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UF a lamp for drying of nails and LED a lamp for manicure: description, prices

For a long time to give to hands a well-groomed look, most of women uses permanent manicure. It is quite possible to master technology of putting shellac independently. For this purpose it is necessary to get not only expendables, but also a special lamp for nails like LED or UF. In what features of use of devices and from them it is better for them to buy consist?

UF a lamp for drying of nails and LED a lamp for manicure: description, prices

Why the lamp for nails is necessary?

The technology of manicure on the basis of shellac provides consecutive putting materials of different property.

  • The base – an initial layer serves for alignment of a plate.
  • Coloring by primary color – a covering is made in 1 or 2 layers.
  • Fixing – at the last stage is put the gel which is reliably fixing face part and a surface of a nail plate.

After each layer of a hand place under ultra-violet or LED a lamp for 0,5-2 minutes. Duration at a separate stage depends on a type of a covering and power of the device.

How the dryer for nails is arranged?

From the technical point of view is the simple and convenient device in operation. The design consists of such elements:

  • protective case;
  • ultra-violet or LED lamp;
  • external control panel.

Separate models equip with auxiliary elements which facilitate operation and do process of drying of nails by more comfortable:

  • time counter;
  • fan;
  • smooth surfaces in devices;
  • removable/sliding panels;
  • folding shelves.

The distribution network offers the lamps of different dimensions and forms intended for one or two hands at once. The last option significantly reduces manicure time. But the high power and bulky dimensions do it suitable only for saloon procedures. As radiation distinguish 2 look: Lamp UF for drying of nails and LED of a lamp for manicure. Both options equally well dry up a covering.

UF a lamp for drying of nails and LED a lamp for manicure: description, prices

Ultra-violet lamps for fast drying of nails

Devices on the basis of ultra-violet radiation are the most popular and inexpensive today. They are equally available to professional manicurists and fans to self-educated persons. Power varies from 9 to 54 W, the this indicator more quantity of UF-elements is higher, the quicker there is a process. Set of technical characteristics directly influences cost.


  • Low electricity consumption – in beauty shops UF usually use devices with a productivity of 36 or 54 W. For house manicure it is better to buy compact UF the device with a power of 9 or 18 W.
  • Favorable cost – the cheapest model costs 900-34 USD.
  • Universality – are equally demanded by masters of house and saloon manicure. They well are suitable for work with any gel materials.

Also carry a wide model range of various trademarks to number of advantages. Specialized online stores give the chance easily and quickly to get any lamp.

UF a lamp for drying of nails and LED a lamp for manicure: description, prices


  • Decline in production – in use ultra-violet devices quickly lose initial indicators of power. Defective drying of nails and the "blurring" covering is result of it. Specialists in service of the equipment recommend to make replacement of ultra-violet lamps each half a year.
  • Dependence on differences of tension – instability of electric networks quickly puts dryer UF out of action.
  • Hypersensibility to ambient temperature – operation at +12 degrees and gives to fast breakage below.
  • Short service life – the potential of continuous work makes 5000-10000 hours.
  • Care at utilization – having broken, lamps can throw out toxic fumes of mercury in air.

Dependence on inclusion switching off frequency also belongs to minuses. Long ago it is known that the ultraviolet doesn't constitute health hazard. But some people feel negative feelings, such cases are rare and are explained by hypersensibility of skin.

LED (ICE) of a lamp for drying gel varnishes and nail extension

Work is based on LED radiation. They much more surpass traditional ultra-violet devices in power.

UF a lamp for drying of nails and LED a lamp for manicure: description, prices


  • High speed – a layer of shellac will be polymerized for only 10-30 sec.
  • Safety – don't contain any chemical components therefore at utilization don't form harmful evaporations. Lack of a pulsation of a light stream has no negative impact on sight.
  • Stability – productivity doesn't decrease at breakage of several separate light-emitting diodes.
  • The durability – service life of LED of a lamp reaches 100 000 hours.
  • Weak heating – during operation temperature of working elements of the dryer, and also nails and skin of hands increases in insignificant degree.


  • High cost – cost (on average 5 000 – 6 000 rubles) is much higher than ultra-violet analogs.
  • Selective appointment – devices don't use for acrylic coverings and some gels of the increased density.

Upon purchase it is necessary to specify possibility of independent replacement of the burned-down elements at the seller. Some models can be served only in the specialized service centers.

UF a lamp for drying of nails and LED a lamp for manicure: description, prices

Other types of lamps for nails

Gazosvetny are the innovative devices which weren't widely adopted still. A light source in them are CCFL lamps filled with special gas. They ensure trouble-free operation of drying within 80 000 hours, consuming thus the minimum quantity of the electric power. Weak heating of the lit surfaces, and also lack of harm for skin and eyes belongs to advantages.

The best result in a combination to stability and high safety is shown by hybrids. They are equipped with lighting elements of two types: LED and CCFL. At inclusion in a network both lamps are lit, uniting in work the advantages. Hybrid devices are suitable for drying of manicure with all types gel varnishes and acryle. Polymerization happens for only a few seconds. Thus it is excluded I burned also gel deformation, and also heating of the device. They don't cause damage to health and create a durable covering. Service life doesn't depend on frequency and number of inclusions switching off. High cost is the main reason of limited prevalence.

Review of popular models

1. Jess Nail of 36 W of UF.

  • number of UF-lamps: 4, on 9 W everyone;
  • 3 operating modes (the built-in timer for 1,2-3 min. + the infinite mode);
  • removable pallet, mirror inserts.

UF a lamp for drying of nails and LED a lamp for manicure: description, prices

Well dries all types of the gels and varnishes sensitive to ultra-violet radiation. Excellent budgetary option for house manicure and the beginning masters. The classical form of the case allows to place at once all fingers of one hand.

2. Runail of 36 W of RU911 UF.

  • quantity of lamps: 4 on 9 W;
  • 3 timers for 1,2 and 3 minutes;
  • sliding bottom;
  • the mass of a design – 1,5 kg.

Inexpensive design of professional appointment. The case of a classical tunnel form is convenient in operation. Well dries gel coverings of different property. Shortcoming: gabaritnost and big weight. The optimum combination of a good result and cost makes its popular among masters and fans available.

3. Planet Nails Big Heart LED.

  • power – 45 W;
  • quantity of LED lamps – 28;
  • the reflecting internal surfaces.

Inexpensive qualitative LED the lamp quite suitable for training in gel manicure in house conditions. The easy compact device provides simultaneous drying of all fingers of one hand. Thanks to the high power (45 W) polymerization happens in 30-90 seconds. The guaranteed service life makes 40 000 working hours. A shortcoming – lack of the timer.

UF a lamp for drying of nails and LED a lamp for manicure: description, prices

4. Mini Nail Dryer LED.

The most tiny and easy model in a line of LED lamps equipped with the timer. Best of all is suitable for elementary education to art of manicure. Convenient form, stylish design, different color schemes. The device doesn't demand special leaving, easy-to-work, available at cost. The compact sizes allow to take it in the road.

From shortcomings:

  • low power (9 W) – isn't always enough 30 seconds for full drying of nails;
  • for a session it is possible to process no more than 4 fingers.


  • Number of timers – 4;
  • power indicator;
  • the display with time countdown;
  • built-in fan;
  • the sliding panel with dividers for fingers;
  • existence of the convenient handle for transportation.

It is characterized by high-quality execution and functionality. Supports drying of any materials reacting to ultra-violet light. Manual adjustment of time allows to set independently duration of a session of gel manicure and a pedicure. The closed design with a deep niche provides reliable protection of eyes. Maintains more than a year in a continuous operating mode. Shortcomings: expensive cost, high probability of fakes.

Ample operational opportunities allow to apply the UF-lamp to gel nails or shellac in the intensive mode. It is best of all to use it in the professional environment.

UF a lamp for drying of nails and LED a lamp for manicure: description, prices

Recommendations about a choice

First of all, it is necessary to decide on type (UF or LED) and number of lamps in the device for drying gel varnish. Productivity and features of operation depends on it.

Then pay attention to the main characteristics:

1. Power – strong devices usually apply in the professional environment. In house conditions it is good to use options of average or small productivity.

2. A design – that light of a lamp didn't stick together an eye, it is better to choose models with the closed niche.

3. Existence of additional elements – the fan prevents a skin overheat, the timer helps to control shellac drying duration. Smooth surfaces provide deep polymerization. The sliding bottom facilitates cleaning.

Buyers also should make a choice by the size, a form and coloring of the case. Upon purchase of the inexpensive device it is necessary to give preference to the checked brands.

The table of the prices of popular dryers for nails:

ModelLamp typePower, WPrice, rubles
RZ-174 3-22UF9900-1500
SOLINE Charms181500-1800
ART KT-818361050-2100
Jess Nail (JN2000)361500-1900
CND UV Lamp369000-12000
Elle by Beurer MPE58404500-5200
Correct UV74900-6400
RuNail LEDLED91400-2000
OPILED light1315000-18000
RuNail LED184600-6500