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Cut manicure

Before the recent past the cut manicure which it is also accepted to call classical, was the only way of reduction of nails in an order. Despite the aggression, it enjoyed wide popularity. It became according to the standard scheme. At first hands steamed hot water, and then the cuticle was cut off. However, such manicure pretty often as the cuticle after such procedure grew twice quicker became and each time became more rough. Thus, the vicious circle was formed.


Progress doesn't stand still and to such manicure resort much less often today. And sparing today not the cut European manicure which it is also possible to call classical is more popular.

In some countries such manicure is simply forbidden and in domestic hairdressing salons today it already practically don't do. If only the client doesn't wish or the case is too started where only this type of manicure will help.

Cut manicure

If you wish to return to your hands former magnificent gloss and appeal very quickly, after all it is necessary to resort to cut manicure. This way though rigid, but, nevertheless the most effective also becomes quickly enough.

Moreover, it can quite be made, without resorting to services of experts. Such manicure can quite be made and houses, the main thing to know sequence of all procedure.



This manicure in the people received the name "wet" because it is previously necessary to keep hands in hot water. However, it is not prime procedure. On the contrary, all manipulations begin then, when nails still the dry.

1. At first we give to nails the form. For this purpose they should be filed simply. It is better to use a glass nail file. It will help to prevent stratifying of nails.

Cut manicure

It is necessary to file nails in one direction, beginning from edge of a nail and bringing a nail file to the middle of a nail plate. If to drive a file in different directions, stratifyings of nails not to avoid. For giving to edges of nails of smoothness, it is necessary to process them a polishing nail file.

2. In capacity we gather hot water, we add to it liquid soap and sea salt. When stratifying nails it is possible to add some drops of iodine.

Cut manicure

This good means from many similar troubles. Also gelatin can help. It is extremely useful to nails.

3. When your hands well are steamed, remove a cuticle a wooden rake. As a rule, for these purposes use an orange stick. This procedure should be carried out very carefully.

Cut manicure

If you wish to make not cut European manicure, at this stage it is necessary to finish it. But if you decided to act in the old manner, the cuticle needs to be cut off.



4. The cuticle needs to be cut off sharp tweezers or nozhnichka. Try to cut off all stripe at once, but not to cut off separate slices. If agnails were formed, they should be removed with nippers, but not to delay at all. Otherwise it is possible to injure skin round a nail.

Cut manicure

5. At such manicure is removed not only the cuticle but also all the coarsened skin, surrounding a nail. When hands steam out, all died-off cages will get a shade, they will become lighter, than healthy skin.

6. The last stage of such procedure is polishing of nails and putting cream.

Cut classical manicure — advantages and shortcomings

Any manipulations with appearance have both the positive, and negative moments. This manicure isn't an exception.

  1. First, the cut-off cuticle very quickly grows and becomes more rigid and thicker. Because of it the attractive type of nails disappears enough soon and women in a despair again and again carry out similar procedure. However, it is yet not the most terrible consequences.
  2. In time it is procedures the risk of damage of a nail plate is great or to be cut. And it can lead to hit of an infection that is very dangerous.

But there is at such manicure also one advantage. Despite that it the only thing, it very significant. Plus that such manicure is capable to make your hands well-groomed and attractive in a few minutes.

Cut manicure

However, if it is regular and correct to look after the hands, it is possible not to resort to such procedure at all. But, if the ambulance, cut manicure — it that is necessary for you was necessary for your hands.



And in some moments your handles will already shine beauty and to look simply faultless. Remember that it is sometimes better to spend a little more time and to put the hands in order in softer way.

How to make cut manicure — video


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