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The milkwoman at women: reasons, symptoms and treatment

Sort fungi Candida affect a mucous membrane of female genitals. Thus there is an itch and a raid. Unpleasant feelings are followed by inflammatory reaction. All this the milkwoman's symptoms at women. Candida live on skin and in a mucous membrane. They meet in dust, milk, fruit or air of hospitals. The fungus isn't constant flora of the person, but his presence at a human body is norm. Under certain conditions fungi cause candidiasis.
The milkwoman at women: reasons, symptoms and treatment

The milkwoman appears at the weakened immunity or the broken hormonal background. The infection is capable to affect internals of the person. It causes changes of their functions.

Signs and causes of illness

Dense yellow or white allocations from a vagina — the first signs of the milkwoman at women. They are followed by an itch which amplifies in water and heat. During an illness there is a rash and reddenings. Genitals become edematous, urinations and proximity with the partner are followed by painful feelings.

Symptoms are shown at all differently. It is known that there is an asymptomatic course of disease.

Reasons of developing of an illness

In one cases the disease develops because of the broken anatomic structure of genitals. In other cases appearance of the milkwoman depends on physiological features of the woman. Hormonal changes, metabolic acidosis, a glycemia can provoke an illness.

The factors provoking the milkwoman:

  1. Dysbacteriosis. At the vaginal milkwoman the microbic balance in intestines and external genitals is broken. Quality of lactobacilli decreases and drozhzhepodobny fungi develop;
  2. Violation of hormonal balance leads to decrease in immunity. The mechanism of stimulation of a fungus becomes difficult and various;
  3. Allergic reaction. If the illness doesn't pass long time, the allergy can become the main reason for a disease. Women who have an allergy to pollen, are inclined to candidiasis. In that case it is necessary to address not only to the gynecologist, but also the allergist;
  4. Violation of barrier functions of an organism. The drozhzhepodobnykh of fungi can influence emergence pregnancy, periods, endocrine diseases, a metabolic disorder, chronic infections, reception of contraceptives, antibiotics or steroids. During these periods there is a change of acid balance of a vagina. Still bacteria at the increased humidity of a vagina grow and irritation in it.

Danger and consequences of candidiasis

It is necessary to be afraid of the chronic milkwoman to the women inclined to dysbacterioses, violations of immune or hormonal system. Inadequate reaction of an organism can be at hypersensibility to fungi. Being an associated disease, Candida can complicate a clinical picture of the basic.

The milkwoman at women: reasons, symptoms and treatment

As it is possible to catch the milkwoman

Candidiasis can be provoked hit of a large number of fungi from the sick man. The unprotected sexual intercourse increases risk of infection with the milkwoman. It is proved by statistics of addresses to doctors.

Data of laboratory researches showed that at hit nonspecific Candide in the woman's vagina is also provoked development of an illness.

The milkwoman's reason women can have a self-transfer of the activator from intestines. It is the reason of candidiasis even at the young girls and mature women who aren't conducting sexual life.

The milkwoman is considered a simple disease, but demands treatment. The started illness will lead to complications. The medicamentous course of treatment under supervision of the doctor lasts about two weeks, and self-confidence and inaction will lead to long-term treatment in the future.

Forms and kinds of candidiasis

Kandidonositelstvo. At this form of manifestations treatment isn't required. Determine a kandidonositelstvo by dab capture at gynecologic survey. At this time in an organism sticks which develop lactic acid — lactobacilli prevail, and Candida are shown in insignificant quantity.

Sharp candidiasis. This form is shown by characteristic signs. Mucous membranes of genitals become red (hyperemic). There is a puffiness, friability, thin bubbles about a clitoris, vulvar lips and a threshold of a vagina. Grayish-white films which easily are removed a tampon are pleated formed. Existence of dense curdled allocations is obligatory.

Chronic candidiasis is characterized by recidivous manifestations of an illness. Sometimes difficult to cure an illness and fight for health proceeds some years. At some women the illness affects inguinal folds and a crotch. Mucous membranes of genitals redden, there are white films. Vulvar lips are thickened. Emergence of cracks is possible. Manifestation of an itch and burning depends on a menstrual cycle.

Whether the milkwoman will prevent to become pregnant

In the absence of complications the milkwoman doesn't influence reproductive organs. It is possible to become pregnant in this case. If there was a milkwoman during pregnancy and there are any difficulties, the woman has to come to consultation to the treating gynecologist.

Future mothers should be careful of candidiasis. At these women the illness is shown 2-3 times more often. High level of hormones of future mummy changes microflora of a vagina. It becomes sourer. Also immunity and activity of leukocytes that serves as favorable circumstances for development of a fungus decreases.

Infection with candidiasis can become life-threatening a fruit.

The activator in most cases strikes only an umbilical cord. But is risk of penetration into a mucous membrane of a mouth, bronkholegochny system and on integuments. At strong infection there will be heavy complications and death of the child.

The milkwoman at women: reasons, symptoms and treatment

Craftiness of a disease that many drugs only mask illness symptoms. The infection continues to harm to an organism, there are adhesive processes, there is a pain. Solderings are capable to do much harm to process to incubation of the child and health of the woman.

If the milkwoman at pregnancy didn't do big harm, there is a risk of infection of the kid at the time of delivery. It is simple to learn it. In language of the newborn there are bubbles or a raid on gums. In this case the doctor has to appoint a course of treatment to the child. But it is better to avoid by treatment of candidiasis before pregnancy.

What ways of treatment of candidiasis exist

Candidiasis is treated by different methods. System therapy provides reception of tablets inside. They act directly in intestines, then are soaked up in blood and get into all bodies and fabrics of an organism. Antifungal preparations are widely applied:

  • half-yens — nystatin, levorin, pimafucin;
  • imidazoles — klotrimazol, I nizorat, I gino-pevarit;
  • triazoles — flukonazol, I orungat.

Also in medical practice apply the combined preparations. They contain active ingredients from different groups.

During pregnancy treatment of the milkwoman preparations is inadmissible.

Local therapy consists in use of creams, candles, vaginal tablets. It is admissible at early stages on condition of lack of recurrence. At emergence of the first a symptom local therapy will easily cope with an illness. It will help to avoid long-term treatment.

During treatment it is necessary to observe sexual rest of 2-3 weeks. Also oral contraceptives have to be excluded. In ideal option treatment of the partner is carried out. If necessary treatment of dysbacteriosis is appointed. After a full course it is necessary to wait for periods and right after its termination to hand over new dab.

Features of local treatment

Candles and ointments render fast effect on an affected area. Preparations of new generation are capable to destroy symptoms for the first days. From shortcomings it should be noted duplication of procedure through time, negative influence on a liver, fat spots for linen.

The milkwoman at women: reasons, symptoms and treatment

Introduction of preparations has to be deep. After procedure it is necessary to lie at least 30 minutes, and it is best of all to use candles before going to bed. Refusal from flour and sweet, observance of an easy diet will be useful. Intimate hygiene for treatment has to be carried out by usual soap. The linen should be chosen free, soft, from natural fabric.

Besides preparations, treatment of the milkwoman at women can be carried out by national drugs.

Help of traditional medicine in fight against candidiasis

Traditional medicine offers various solutions for syringing, self-made candles and ointments. Prepare drugs from herbs, roots and leaves of plants.

You want something interesting?

Onions and garlic

Treatment of the milkwoman in house conditions can be carried out by means of phytoncides of onions and garlic. They are capable to stop growth of fungi. For preparation of medicine rub 3 bulbs before formation of gruel.

Separate juice and mix it with freshly squeezed lemon or orange juice in equal proportions. Put 5 tbsps of honey there and carefully mix everything. Accept mix on 1 tbsp 4 times a day.

From garlic it is possible to prepare other medicine. Take 10 tbsps of the crushed blackcurrant. Place it in a small pan and fill in 6 Art. of boiled water. Let's be drawn 15 minutes. Further put a pan with leaves on fire.

At this time prepare 10 garlic gloves. Pass them through a press. Sustain mix on fire of 5 more minutes. Switch off a plate, cool mix. When broth reaches room temperature, add to it juice of a squeezed orange. Filter everything, accept on 100 g several times a day.

Wormwood root

Excellent means from the milkwoman — broth of roots of a wormwood. For preparation it is necessary to fill in 20 g of roots of a wormwood of 200 ml of boiled water. Drink broth on 1 tbsp three times a day.

The milkwoman at women: reasons, symptoms and treatment

Tincture from a calendula

Tincture is applied to rinsing, by syringings, enemas. Train her from 25 g of inflorescences which are filled in 100 g of alcohol. Solution for procedure is done of 1 tsp of tincture on 1 Art. of water.

For syringing it is possible to prepare good collecting herbs. Prepare herbs independently if you know that are inclined to manifestations of candidiasis. Or get them separately in a drugstore and make collecting. For this purpose in equal parts herbs will be necessary:

  • St. John's Wort;
  • oak bark;
  • yarrow;
  • leaf of a sage;
  • sheet of rosemary.

Mix herbs, fill in them 3 l of water. Boil half an hour. It is necessary to do syringing by such broth twice a day to a complete recovery.

Carrots — effective medicine for the milkwoman. Carrot freshly squeezed juice is necessary for daily syringing. If you regularly drink carrot juice, it will help to avoid developing of so unpleasant illness.

What preventive measures exist

To avoid emergence of candidiasis, it is necessary to watch a condition of female health from the youth. Each young girl needs to temper an organism, to carry out physical exercises, to cultivate in itself cleanliness.

Adult women should treat own health more attentively. In due time to visit the gynecologist, to watch a state and quality of clothes, underwear.

Also it is necessary to be careful of chaotic sexual communications and to apply external contraceptives.

Restriction of oral forms of sex will be useful. All women need to limit themselves from sweets and flour production.

Remember that whatever you got means from the milkwoman, without observance of personal hygiene all efforts will become vain. Refuse synthetic linen, the flavored laying and intimate sprays, you wear leggings, panty hoses less often. After hygienic procedures change clothes in dry clothes. Don't buy color toilet paper. All this can cause a fungal infection.