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Sterilizer for the manikyurnykh of tools: in total about the correct disinfection

Performance of manicure is the very responsible and serious process consisting of a number of manipulations with nails and hands. For this reason we carefully elect the qualified master to whom we can entrust the fingers. On professionalism and accuracy of the expert depends not only beautiful manicure, but also a condition of our health. Each master has to sterilize manikyurny tools and accessories with special care not to bring any infection to the client. In many salons there is a sterilizer for the manikyurnykh of tools by means of whom disinfection and deep cleaning of devices after each use is carried out.

The master neglecting sterilization the manikyurnykh of tools can become the actions the reason of developing of different diseases at the client. Any viral and bacterial infections, a fungus, skin diseases, and also more serious illnesses aren't excluded. Good sterilizers for manicure kill all bacteria and microbes, interfering with infection of clients. However, carrying out manicure in house conditions, you shouldn't forget about sterility of tools also. It is necessary to hold regularly events for cleaning and processing the manikyurnykh of accessories, especially if still someone from your family uses them. For this purpose use disinfectants with which it is necessary to wipe nozhnichka, files, nippers and other after each use.

From our article you learn that such a sterilizer and how in it there is a processing of tools. Also we will tell you about types the manikyurnykh of sterilizers. We will tell, than the ball quartz sterilizer differs from a sukhozharovy case, and also we will make useful recommendations of how disinfection of accessories to manicure in house conditions becomes.

Saloon sterilization manikyurnykh of tools

Sterilizer for the manikyurnykh of tools: in total about the correct disinfection

The good expert of nail service has to treat sterilization of working tools responsibly. In professional salons the following events for cleaning and disinfecting the manikyurnykh of sets are usually held.

  1. Disinfection – procedure of destruction of causative agents of infectious diseases from a surface of products.
  2. Presterilizing cleaning – process of removal of mechanical, fatty and proteinaceous deposits and the remains of medicines.
  3. Sterilization – elimination of microorganisms of all types which are on a surface and in products.
  4. The additional processing including disinfecting of hands of the master, client, and also working surfaces and the room. For hands special disinfectants which can be bought in a drugstore are used.

Usually in professional beauty shops carry out presterilizing cleaning and disinfection at one stage, using modern disinfectants. For this purpose tools plunge into solution for time specified in the instruction to a preparation, and then are washed out by flowing water. Then the dried-up subjects are exposed to cleaning in sterilizers for manicure (air or steam). The instruction which needs to be followed accurately is attached to such devices.

Versions and features of sterilizers

Today experts of nail service use different types of sterilizers for manicure which differ in speed of performance, way of impact on tools and cost. We will consider the most widespread of them.

Sterilizer for the manikyurnykh of tools: in total about the correct disinfection

Ball quartz sterilizer in which processing of tools, their full disinfection, and also destruction of bacteria and carriers of various diseases is carried out. In such device, thanks to an air way of heating of quartz balls, there is a deep sterilization. Processing of tools by means of such manikyurny sterilizer will borrow from only 5 to 15 seconds. The quartz ball device called in a different way "a glasperlenovy sterilizer" heats subjects to 250 C ⁰. And under influence of high temperature only the working surface of devices whereas in a sukhozhara (one more type of sterilizers for manicure) all tool is processed has to get. The ball disinfector much cheaper than a sukhozhar costs, and some masters at the same time can use it at once. For comfortable placement of a large number of tools for manicure each master can reduce quantity of subjects taking into account requirements of Rospotrebnadzor, that is to three devices.

To shortcomings of similar means by means of which full sterilization and disinfection is carried out, inevitable deformation and gradual obtusion of the tool made not of a heat resisting medical alloy belongs. And as not all masters have tools from similar steel, there is a probability that the cutting surface shortly will demand sharpening. As the ball device is filled with the quartz (in fact sand) which is an abrasive it bigger obtusion of a working surface is promoted still by the manikyurnykh of tools.

Sterilizer for the manikyurnykh of tools: in total about the correct disinfection

Sukhozharova a case – one of the most popular sterilizers for manicure which principle of action is based on heat treatment. Such sterilizer perfectly copes with an objective. On average processing of metal devices for manicure happens at a temperature from 200 to 260 of C ⁰. Operating time of this means for sterilization the manikyurnykh of tools depends on concrete model, and also from temperature of processing and makes from 30 to 120 minutes. It is possible to carry its high cost and long time at which sterilization is carried out to minuses of the similar device. The same principle of work and at the autoclave. Similar manikyurny sterilizers too function with use of dry steam.

Sterilizer for the manikyurnykh of tools: in total about the correct disinfection

Often ultra-violet sterilizer is carried mistakenly in the same group, however under the influence of UV rays viruses of hepatitis and HIV continue the existence that constitutes huge health hazard as the master, and the client. It is better to use ultra-violet lockers for storage of already disinfected and completely dry tools for manicure. Also special tight trays from which accessories in the presence of the client are taken will be suitable for these purposes. If you don't know how to use manikyurny sterilizers, to examine the modes and service regulations you can in the instruction on application.

Full disinfecting of all necessary devices takes about 1,5-2 hours therefore the good master has to have some manikyurnykh of sets. Besides, all auxiliary materials, including napkins, orange sticks, wadded disks and other, it is also necessary to keep clean.

Disinfection in house conditions

Sterilizer for the manikyurnykh of tools: in total about the correct disinfection

Even the personal set for manicure which only you use, needs regular cleaning and appropriate leaving. Disinfection the manikyurnykh of tools in house conditions is carried out by the same means about which we wrote above. Careful processing of edges and external surfaces of tools by means of ethyl alcohol and solution of a hloramid is for this purpose necessary, using a sterile gauze or napkins.

However independently it is almost impossible to make high-quality sterilization of products without special manikyurny sterilizer. Some masters recommend to place the devices which are spread out on a foil or other noninflammable surface in an oven for 15 minutes, previously its warming up to 200 C ⁰. However such way doesn't guarantee elimination of carriers of infections and bacteria at all. Therefore it is better to allocate funds for acquisition at least of the most inexpensive sterilizer for manicure to be confident in high-quality processing of products.

Now you know the main aspects of sterilization and disinfection the manikyurnykh of tools. For material fixing we recommend to you to watch useful video which author is beautiful Svetlana Sokolova. She will tell you of all nuances of processing of the products made of various materials. Knowing these subtleties, you will be able to conduct independently cleaning the manikyurnykh of accessories, without allowing damages. Following our advice, you for a long time keep the nozhnichka, nippers and nippers in original state. Pleasant viewing, dear ladies!