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The vacuum cleaner for manicure, nail extension: built in and external, the price

Pledge of qualitative manicure is correctly picked up materials, tools and the equipment. As far as procedure of care of nails will be simple, convenient and fast depends on these components.

There are special devices and devices the working conditions of neyl-masters and to make process of modeling of nails more pleasant and comfortable urged to facilitate. One of such devices is the vacuum cleaner for convenient nail extension.

Use of the vacuum cleaner

The vacuum cleaner for manicure, nail extension: built in and external, the price


In the course of modeling or correction of nogotochok of the manicurist are engaged in trimming of a nail plate. Dust which appears after such procedure, not only settles on furniture, but also remains in air who should breathe both to the client, and the expert. Moreover, it not absolutely simple dust, it can contain some chemicals which contain the materials used for creation of beautiful manicure.

Some neyl-designers found a way out of this situation, having bought for themselves special glasses and a mask, but it not absolutely esthetically and at all doesn't protect the client. These dust particles, getting to lungs, make not the best impact on an organism, causing such diseases as asthma, rhinitis, tracheitis, and also provoke emergence of various allergic reactions. For this reason timely cleaning of such dust is simply necessary in operating time with nails and the device under the name "the manikyurny vacuum cleaner which is built in or mobile" perfectly copes with this task.

This device is used for timely cleaning of a working surface of an opil and the appearing small litter during procedure of manicure. Thanks to it, small motes don't remain in air and the client together with the master shouldn't breathe harmful substances and to risk to catch any disease of the top airways.

It is very easy and simple to use such vacuum cleaner for building. Almost silent device gives to the client comfort and understanding that of it care …

Principle of work

Such priborchik on a table at the master settles down and soaks up all appeared litter at once after its emergence. Thanks to such procedure harmful substances simply don't manage to settle on the next home decoration and to accumulate in air.

The vacuum cleaner for manicure, nail extension: built in and external, the price

the vacuum cleaner for manicure

Despite rather small sizes, this device perfectly copes with absorption of dust and perfectly holds it in itself. Thus material of which the bags for collecting pollution which are in the vacuum cleaner for building and not giving to harmful substances are made the slightest chance to get back is of great importance.

Use of this device is carried out rather simply. For this purpose it is necessary to connect only it to the power supply network with small consumption of power. Depending on it the vacuum cleaner for building can be equipped with one or several fans. Absorption of dust happens through a small window from distance to 10-15 cm, noise thus is almost not audible. The case of such device generally is made of plastic which isn't exposed to harmful effects of the chemical components containing in materials when building and modeling nails.

In addition to the vacuum cleaner for building, as a rule, there are bags for collecting dust which need to be changed periodically that operation of the device was fast and effective. Sometimes the device is supplied with a special support which has a convenient form and does use of this unit by even more comfortable.


Vacuum cleaners for manicure can be different types and depending on the characteristics to carry out various additional functions:

  • The standard self-contained unit for dust cleaning. Represents a usual priborchik of the small size in the form of a support for hands. It is transportable, convenient to that it can quietly be taken with itself to those masters who carry out procedures for care of a marigold at clients at home. Cost not much such devices relatively and are very easy-to-work.
  • The built-in vacuum cleaner for manicure. It can't already be taken with itself to the client on the house as it treats types of the stationary equipment of salon. Such unit, as a rule, crashes or fastens under a table, and on its working surface only the lattice through which there is a dust absorption process is visible. There is such device more expensively, than the ordinary desktop vacuum cleaner for building, but its advantages are in higher power and that it practically doesn't take a place in a working zone of the neyl-master.
  • Pass — the device which is built in the equipment for carrying out hardware manicure. Depending on what vacuum cleaner for manicure gets out, the price of such device can be rather high therefore many masters prefer acquisition of such vacuum cleaners separately. Occurs as economy of means upon purchase, and costs of repair, in case of its need decrease. The support the vacuum cleaner for manicure is easily rearranged from place to place.
  • The extract vacuum cleaner for building has the differences from earlier described devices. Except standard function of cleaning of dust and small litter, this device still "is able" to eliminate unpleasant smells which can appear in the course of building or modeling of a marigold.

Such opportunity appears thanks to existence of the special filter of higher extent of purification of air which is desirable for changing from time to time that the collected dust and pollution didn't get again to the room. For convenience of the master such devices can be equipped with a lamp that illumination of a working zone was more better, and also to be equipped with the special timers controlling time of their work. Such extracts can be cut-in, desktop or it is simple to settle down under a table.


The vacuum cleaner for manicure, nail extension: built in and external, the price

Manikyurny extract

Today the market offers many the most different models of extracts and vacuum cleaners for manicure. Therefore everyone, even the most pretentious master will be able to choose this device to the taste. It is rather simple to make it. It is possible to buy such equipment both in specialized shops, and on the profile sites.

The first question which torments buyers is to choose the built-in vacuum cleaners together with a manikyurny little table or to buy everything separately. Some experts consider that two in one it is better, and someone that on the contrary.

Adherents of the first option reason it that with the built-in equipment is simpler, everything is interconnected and works in a complex, it isn't necessary to think out anything. Existence of the vacuum cleaner on a table can occupy a certain part of a working zone of the master that at the cut-in vacuum cleaner for building is excluded.

The same experts who for separate acquisition — are based on practical application. As all know, any even the most qualitative equipment can break sooner or later and its repair to pour out to the owner in kopek. As practice shows – to repair separately bought devices, than what were acquired in a set cheaper. And the figurative extract can serve faithfully not only to the expert of nail service in salon, but also when rendering services to clients at home.

Useful will also be to remember that separately bought equipment can be useful and for procedure of performance of a pedicure. The matter is that feature of any bought vacuum cleaner is need to change bags for collecting dust. And so for a pedicure such sacks aren't included in the device package, and here if to get separately an extract for manicure, such problem won't arise.

Important parameter at a choice of such devices is power. A variety in this plan allows to pick up the most optimum option. As a rule, powerful desktop vacuum cleaners allow to keep with ease a manikyurny little table clean and an order, and also to cope with large volumes of works.

But even with a small productivity of the unit it is possible to find a way out. For example, after each client to give to the be defended machine and periodically to exempt it from the saved-up garbage. Thus, even not really powerful device will be able to serve long enough and effectively. Such device has to take places very little, but thus serve as good help for the expert of nail service.

The vacuum cleaner for manicure, nail extension: built in and external, the price

Desktop vacuum cleaner

Sometimes the design of the vacuum cleaner too has the value, even with its small productivity. For example, the small extract for a manikyurny table can serve at the same time as an armrest and have additional fastening to a sack for collecting pollution that provides additional comfort during the work of the master with the client.

The cut-in or built-in equipment is more expensive than ordinary desktop vacuum cleaners, but here play a role many factors. For example, extracts from Italy are considered the most expensive and comfortable for use but if to look for the device with the same characteristics, but from other producers, it is possible to buy much cheaper. The equipment with the plastic case from China will manage even cheaper, but quality of such vacuum cleaner can be much lower.

As for guarantee period, on many desktop vacuum cleaners and some cut extracts it very small can also begin of 3 months. However, at the correct operation of the device, the guarantee can not be necessary absolutely.

Thus, upon purchase of vacuum cleaners and extracts for manicure it is necessary to pay attention to a set of factors, understanding thus that is in a priority and, proceeding from preferences – to make the choice.

Popular models

The qualitative support the vacuum cleaner for manicure is necessary for any nail technician. Today many firms offer such equipment and the most known, and also popular among them are:

Manikyurny extracts of Ultratech firm. Its advantages are lack of noise during the work and big guarantee period — 24 months that is almost a deadline. At the power of 24 W it is possible to carry out a filtration of 3,3 cbm within 1 minute. air. Devices of this brand are very high-quality and are made on the professional equipment.

The vacuum cleaner for manicure, nail extension: built in and external, the price


Their surface isn't sensitive to strong solutions that is especially important at nail extension procedure at which strong substances are applied. Such extract washes easily and wiped by a usual napkin for household appliances. Existence of four bags for collecting dust will be pleasant addition to such device.

The vacuum cleaners released by the American company BOFA. Units of this brand are developed especially for beauty shops and are capable to fight very effectively against air pollution by harmful substances. They, as a rule, have expensive cost and are established in professional salons, but their quality of with interest justifies.

Filters of such systems of cleaning contain absorbent carbon, and the unit is equipped with the built-in indicator which will report when it is necessary to make replacement of the filtering device. Thanks to it the air coming again to the room has no unpleasant smell and doesn't contain dust which so harmful affects health of the person. An additional benefit is existence of the special timer by means of which it is possible to leave the device included for the set time and not to control, thus constantly its work.

One more brand releasing vacuum cleaners — extracts for salons is Air Magic. Besides dust such units perfectly eliminate unpleasant smells, and thanks to powerful lighting and the filter which doesn't need to be changed – such vacuum cleaners become irreplaceable assistants during performance of manicure. An additional benefit of Air Magic is that it is easy to move it from a manikyurny workplace to the pedicure.

Mobility of such extract allows to move it up or down, and if necessary to clean at all. Works very silently, has some capacities in this connection it is possible to pick up the car corresponding to requirements of salon. The strongest unit can filter to 1040 m of cubic air an hour. It is very convenient for big rooms, the truth and will cost such device more expensive, but the price — quality in this case are quite commensurable.

The vacuum cleaner for manicure, nail extension: built in and external, the price

Salon Professional

Salon Professional. It is the American company also releases the vacuum cleaners for manicure used in salons and offices for cosmetic procedures. Devices of this brand are very practical, convenient and mobile. Thanks to the to small weight, it is easy to transfer them on the room if there is such need.

Have a convenient form and can be used as a support for the client's hands. Thanks to powerful fans, clarification of air and a working zone of the master happens very quickly and effectively. If it is necessary to get the reliable independent vacuum cleaner at the acceptable price, this brand lets out that is necessary.

The device for manicure of Self firm. This company makes extracts which easily are established under a manikyurny table of the specialist in nail service. Work silently, quickly and qualitatively. Such vacuum cleaner for nails is characterized by higher price, than at figurative models, but also productivity is much better.

Lady Victory. It is possible to buy an extract of this brand practically in any shop, the offering such goods. As a rule, they the small size also have very convenient form. Thanks to modern design and registration in different flowers, it is possible to pick up the vacuum cleaner practically under any interior. Possibly to replace a bag for dust within several minutes, it is very easy to wash and clean the device. Has quite good characteristics and effectively clears the room of pollution.

Good vacuum cleaners – supports for manicure are released also by the known company Planet Nails. Devices from this brand combine in themselves "two in one" – an extract and the device for drying of nails. Perfectly are suitable for application in large salons and beauty shops.

Choosing such equipment it is possible to consider many nuances, but high-quality clarification of air from dust has to be the main selection criterion. As this function is fundamental and main in operation of the vacuum cleaner for manicure.

Incision of an extract in a table

The vacuum cleaner for manicure, nail extension: built in and external, the price

The vacuum cleaner which is built in

Sometimes happens so that the vacuum cleaner is bought and there is a huge desire to work at home, but for bigger comfort there was a wish that the extract was cut in a manikyurny little table and I borrowed, it is as little as possible workplace. Especially it is important in small-sized rooms, when each centimeter of space on the account.

Whether it is possible to make it independently? Yes, it is possible. For this purpose such tools can be necessary: a table, 2 stools, an extract or the vacuum cleaner for manicure, a knife, holders of a wire, self-tapping screws of 3,5*16 — 4 pieces, compasses, a pencil, 2 screw-drivers, a drill on a tree (a dimeter of 8 mm), shuropovert or a drill, an electrofret saw (a cloth for a fret saw), the coupling, 2 copper wires, the switch and a fork.

By means of these tools and male hands it is possible quickly enough and it is easy to attach the vacuum cleaner there where it has to be.

The sequence of actions thus will be is as follows:

  1. The table on which the point from the table-top face is noted undertakes. It will also be the middle of the cut extract.
  2. By means of compasses the radius of the square which it will be necessary to cut out and insert into it the device is measured. The circle with the center in the drawn point is drawn.
  3. The opening in this circle near the line (for a fret saw cloth) then it is cut out becomes.
  4. The table-top turns over, the extract is inserted into the received opening and leveled by means of a special ruler — a square.
  5. The following step is the mark of a point of that place where there will be a wire. To do a drill in this place a small hole. To avoid chips it is desirable to enclose from a reverse side something firm, for example to a chipboard.
  6. To pull out from a reverse side of an extract everything that can detain normal passing of air – plastic, a cardboard and other materials.
  7. Further actions I will are connected with connection of a wire. For this purpose it is necessary to untwist the switch and at distance about 25 cm from any of the ends of a wire to remove its top covering (length thus has to be slightly less than the switch)
  8. Then the wire is cut and connected to the switching-off device. Then it twists and the fork joins it.
  9. The received wire is stretched in an opening and the extract which needs to be leveled a square again is established.
  10. Further the vacuum cleaner is fastened by means of self-tapping screws and the wire is connected to an extract.
  11. By means of holders from a reverse side the wire is attached to a table-top, and the switch fastens in several centimeters from the table edge so that it easily could be got. As option, it is possible to fix it a bilateral adhesive tape or in the absence of that, self-tapping screws.
  12. On the vacuum cleaner for building the coupling puts on. It needs to be made to fix a bag for collecting dust and pollution as on a smooth surface of an extract capacity won't be fixed.
  13. The table with the extract cut in it, is ready.
The vacuum cleaner for manicure, nail extension: built in and external, the price

Built-in vacuum cleaner

Apparently, anything difficult in this procedure isn't present. Having cut such vacuum cleaner for building in a necessary little table, it is possible to save many money and to make it exactly as conveniently and will provide the maximum comfort for work with clients at home.

The manicure for the woman — is an integral part of its image and that process of care of handles and a marigold was easy and convenient, all materials and the equipment which are involved during these procedures have huge value. The vacuum cleaner which appeared not so long ago, a support for manicure already I won a place of honor among nail technicians. After all each expert respecting himself understands that work in purity and an order is a pledge, as its health, and care of the client.