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Cliches for nails: the hands how to use

As often beginning masters face difficulties when drawing even elementary drawings! A time the simple French manicure causes an array of problems because of need of creation of an equal and beautiful hole. Cliches for nails — a certain way of everything in 5 minutes to achieve optimum design, but also they need to use intelligently. About all nuances of application of cliches and features of their independent production it will be told below.

Kinds of auxiliary elements for manicure

For a start we will deal with that such a manikyurny cliche. In fact it is special preparation which helps to reproduce difficult drawing or unusual design on nails. Everything that is required from the person — to put the corresponding tool to a nail and with its help to create unique design. What kinds of cliches for manicure exist?

  1. Self-adhesive options for creation of holes and the French manicure.
  2. Unusual cliches with  the various drawings and difficult images which are cut out in them.
  3. Stemping which transfer drawing in the form of a print at their applying to a nail (them also call disk cliches).

In each case there are merits and demerits. For example to use cliches on the glued basis much more simply, after all they are only enough to be put to a nail, and after accurately to remove. However the offered drawings very often disappoint lovers of masterly design. Usually such cliches offer only schematical images of flowers and plants, and to achieve really unusual design with their help not easy.

By means of disk options the girl can create really inimitable manicure, having decorated with drawing all surface of a nail.

Here only to put similar images happens not easy, after all in this case the accuracy and accuracy is necessary, and differently drawing will be greased.

Now  beginners and those people who can't brag of talents of the artist resort to the help of cliches generally. However use of only one preparations at creation of manicure is inadmissible, after all sooner or later the similar design will start looking boringly.

Features of use of cliches on the glued basis

  In spite of the fact that similar cliches for design of nails are used with the purpose to facilitate life to the master, it doesn't mean at all that they can be applied without special equipment. If the woman starts applying thoughtlessly cliches, anything good from manicure it won't turn out, and effective drawing will turn into the greased nonsense. Work with the glued cliches means the following features:

How to use:

  1. The initial stage of creation of similar manicure is considered standard: the lady should get rid of cuticles, to straighten a marigold by means of a nail file, and further to put a varnish of desirable color. Experts advise to choose light varnishes as on them any drawing will look brightly.
  2. Further it is necessary to apply a cliche on a nail, especially watching that he  didn't bubble and  I didn't lag behind in problem places about the nail basis.
  3. It is worth putting drawing accurately, painting over only those fragments which, according to the girl, will ideally decorate her nail. Sometimes on one cliche the most different drawings and therefore it is necessary to cut out parts of drawing are represented subsequently to paste them to a nail.

It is possible to use a similar cliche for all nails, but it is worth remembering that the gluing surface quickly enough loses the stickiness. For this reason repeated application of a cliche in few months will hardly be rational.

Now the manicure with geometrical elements enjoys wide popularity. In this case the girl will also be able to use cliches for drawing various abstract lines. The similar cliche often has a form of a usual strip which is pasted on a nail. Further it is necessary to create the thin or volume line, having led round contours of a sticker and having removed it. To make such drawing original, the lady needs the maximum imagination therefore you shouldn't be afraid of experiments. Even if the design won't work well, the varnish can always be erased, having anew started working. Cliches for nails: the hands how to use

For the French manicure and for creation of a hole at the basis of a nail stickers in the form of a semicircle are usually used. They are accurately put to the necessary part of a nail and help to create absolutely equal fringing of a nail. In addition a marigold can be decorated with the help a paste and spangles, but how the main drawing will dry up.

Stemping: what is it, and as to use it

Very bright option of manicure can be created by means of disk technology. For drawing drawing in this way the person needs a special disk, the press and a small scraper. All this can be got in specialized shop, however will many cost a set. So, what image drawing is put? Cliches for nails: the hands how to use

  1. For a start the person needs to paint over the pleasant drawing on a disk, having removed all surplus of a varnish by means of a scraper.
  2. Further it is worth putting the press that on it there was a drawing print to a disk.
  3. Now it is necessary only to bring the press to a nail with already prepared surface and the rolling movements to reproduce drawing.
  4. After the image dries up, it is necessary only to apply a finishing covering on a nail plate.

The main advantage of similar design consists that by means of the press the lady can reproduce even the most difficult and unusual drawing.

A variety of sets for a stemping will help to experiment registration of plates again and again. However there are at similar manicure also shortcomings:

  • First, there is a set much. The average price in specialized shops — 1 thousand rubles.
  • Secondly, in order that drawing looked interestingly and brightly, special varnishes on an acrylic basis which also stand much can be necessary.
  • Thirdly, the lady should show considerable diligence when drawing drawing. Sometimes even at full compliance with technology of the image turn out too greased and  don't arrange especially exacting masters.

  And still, the similar technology enjoys wide popularity, after all with its help it is possible to create really realistic drawing which looks very brightly. And if usual pattern images often give out the true origin, the manicure recreated by means of disk technology looks as if it really diligent drew.

Stemping of nails — video

Cliches the hands: nuances of creation and possible problems when using

In that case if the girl wants to save or show the imagination, she can make a cliche for nails the hands. For this purpose it isn't necessary to work wonders, after all creation of similar "assistant" to the manikyurny master — business of five minutes.

Creation of a cliche by the hands requires a usual office adhesive tape or an adhesive construction tape.

  • If the lady dreams of beautiful French manicure, she needs to cut out an accurate hole from one edge of an adhesive tape, and further on technology already known to us to paste a sticky cliche to all nails in turn. As a result the excellent manicure for which creation it is necessary to make a minimum of efforts will turn out.
  • The following option — this creation of bright geometrical patterns. For example, the girl can cut an adhesive tape to some thin lines which if to gather them, will imitate the image of a star or unusual geometrical figure. Further it is only necessary to paste these parts of an adhesive tape to a plate in a certain order and to paint over free sites. The received manicure will be very bright, but thus won't demand from the creator of special skills in reproduction.
  • Cliches can be created from old stickers, cutting out them in some concrete form or from simple slices of paper which then it is necessary to fix accurately to a plate.

The similar self-made option of design will force the woman to show the imagination, thus without having spent ruble for purchase of additional materials.

The modern world of manicure is so various that the girl can draw on the nails anything, without being afraid to look ridiculously. If with reproduction of any images there are difficulties, the lady is always come to the rescue by special cliches of all sizes and forms. With their help it is possible to become the masterly master, thus spending for creation of drawings no more than five minutes and a minimum of means.