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The vacuum cleaner for manicure: types how to choose

The modern manicure represents a true art. Such equipment as the special vacuum cleaner, an ultra-violet lamp, various look devices for a pedicure and manicure, is just necessary for masters of the nail industry. Purity, safety and quality of the work of the master depends on quality and the power of the tool and the equipment.

Recently seldom who resorts to services of the expert only behind hygienic cleaning of nails, procedure, as a rule includes processing by a milling cutter of a cuticle and the become horny part of skin round a nail plate, a covering special material for strengthening or nail extension. Such material always demands trimming and polishing of a plate therefore there is a fine dust which litters a working surface and is harmful at inhalation by her person. Therefore the vacuum cleaner in work with chemical materials is simply necessary for a manikyurny table.

The vacuum cleaner for manicure: types how to choose

The person who renders services in nail extension, constantly subjects the health of danger, inhaling acrylic or gel dust. And for the client this procedure can turn into an unpleasant surprise in the form of an allergy. So will be correct if to equip a workplace according to safety rules and norms of sanitary and epidemiologic station and to establish an extract on a desktop. But here only to choose this device not so easily, the beginning masters not always know, on what it is worth paying attention and from what to make a start at a choice.

Kind of extracts on a manikyurny table

Before getting the vacuum cleaner for manicure, it is worth thinking over and providing carefully all nuances in work, namely: what volumes we will allow the device on a working surface, whether it will disturb during procedure, what its power, a sound background, time of continuous work, whether needs periodic replacement of filters — all these aspects are very important and in case of unreasoned purchase can bring considerable inconveniences in work.

The vacuum cleaner for manicure: types how to choose

So, since dimensions, as a rule, latest models look more compactly and isn't bulky, but all the same their installation will require a place. In this regard professionals in the industry of nail fashion even more often install the built-in vacuum cleaner for a manikyurny table. Such option is much more practical and allows to delete working dust for 100%. Such result thanks to its arrangement under a working surface where the slightest parts and the remains of material are instantly soaked up by the device is reached. It should be noted that these two main types in different models and from different producers can be added with various functions, namely:

  1. Existence of the special filter for purification of air and absorption of smells. Devices with such function can be as built in tables, well portable. The cost of such device is much higher usual and demands additional costs of regular replacement of filters.
  2. Existence of the timer and automatic start.
  3. Additional lighting is established sometimes on extracts for the purpose of improvement of conditions for work.

There is a big variety of models and types of extracts, vacuum cleaners for a desktop of the manicurist. Both the cost, and functionality of each look considerably differ from each other. But the main controversial issue there is a choice of the built-in equipment or not.

The vacuum cleaner for manicure: types how to choose

Advantages of the built-in extract on a manikyurny table

So, the esthetic type of a workplace will be always important for experts in this branch. The built-in vacuum cleaner is almost imperceptible for manicure and doesn't occupy space, expensive to the master, at all. On a surface of a table only the metal setochka is visible, it is located at hand during performance of manicure, such situation is quite comfortable both for the client, and for the master. Devices of the Italian producer are considered as one of the high-quality and expensive built-in vacuum cleaners, they differ in material and additional functions in work.

The vacuum cleaner for manicure: types how to choose

Cheaper analogs of such devices are, as a rule, made of plastic and have insignificant part of metal details in the mechanism. Power of the devices for absorption of dust which are built in in a table, rather above portable devices. They are capable to work in an uninterrupted state till some hours in a row and have big warranty periods that is important at their continuous operation. The only shortcoming is considered that on performance of a pedicure the portable type of the vacuum cleaner is required.

Many masters resort to installation of an extract for manicure the hands.

Experts establish extracts by analogy of kitchen types, in a table-top the opening for the vacuum cleaner is cut out, connection to electricity is established, carried out. At desire the vacuum cleaner for manicure can be equipped with an additional bag for collecting dust, filters and setochka from hit in the mechanism of rough elements of material. Everything depends on desire, abilities of the masters understanding similar devices and the accounting of all subtleties of work nejl the designer.

Quite often at the equipment of an office for nejl works at home resort to installation of self-made extracts. For fuller absorption of unpleasant smells during the work with acrylic material use corrugated, soft pipes which are brought from an extract to the street. Of course, a certain inconvenience is given by a pipe under a table, and absolutely priglyadny look can be pleasant to much, but efficiency of this mechanism quite high.

The vacuum cleaner for manicure: types how to choose

We will sum up the results

So, to give preference to the built-in or figurative vacuum cleaners, business individual and depends not only on work volumes, but also on a kind of the provided services. For a pedicure it is easier to get one vacuum cleaner for work on two different surfaces. Design registration of figurative devices quite variously that can't but please masters of beauty. It is possible to pick up proceeding from the demanded characteristics, functionality and appearance of the device and to make its existence on a table harmonious and comfortable both for the client, and for itself.