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Tools for a pedicure and the equipment for a manikyurno-pedicure office" Manicure in house conditions

The beauty shop which cares of the reputation, will never use the equipment and stock of bad quality. The masters respecting themselves use high-quality tools for a pedicure and manicure.

To equip a workplace of the nail technician, are necessary:

  • manikyurny table and pedicure chair;
  • pedicure SPA complex;
  • specialized equipment for manicure and pedicure;
  • supports under feet, bathtubs;
  • extracts, manikyurny lamps.

To provide services to the specialist in manicure and a pedicure the huge number of the professional equipment and tools, and also the corresponding education and experience is necessary. Skill of the expert at employment is based on the summary.

Workplace of the nail technician

An important role for an office is played by a manikyurny table, he creates an attractive look to salon. The table has to be convenient not only for the master, but also for the client. All necessary tools have to be located on its working surface.


The table can be classical, with an extract, a bactericidal lamp, the lamp or a table-tranformer. The convenient workplace creates favorable conditions for the master and the client. If the master feels not comfortably, it will prevent it to perform the work qualitatively. Convenience of chairs or chairs is also very important. They have to be ergonomic and practical.


Tools for a pedicure and the equipment for a manikyurno-pedicure office The pedicure chair is integral elements in an interior of salon. Choosing a chair, it is necessary to consider functional, esthetic and practical components. For this purpose it is necessary to study a technical characteristics of a chair. There are pedicure groups and pedicure and cosmetology chairs. Rent of pedicure group gives the chance to examine this complex thoroughly and to learn its advantages. To study the curriculum vitae of the person who is handing over pedicure group it is possible on the Internet.

The pedicure group consists of a package in which are included a chair, a support for a pedicure, a support for a bathtub. The support under feet represents a standard stool for a foot which can have a folding or inconsistent design. Each master, thanks to reasonable price can get it.

The standard tripod is convenient in operation and can regulate height. Its design reliable and steady. The tripod can be got without excess expenses. And the high-quality support for a pedicure costs a lump sum. For this purpose there is a rent of furniture for a manikyurny office.

Pedicure SPA complex

Tools for a pedicure and the equipment for a manikyurno-pedicure office The multipurpose complex allows to increase the level and quality of services of a pedicure office. The combination of all the equipment in one device allows to carry out all manipulations in one place. Such device is simply necessary for a pedicure office of an elite class. SPA a complex consists:

From a pedicure bathtub with a hydromassage, illumination, soul with the mixer and plum;

  • From a chair with a roller masseur which can move sitting regulate a tilt angle of a back and has possibility of lateral landing.
  • From complex massage, with function of a manual choice for departments of a back, neck, buttocks, hips and shoulders.
  • From the manikyurnykh of little tables and capacities which are built in armrests.
  • From a chair for the master and the control panel.

Some complexes are equipped with functions of vibromassage, a svetoterapiya, water supply control. Equipment depends on the cost of pedicure SPA of a complex. Also the tray for a pedicure is included in the package.

If it is too expensive to get a multipurpose complex, in this case its rent for long term will help. It is possible to lease also a pedicure chair. The summary leasing SPA a complex of the person it is presented in announcements.

Necessary tools

The most important tools for a pedicure and manicure are scissors manikyurny and nail, files, tweezers, nippers manikyurny and for nails, nippers for skin, shovels hatchets, rasps and many other things.

Tools for a pedicure and the equipment for a manikyurno-pedicure office Files happen:

  • the glass;
  • the metal;
  • the plastic.

In a form they differ on straight lines, a form of banana or the boat, and can be with one or several working surfaces. Has popularity a file for the grown nails which possesses two abrasive surfaces.

The machine for a pedicure is completed with various mills, nozzles. They can be diamond or steel, with different degree of abrasivity.

Tools for work are simply necessary for a pedicure and manicure. And it is very important that they were qualitative and firm.

Devices for manicure and a pedicure

Machines for hardware manicure and a pedicure enjoy wide popularity. They effectively give the form to nails, relieve of a cuticle, callosities and the coarsened skin. Machines are completed with various multipurpose nozzles.

Tools for a pedicure and the equipment for a manikyurno-pedicure office The support vacuum cleaner is necessary for the master for work one photo higher) which quickly clears a desktop surface. The support is protected from mechanical influence by the chromeplated lattice. And its case is steady against aggressive influence of varnishes and solvents.

Any master can't get to work, without having sterilized the tools. For this purpose there is a desktop sterilizer which clears tools of dirt, microbes and bacteria. In case of lack of financial means, the stabilizer can be got by means of rent.

Tools for a pedicure and the equipment for a manikyurno-pedicure office For manicure manikyurny trays, as well as a support are simply necessary for a pedicure for feet. Trays are necessary for maintenance of optimum water temperature for hot manicure. It is completed with several bowls which have different forms and the sizes.

And it not the full list of tools and equipment which is necessary for manicure and a pedicure. That the manikyurny office began the work, the owner needs to have a large sum of money. Opening salon, many businessmen resort to rent of the equipment and devices for rendering of services, addressing to the curriculum vitae of the lessor.