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Tools for house manicure: how to choose, video lessons

Every year materials for manicure don't cease to strike with the variety. Color varnishes, gel varnishes, gels and acryle are the most popular. Usual varnishes will be suitable for girls who prefer to change often color and design of nails. Such nail varnishes don't differ in firmness of a covering, however perfectly will be suitable for unusual design.

The covering of nails gel varnishes, and also acryle gains popularity in view of durability of such manicure, and also its brightness recently. From that, the nail plate how fast grows, the frequency of correction of nails depends.

The main tools for manicure

The main tool which enters even the most minimum tool kit for manicure – scissors. It can be scissors for a cuticle (with the rounded-off tips), and also ordinary scissors for processing of a nail plate (with the direct ends).

At a choice of scissors models from surgical steel are preferable to manicure. Pay special attention to density of an adjunction of scissors and their pointedness.

It is considered to be other important tool nippers or tweezers. They serve for processing of nails and skin round nails. They differ on height and width of the cutting plate, respectively from the set purpose and specific features it is worth selecting the tool personally. Upon purchase pay attention to material and the part fastening two halves of nippers, namely existence of the firm connecting element from metal. Such tool will be served long enough.

Nail files differ in a wide variety. They can be made both of metal or ceramics, and of glass. They differ on degree of abrasivity and a form. Depending on as far as a nail surface strong, it is necessary to use a file with smaller abrasivity. So, the standard metal model quite will be suitable for a natural nail plate, however rough nail files, with abrasivity 80-120 are preferable to artificial nails.

And, at last, the last, but not less important tool – a pusher. It is intended for cleaning of a nail plate, and also moving away of a cuticle. On the one hand this tool represents the pointed stick, with another — the rounded-off trimmer.

Pusher it is possible to find in metal or wooden execution, however better to get metal models as they are more durable.

Materials for nail extension

Depending on a way of nail extension, the list of tools and materials can differ. So, for building gel requires:

  • Ultra-violet lamp for gel drying. It is much more convenient to get the lamps intended for drying of gel and gel varnish as their power is calculated that the surface of a nail will dry from the first. Such lamps are usually equipped with the timer for drying.
  • Set of brushes. For modeling of a beautiful and natural shape of a nail of a usual brush for putting gel happens insufficiently. It is better to get a set of brushes with artificial pile.
  • Forms for modeling of nails. Usually they are standard, and it is possible to get them in any specialized shop.
  • Baf and nail files. Are used for modeling of a nail and the subsequent design after putting gel.
Tools for house manicure: how to choose, video lessons

Nail extension in house conditions

From materials it is considered to be an obligatory minimum:
  • Primer — for the best hitch of gel and a nail plate.
  • Base or basis.
  • The camouflaging gel. With its help building is made.
  • Finish. Happens both to a sticky layer, and without.
  • In case final gel was with a sticky layer, it is necessary to remove it with special liquid. However in house conditions alcohol or boric acid can execute this role.
  • Oil for a cuticle. It can be a different form, a smell, color and price category as practically any option is capable to cope with moistening of a cuticle.

For nail extension by acryle other tool kit and materials is necessary:

  • Pusher or a usual orange stick – for study of a nail plate just before putting acryle.
  • Brushes for putting acryle. It is recommended to use special sets from artificial pile.
  • Forms for modeling of a shape of nails.
  • Bafa and nail files – for removal of surplus of acryle and modeling of natural edge of a nail plate.

From materials at acrylic extension of a nail it will be required:

  • Akrilovaniya powder.
  • Liquid for degreasing of a nail plate. It is better to get special sets for modeling of nails acryle. Liquid for degreasing in them can differ from usual options a little.
  • Primer – for the best fixing of material on a nail plate.
  • Likvid – liquid for periodic rinsing of a brush from acrylic powder.
  • The finish – a covering for fixing of all result.

Tools for care of nails

Often tools for house manicure considerably differ from professional sets. All the matter is that for regular cleaning and modeling of nails in house conditions the huge arsenal of tools and materials is simply not necessary. Here that for this purpose it is necessary:

  • Cuticle scissors. It is better to choose models from surgical steel, and also before purchase it is worth paying attention to quality, density of a prileganiye of scissors and degree of their pointedness.
  • Tweezers or nippers. Standard tweezers with a metal spring will be suitable for removal of a cuticle or modeling of corners of a nail.
  • Nail files. Any girl knows that nail files always have to be near at hand. After all in case the nail breaks or will start clinging to clothes, it is necessary to use at once a standard iron nail file not to damage further all nail plate.
  • It is desirable to have a tray for nails. It is possible to choose models both for each nail separately, and for immersion of all hand. Nutritious trays with oil solutions, and also the vitaminized means are simply necessary for food of skin, a nail plate and regular care of skin of hands.
Tools for house manicure: how to choose, video lessons

Tools for house manicure

  • In many the manikyurnykh sets various tools on removal or moving away of a cuticle, and also special tools for elimination of dirt from under a nail meet. Often the usual pusher or an orange stick with pointed and blunted by the ends can cope with these functions. Therefore for the minimum house tool kit on care of nails such variety will hardly be demanded. However if there is a desire to get sets for durable use, give preference to expensive options made of steel.

Materials for design of nails

Modern specialized shops offer various goods for design of nails. Even the most inexperienced beginner in this case will be able to create beautiful manicure thanks to the huge range of materials for design.

Pastes – popular material for a decor to work with which it is rather easy, and the result effectively and beautifully looks. Pastes make of metal, plastic and glass of absolutely different form. Regardless of material, fix them on a usual varnish or gel varnish and allow a covering to dry.

Bulyonki. These small multi-colored balls became extremely popular in design of nails not so long ago. Usually they are used in combination with usual pastes or decorative elements. They fasten on any covering and stiffen after its full drying.

Tools for house manicure: how to choose, video lessons

Materials for design of nails

The foil for manicure can be divided on detachable and translated. If the detachable is used on all nail or for a decor of part of a nail plate, the translated foil fastens absolutely in a different way. Usually it happens opaque on the one hand and, respectively, glossy to another. Its opaque party fix to a nail, and then sharply tear off. The foil rest on a nail is covered with the fixing covering.

Translated stickers. Perfectly will be suitable for those who wants to create fast and original manicure, without possessing thus creative abilities. Translated stickers and stickers enjoy popularity as it is necessary to wet simply a sticker in water and to separate the top transparent layer of drawing from paper. Further to fix this layer on a nail by means of any covering.

Tapes perfectly supplement any manicure, after all at all showiness of design, it is easy for inexperienced master to create it even. The only thing that it is worth remembering when gluing tapes for manicure – the surface of a nail has to be dry. Tapes need to be cut off a little less, than it is required to avoid its peeling further.

Various spangles too are means for design of nails. It is possible to use them as on all surface of a nail, and to create design, covering separate elements of drawing. Spangles happen rather large or more reminding dust. Regardless of a look, easiest to put them with a fluffy brush slightly patting movements.