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Turquoise manicure gel varnish: a photo, ideas of design in 2017 and video lessons

The gentle and romantic turquoise manicure looks elegantly and is quite womanly on any fingers. The pleasant shade doesn't look shouting, but draws to itself general attention. Each detail of a graceful covering wants to be examined again and again.

About color of nails

What lines allocated girls who choose turquoise manicure? Color of a sea wave is a symbol of purity, tenderness, creativity and air ease. The shade indicates loyalty, enterprise and emphasizes the special status of the hostess. Turquoise causes interest from a male and it is quite often connected with a high intelligence.

Turquoise manicure gel varnish: a photo, ideas of design in 2017 and video lessons

Manicure with a turquoise varnish most often those who wants to stay with himself alone and to introduce a little harmony in the life. Nails of a turquoise shade help to come off daily problems and have soothing effect, protecting from a negative. It is tone of the real dreamers.

Relax of sea depths

Turquoise happens different: weightless, air, warm, cool, cold and very dark. Density of color depends on quantity of the put layers. Each shade can be mixed with white, black, green and blue, reaching the necessary tone. What color will suit your manicure?

Turquoise manicure gel varnish: a photo, ideas of design in 2017 and video lessons

The turquoiseClassical color of a sea wave. The shade perfectly will be suitable for a monochrome covering.
The light-turquoiseThe turquoise has bluish subtone. Is a good substrate and a basis for any drawings on nails.
Blue turquoiseBright and fresh blue turquoise will become excellent option for summer and juicy manicure.
CyanogenThe dense and saturated color of a sea wave inlaid with the poured pastes it will be ideal to look on suntanned skin.
The dark-turquoiseFine option for business and strict manicure.
Turquoise pearlsColor has greenish subtone and is successfully combined with a large number of shades.
Very dark turquoiseTone smartly approaches an evening dress.
Eggs of a thrushThe noble turquoise will be suitable for festive design of nails.
The bright turquoiseThe juicy, but sustained color of a sea wave is useful for everyday life and a monophonic covering.
AquamarineThe shade approaches to lime and gel varnishes will be harmoniously combined with pastel.
Heavenly turquoiseTone will be ideally suited for creation of a service jacket, lunar manicure or the return lunar manicure.
ElectricianAverage color between dark and light. The manicure in turquoise tones can play a solo role or add any design.

Some councils

Simple councils will help you to create ideal manicure with a turquoise varnish:

  • the azure shade emphasizes all shortcomings of a nail plate;
  • before creation of a covering it is recommended to level nails by means of gel or base;
  • the turquoise manicure on short nails looks quite well, safely experiment its shades;
  • best of all color of a sea wave is in harmony with suntanned fingers;
  • add the bright manicure with phalanx rings.

Turquoise manicure gel varnish: a photo, ideas of design in 2017 and video lessons

With what it is better to combine

The turquoise manicure can have some shades. Its choice depends on your tsvetotip and the main tone in a dress. With special awe treat a choice of complementary colors. They will help to create the general harmonious composition for a covering of nails.

The pale turquoise

The light shade has a huge color palette, beginning from gentle pastel turquoise and finishing with aquamarine. Tone reminds the streaming blue water and will suit any tsvetotip. Is the excellent decision for creation of pastel manicure, a service jacket or a ruffian with colourful holes.

It is successfully combined with bright and fiery flowers, violet, peach and shades of a pale carnation. The manicure of turquoise color will gracefully look with a pearl, metal and bronze vtirka. It is recommended to use silver or gold an adhesive tape tape.

Turquoise manicure gel varnish: a photo, ideas of design in 2017 and video lessons


The turquoise-blue

The vigorous shade suits most of girls of a tsvetotip "winter". Saturated turquoise with blue subtone changes under a different light corner. It can be warm or cold, depending on what clothes will be put on you. Ideal tone for a monochrome covering.

The universal shade will be suitable and for strict business manicure, for a daily image, for the tozhestvennykh of actions or rest. It is worth getting accustomed to a bright fuchsia, fiery red, coral, dark lime, straw, beige and another noble metal shades.

Turquoise manicure gel varnish: a photo, ideas of design in 2017 and video lessons

The dark-turquoise

The magnificent decision for girls with tsvetotipy "summer". The careful and soft dark-turquoise has a little blue-greenish shade. Universal tone is harmoniously combined by any pastel shades pink, violet, lilac, pistachio, lavandovy, and also with claret and brown. Don't forget to add silvery and golden stylish accents in a look a paste or an adhesive tape tape.

Turquoise manicure gel varnish: a photo, ideas of design in 2017 and video lessons

The turquoise-green

The turquoise shade with green subtone is saturated and quiet at the same time. "Fall" and "spring" is suitable for girls of a tsvetotip. Nails of such color will become fine addition to any image and a dress. Most of all it suits decorative jewelry (pastes, bulyonka, an adhesive tape tape) with metal accent. It will be ideal to look in combination with any transparent tones: pink nacre, blue, orange and the cold green.

Turquoise manicure gel varnish: a photo, ideas of design in 2017 and video lessons

Ideas of turquoise manicure

How it is ideally to choose a covering among a huge number of ideas of turquoise design of nails? Each of offered by us option will be able to emphasize and add your image.

Refined service jacket

The turquoise manicure with white looks gracefully if it is executed in equipment a lunar service jacket. The substrate can have a saturated shade of a sea wave and a white bow-shaped smile. Holes in this season can occupy 1/3 or 2/3 nails. It is even more new tendencies of a cold season 2017/2018 it is possible to read in our article about autumn manicure.

On a contrast turquoise substrate any gracefully look white a monogram and patterns. Or dotsy with the smallest nozzle it is possible to draw with a thin brush openwork lace, small stalks or magnificent buds.

How to make a white-turquoise service jacket with flowers it is possible to see on video.

Harmonious couple

One of the best shades which is perfectly combined with color of a sea wave is color of ballet pointes, fashionable this year. Turquoise manicure with pink it is possible to execute in equipment a gradient by means of a thin brush or a pure kitchen sponge. Can act as intermediate color white or light pink.

The gentle rift of pastel shades will create a unique romantic and womanly image. And the contrast modulation of bright tones will become the successful decision for summer and unostentatious manicure. After all these colors are especially successfully combined with a suntanned body and supplemented with metal jewelry. Simpler option: to cover serially each finger with both shades. In any option your manicure will look stylishly and harmoniously.

Classical combination

Black tone always distinguishes azure and does it to more accent. Only dark strokes will add style to your covering. On turquoise to a substrate any magnificently look openwork a monogram, patterns, volume drawings with thin sides or lace. It is recommended to fill design with geometrical figures and to make an accurate fringing in the black color. The noble marble turquoise manicure with black impregnations inlaid with pastes and stones will look also excellently and will add some zero to your image.

Summer shades

And fresh the summer turquoise manicure in combination with a yellow, violet and bright pink shade will become rather bright. Color of a sea wave reminds of the warm sea, yellow of the bright sun, saturated lilac of the blossoming lavender, and a fuchsia about magnificent exotic buds.

Shades can be applied on each nail, serially alternating them. It is recommended to make yellow-turquoise manicure in equipment to an ombra to achieve a smooth rift of flowers. If you more fan of classics, approaches turquoise lunar French manicure with a color substrate and holes.

Turquoise manicure gel varnish: a photo, ideas of design in 2017 and video lessons

Turquoise manicure for a special case

The turquoise manicure, the executed gel varnish, can become the great soloist in image or a substrate for other designs. With this tone there is a wish to experiment and create various variations, selecting for themselves an ideal covering.

Design with a highlight

The manicure of turquoise color is easily combined with other tones. The geometrical design of nails with parallel straight lines and isosceles triangles which are separated metal an adhesive tape tape will become the successful decision. Carrying out a covering ruffian, replace standard oval holes with an extension from golden spangles or from yucca flakes.

Any lace on gentle-azure color will smartly look and to distinguish the hostess from others. Turquoise, as well as it is allowed to a noble stone, very much loves any poured incrustation. Pastes, bulyonka, liquid stones, kamifubuk will become stylish strokes on this covering.

Texture of turquoise

On fingers imitation of a noble stone of turquoise with the smallest streaks can flaunt. Except characteristic black impregnations at texture there are dark blue sites. For this purpose it is necessary to add a little black or blue varnish gel to the main. Alive the manicure looks quite elegantly and pleasantly.

Small translucent specks, stains and dairy haze can be added to texture if to mix a top and a drop white gel varnish.

That will be required:

  • manikyurny nail file;
  • obezzhirivatel;
  • basic covering;
  • gel varnish of black, turquoise and blue color;
  • palette for mixing of flowers (a foil or plastic);
  • thin brush or toothpick;
  • top.

How to make turquoise manicure gel varnish:

  1. To prepare nails for work: to cut excess luster, to put an obezzhirivatel and to cover with base.
  2. On a palette to mix a turquoise and blue shade to achieve ideal tone.
  3. Nails on which there will be no design to varnish black gel and to dry in a lamp.
  4. To make up nails with design a dark-turquoise shade in 2 layers and too to dry in a lamp.
  5. To draw with a toothpick or a thin brush black streaks.
  6. To add a drop to primary color black gel varnish and it is good to stir.
  7. To draw with a thin brush chaotic lines with different pressing.
  8. To dry all layers in a lamp and to cover design with the finishing top.

The fashionable turquoise manicure which imitates noble texture of a stone, can be seen on a photo.

Turquoise manicure gel varnish: a photo, ideas of design in 2017 and video lessons

Manicure to a turquoise dress

The dress of color of a sea wave is chosen most often by easy and romantic natures. It is favourite color of many graduates and bridesmaids. The saturated or pastel shade in any execution looks excellently. But what covering will be suitable for such dress? That it will be: turquoise manicure, metal nails, pastel or dark shades?

To match

Turquoise is excellent option for this case. But it is necessary to be accurate at creation of a covering. If to choose color which completely coincides with a dress, it is possible to be lost easily in such coition of tones. If you want to apply the same tone on nails, it is best of all to choose the next shades. Let your nails will be a little lighter or are more dark than your dress. For example, the pale turquoise lunar service jacket with a snow-white oval smile will approach. For festive events with long or cocktail dresses it will be pertinent to pick up dark-turquoise color with blue subtone. It is best of all to look narrowly at shades of colder scale.

Matchless nude

There is nothing more successfully, than a combination turquoise with a universal beige, nyudovy, light brown and gentle-pink shade. All these colors repeat tone of a natural nail and very successfully will approach an azure dress. Nyud doesn't distract on himself attention, looks unostentatiously and allows to place emphasis on a magnificent dress.

Game of contrasts

Two self-sufficient colors which are incredibly combined with each other. Color of sea waves and a shade of the scorching sun will become cozy addition on your fingers. Let it will be a gradient, an extension of color, lunar manicure or stylish emphases on a monophonic substrate. If there is too much turquoise in your image, cover a nail only with a warm yellow shade. It will be enough.

Permanent classics

Black always draws to itself attention, but looks quite strictly and laconically. It is excellent option for business evenings and campaigns in theater in a turquoise dress. White and nacreous will perfectly fit into any image. It is important that tone was surely diluted with something: negative space, pastes, any laces or bulyonka. Add a few metal accents to the image. Start up 1-2 fingers will be decorated with a mirror or pearl vtirka, an adhesive tape tape or rivets.

Turquoise manicure gel varnish: a photo, ideas of design in 2017 and video lessons

The beautiful turquoise manicure will become graceful addition to your image. No matter, whether you love style kezhuat, you are the chief boss at office, you hurry on appointment or you gather for rest, it is important to choose a shade of azure color only correctly.