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What color and design of nails will approach a red dress (photo)

What color and design of nails will approach a red dress (photo) In a female image there are no fine and insignificant details – each woman of fashion perfectly knows that the beautiful dress depends and on trifles.

The manicure under a red dress often enters brunettes and blondes in a stupor – will approach if to varnish nails on color of a dress as what to choose neutral manicure, or to make design of nails (photo)?

Actually, all three options are quite admissible if to be able to combine them with the dress and the nobility, how exactly to place accents.

What manicure will approach a red dress

Each modern girl understands that the manicure plays an important role in any image. This element is capable as to add competently onions, and to spoil it, having nullified all efforts. With extra care it is necessary to approach a manicure choice when it approaches a red dress.

Depending on what the woman of fashion sets before herself the purpose – to shock or create a harmonious image, also the choice of its manicure differs. Nails under a red dress are traditionally painted in some flowers. For an effective image in a uniform color palette — it is red, crimson or a Bordeaux. If the image of feminity and tenderness needs to add, it is worth giving preference to neutral and corporal shades.

What color and design of nails will approach a red dress (photo)

In a form nails of a classical oval form most harmoniously look. Also rectangular nails look good, but with a womanly red dress it can already look a little roughly. And here it is better to refuse sharp triangular nails at once! The similar shape of nails looks too vulgarly in combination with a scarlet dress, especially – if nails long.

The ideal decision to such dress it is possible to call nails of a smooth form and average length with rounded by corners.

The bright and contrast manicure will be contraindicated to a red dress if you have at an image bright details, jewelry and accessories, and a dress very effective or open. In this case it will be best of all to execute the French manicure or to cover nails with a translucent light varnish. For example – dairy, light beige, light pink.

What color and design of nails will approach a red dress (photo)

If the image, on the contrary, is meant more reserved, and the red dress is the main accent of your onions, here quite appropriate will be to varnish nails in tone of a dress or to make beautiful design manicure.

Too dark manicure to a scarlet dress can quickly turn you both into the fatal vamp, and into the Gothic woman of fashion.

Therefore if only you weren't eager for it – you approach dark manicure very carefully. The best decision the razbavochnykh of elements will be to add dark tone to qualities, to combine them with red, beige and even a white varnish. It will allow to create game of skillful contrasts that will look very stylishly and expensively.



Naturally, it is better to carry out difficult manicure in salon at the professional master. The unfortunate covering of nails can spoil to you all effective exit, and ordinary varnishes are often chopped off and lose original state at a stage of collecting. That such didn't occur, and the manicure kept on nails for all day, use gel varnishes which possess the increased firmness and durability!

Color of nails under a red dress

As it was already told above, the choice of color completely depends on effect which you want to make on people around or guests of evening. The main rule which should be remembered – if bright color is chosen, accessories and other elements of an image have to be the muffled and neutral tones.

What varnish under a red dress will approach most of all? Everything depends only on your personal preferences. We will consider the most successful options below.

What color and design of nails will approach a red dress (photo)

Claret color or any other dark shade red will be a magnificent choice. It approaches practically under any red dress. Its priglushennost and a noble modulation allow to avoid search of bright color, thus such manicure looks extraordinary harmoniously.

You shouldn't use varnishes which color strikingly differs from tone of the dress. It beats out manicure from the general stream of an image and causes its disharmony.

In particular is inadmissible to use a red varnish which is much lighter and is more pale than tone of your dress!

And here to choose a varnish on tone - two are more dark than an evening dress is, on the contrary, idea very good. First, more dark varnish will emphasize brightness and showiness of your dress, secondly, such peculiar gradient will help you and will make onions professionally picked up and ideal. But don't forget that excessively dark shade of a varnish in comparison with your red dress of such effect won't give any more!

What color and design of nails will approach a red dress (photo)

Black color of a varnish creates very strong contrast. The combination to manicure of such shade in image and with a red dress draws a lot of attention therefore it is necessary to use it with extra care. Existence of any else elements even average brightness in your onions will at once make it vulgar.

Beautifully the combination of claret tones and a black shade, especially – if a varnish opaque looks.

Such manicure is deprived of vulgarity and sometimes absolutely inappropriate brightness at all, but looks very stylishly and expensively. Best of all it will approach dresses saturated and some muffled shades of the red. Pay special attention if at you in a case the dress of cherry tones hangs on this option. Black and claret tone on nails in this case will give to onions of unforgettable chic!

Pastel shades pink will look most favourably in neutral manicure. Thanks to that color of such varnish isn't evident, together with it it is possible to add various effective accessories and large jewelry at image. This shade most of all is suitable for use as primary color of the French manicure. It is better to leave a strip classical white or to pick up pastel tone.

What color and design of nails will approach a red dress (photo)

Italian Monica Bellucci very much likes to appear to the public in dresses of red shades. Most often the actress selects to the evening image French manicure in dairy-pink nyudovy scale, and nails prefers to file thus to an oval form and average length. Such cunning reception completely eliminates any vulgarity red, allows to look not only effectively, but also is harmonious and expensive!

The white varnish perfectly approaches red dresses. It is best of all to use soft dairy shades, but not pure snow-white as bright white color creates unnecessary accent and can draw too much attention to your nails. Traditionally under a red dress use translucent varnishes of dairy pastel tones.

Golden shades in manicure create the same effect, as a black varnish. Difference only that if to pick up gold accessories in tone to such manicure, it is possible to make easily an image skillfully picked up and stylish, but isn't superfluous the scandalous. But you shouldn't cover with a gold varnish all nail plate, especially – if it has large spangles or a shimmer! Ideally gold shades in a decor and design of nails look, this color seldom use as basic tone for manicure.

If all of you want to execute manicure in golden scale, give preference to quieter beige or peach shades.

Red color – the brightest shade of a warm palette, and therefore ideally is combined with it the beige, light and pale brown. By the way, if your accessories are picked up in such quiet and neutral scale – for example, beige shoes and a clutch, imperceptible graceful jewelry, in this case it is quite possible to place one more emphasis in image, having covered nails with a golden, but light varnish.

Regardless of what manicure under a red dress you will prefer as a result, you remember the main thing — neutral colors are much more universal and safe, than bright. Choose the last only in that case when you are sure of color balance of the image. The bright and contrast manicure can be admissible only in that case when in your onions there are no other color accents.

Design of nails under a red dress

If monophonic classical options don't suit you for any of several reasons, there are some ways of how it is possible to diversify manicure and to create ideally suitable nails to a red dress. Among the listed below options of design are present as optimum and universal for daily use, and only for issue.

French manicure

This option is the most elegant and successful design in combination with a red dress. This classical combination which doesn't get out of fashion already for many years, it won't lose the relevance never.

What color and design of nails will approach a red dress (photo)

However there are some important points which need to be followed to avoid disharmony. Color of a strip always has to be or white, or the muffled pastel shades. The main part of a nail becomes covered by a colourless varnish. Quite often instead of it the pink varnish of pastel tones, but it already especially a matter of taste is used.

  • It is better for blondes and white-skinned ladies to cover a strip with cold tones light pink and white, and to brunettes and swarty girls – light-beige.

Evening design of nails

But a time the simple French manicure can look is too banal and ordinary. In this case can add the manicure of chic and novelty by means of spangles, a shimmer, a paste, stones. For example, the ideal evening design of nails to a red dress can combine a pattern from small pebbles in the smiles line.

What color and design of nails will approach a red dress (photo)

Also well also the pastes pasted in the bottom of a nail plate at the hole basis look. And here vertical lines and patterns from a paste and stones not so suitable.

Effect of a pattern from lace

Such design on nails to a red dress isn't less good, here only in this case it will be pertinent only as emphasis on separate nails (for example, on middle fingers and little fingers). It will be successful to look also volume design on the basis of the French manicure.

In this case ask the master to decorate your ring fingers on both hands. Well the flower bud, for example – a white rose will approach.

What color and design of nails will approach a red dress (photo)

Here it isn't less important to observe harmony and to strive for balance and a successful combination of shades. The neutral manicure with design on the basis of a service jacket has to be carried out in milky-white, gentle-pink, peach-beige and silvery tones.

Pastes or laces will be pertinent and in that case when these or those elements are present on the dress. Thus it is desirable to achieve that the lacy manicure repeated a pattern and texture of laces on your dress. It isn't allowed to use "lace" in manicure of the bright and shouting tones, and also too dark.

Otherwise, all image will look coarsely. In certain cases "laces" on nails allow to unload a little an image because occupy the space of bright color.

Service jacket

Wonderfully also the service jacket which strip is covered with a brilliant varnish with a large shimmer will elegantly look. Blondes in this case should choose a silvery varnish, and to brunettes – gold.

Two-color option of design

If is present at your image not only red color, but also other main, it is possible to resort to two-color option of design. It will allow to balance the maintenance of each shade.

Remember that on nails has to be more than that color which is less in onions. This cunning will help to get rid of a surplus of any one shade.

What color and design of nails will approach a red dress (photo)

Don't use never contrast shades in manicure if they aren't present in your image. This secret rule of fashion who is important for remembering. If at you the beige-red image and all accessories are picked up in this color style, the varnish of blue, green or yellow tone will spoil all harmony and will at once break balance.

Manicure to a red dress for the blonde

Thanks to that blond and perfectly are in harmony bright red color, the manicure to a red dress for blondes has no rigid restrictions. To owners of a fair hair permissibly to use bright colors.

For example, the black manicure won't overload too strongly all onions. Golden shades the warm shade of hair is perfectly underlined (for example – sand and wheat) and will give to an image royal notes.

Only it is authorized to blondes to use manicure of the same color with a red dress. Such combination will allow to achieve the extraordinary brightness of an image without excessive vulgarity.

If the purpose of an image puts preservation of softness and tenderness, it is worth stopping on pastel tones, they perfectly cope with this role. For effective issue pay separate attention to silvery shades of a varnish. They wonderfully approach a red dress and a fair hair.

Manicure to a red dress for the brunette

The brunettes who put on on themselves a red dress in itself already create improbable force contrast. For this reason the manicure and accessories have to be the most reserved not to overload an image!

Will terribly apply the same bright red varnish on nails, to use other dark or shouting shades. The brunette doesn't need additional requirement to increase showiness of the image, for it it was already made by the nature.

It is considered the most successful classical French manicure to a red dress. What color of nails thus to choose? Best of all will approach pastel and warm peach, and also corporal shades. It is allowed to use other colors of a varnish only if the nail has small length.

It will be good to look a service jacket in combination with small gold elements, especially, if you have a dark skin. But don't abuse design! In manicure of the brunette to a bright red dress everything is good moderately. Surplus a paste, a shimmer or design elements in manicure can easily spoil everything.

As you already understood, the manicure under a red dress can be most different. Here a lot of things will depend on to what you aspire in the image, and also from a shade of your hair and skin. The your appearance is brighter – the more neutrally it is necessary to carry out manicure.

And, on the contrary, if you in onions of contrasts have some, and appearance quite imperceptible – afford more sophisticated and bright manicure. But remember that the red dress in combination with effective and noticeable manicure always demands quiet accessories, modest jewelry and footwear!