manicure, and to form difficult patterns stage-by-stage gluing of a tape on different sites;
  • one more alternative – a tape adhesive plaster. It can be applied in a way similar to an adhesive tape, without limiting the imagination.

Video: art list of nails stemping

In the presence of necessary tools a stemping it is very easy to make a list of nails in equipment in house conditions. With step-by-step technology of performance of manicure it is possible to study video below:

Video: use of cliches of Vinylist in house conditions

Cliches can be applied effectively both with usual varnishes, and about gel options. Such manicure will turn out more resistant, and it will be possible to carry it more long. All stages of creation of unusual and effective design in lilac-violet tones are step by step shown in video. All subtleties of process – from gluing of a cliche, before giving to uniformity drawing are in details opened.