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What is the Brazilian manicure and how to do it?

What is the Brazilian manicure and how to do it?

Today time is appreciated sometimes much more expensively than money. Therefore women not so often are able to afford to visit salon and to make to themselves not only manicure, but also a Spa procedure for hands. All this became possible thanks to remarkable idea of the Brazilian cosmetologists.

What represents the Brazilian manicure?

Than the Brazilian manicure is in essence? This type of manicure is extremely simple and demands the minimum expenses as time, and efforts. For it special conditions or expensive tools aren't necessary. The Brazilian manicure is a set for one-time application which all most necessary enters.

The set consists from:

  • gloves with the filler representing saturated natural cream or a mask and preparing hands for manicure;
  • orange stick to remove a cuticle;
  • nail files.

 What is the Brazilian manicure and how to do it?

Such set with the minimum quantity the manikyurnykh of adaptations especially for needs of the Brazilian women was created, but ideally fitted and into life of all world community.

Advantages of the Brazilian manicure

This type of manicure was pleasant to many girls thanks to a number of merits at a minimum negative.

It is possible to carry the following facts to features of this manicure:

  • All procedure borrows much less time, than the classical manicure demanding certain time for a softening in water with cream or special shampoo of a cuticle.
  • For the Brazilian manicure absolutely optional existence of a specialized venue. It can be done even independently staying at home in front of the TV.
  • Carrying out the Brazilian manicure doesn't demand any special special skills or expensive tools. It is enough to drop in on the way home for a minute in shop and to get a disposable naborchik.
  • Procedure in itself is actually combination of two pleasant moments: as that manicure and complex care behind skin of hands.
  • The Brazilian manicure belongs to not cut therefore will please those girls which in panic to be afraid of the slightest pain or to pick up any infection in salon.
  • Thanks to the high content of nutritious and useful substances as a part of a filler is some kind of specialized care of skin of hands giving silkiness, moistening, food and softening skin.
  • Improves the general condition of a nail and its appearance, bleaching a nail plate and giving it the fortress and flexibility at the expense of the vitamins and microcells containing in a filler of gloves.

What is the Brazilian manicure and how to do it?

Negative moments of the Brazilian manicure

In principle those are practically not present, except for for the negative characteristic that fact that this type of manicure is unacceptable for the women who got used to very profound cutting of all superfluous and that who does it time in ten years.

As minus it is possible to count small prevalence of the Brazilian manicure as it is rather new service in the cosmetology market.

Some are frightened off by the price of procedure in beauty shops but if to compare it to safety and a gigiyenichnost of such manicure, it is worth it.

What is the Brazilian manicure and how to do it?

Procedure course

  1. Procedure doesn't demand even at all the slightest expenses of water that is very important in those countries where make thrifty use of this resource. It is enough to process at first carefully hands an anti-septic tank.
  2. If it is required, carefully to remove the remains of enamel or a medical covering from nails by means of the wadded disk moistened with means for removal of a varnish.
  3. To open a disposable set and to get from there a nail file to give the necessary form to a marigold.
  4. Accurately, using if necessary an orange stick to distribute cream on gloves in the most favorable way.
  5. To put on gloves approximately for 5–7 minutes so that they densely adjoined to skin of hands. During this time cream full of natural nutritious elements will soften and will moisten skin and a cuticle so further it will be very easy to work with them.
  6. At once you shouldn't take off gloves, it is recommended to prolong cosmetic effect, it is rather simple to cut off a glove tip, passing from a finger to a finger and by means of an orange stick to remove edge of a cuticle. If it is required, it is possible to delete a cuticle using manikyurny tweezers.
  7. After the end of procedure we take off gloves and we do massage of hands, it is necessary to wash away nothing, skin will become impregnated, and all superfluous can be removed having resorted to the help of a napkin.
  8. Before drawing a special covering or varnish don't forget to degrease a nail surface means for removal of a varnish.

What is the Brazilian manicure and how to do it?

Composition of wonderful cream in gloves

The cream which is used in gloves abounds with useful substances, as does this procedure such tempting and useful.   

Calcium helps to make nails strong and to save from stratification and fragility.

Allantoin starts processes of regeneration of your skin, does it more elastic and smooth, and also helps to zazhivit all microcracks and cuts, for example, from paper.

The keratin strengthens a nail plate, does it stronger and smooth, without any defects and "waves" on nails.

R236 polymer promotes bleaching and alignment of a nail plate, is natural protection against a varnish.

Oil of a tea tree possesses strong bactericidal properties, and the witch-hazel promotes strengthening of vessels, and also is a natural anti-septic tank. Both ingredients promote fast healing of wounds and injuries of skin.

Bisabolol – important means in care of the sensitive skin inclined to rashes, helps to calm the angry skin.

The softener created on the basis of beeswax helps to remove quickly and safely a cuticle.

Apparently, on all indicators this novelty is break in cosmetology. Thanks to simplicity of execution and insignificant expenses of time and forces, it with ease wins more and more female hearts. After all for mummies and the business lady the main problem is the lack of time, and this simple procedure can be combined with rest easily!

Or, if everything doesn't want to do independently, to drop in in beauty shop during a lunch break. Nobody will notice absence on a workplace, and nails and hands will please with the ukhozhennost and beauty!