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What mills and nozzles are necessary for hardware manicure and a pedicure

Development of modern technologies doesn't stand still. Nail technicians even more often provide the services with use of the device – a milling cutter. This procedure is safer and takes less time, than cut manicure.

That is a milling cutter

What mills and nozzles are necessary for hardware manicure and a pedicure

The milling cutter is a special device which is used in nail service for manicure and a pedicure. The device provides high-quality removal of a cuticle, polishing and polishing of a nail plate. The principle of its action consists in processing of nails by means of special nozzles – mills. Thanks to the special mechanism, the nozzle is set in motion, the speed of its rotation can be changed regulation buttons. There is a set of their versions which are suitable both for professional, and for use of the house.

What mills use for hardware manicure and a pedicure

That the result of work satisfied both the client, and the master, nozzles for the machine for manicure and a pedicure should be chosen quality.

In the course of work, the mill heats up if it is made of qualitative materials, even at the maximum speed, won't be hotter. Small temperature in no way can't do much harm to a nail. In order to avoid undesirable consequences, it is necessary to consider materials of which nozzles are made.

Main types:

  1. The steel – mills for removal of a cuticle and processing of area round a nail. And without regard to production material, they don't damage in operating time a nail, skin. Remember that for manicure use a ball nozzle of small diameter.
  2. Ceramic mills – use them for processing of a shape of a nail and soft removal of a cuticle. Now as the most used are considered corundum, this material doesn't cause injuries of skin and allergic reactions. Complex processing of hands and feet provides use of several forms of mills.
  3. The hard-alloy – nozzles from a tungsten alloy with carbide, they differ in wear resistance and universality. Use them for the most high-quality processing of artificial nails as a natural nail plate, them it is possible to damage. Be careful!
  4. The diamond – very strong durable, are used not only for manicure, but also for a pedicure. Are often applied at hardware correction of helium and acrylic nails. The most popular is the mill a flame which process a cuticle, lateral rollers and delete various callosities, it is applied both in manicure, and in a pedicure.
  5. Applied to polishing. Such nozzles can be made of cotton or silicone. They are necessary for polishing of the natural and increased nails.

There are many nozzles and it is difficult to inexperienced person in this sphere to define, what mill for what, what mills can be used for a hardware pedicure, what – for manicure or correction of artificial nails.

That else is necessary for hardware manicure

In the presence of a milling cutter and necessary nozzles, the hardware manicure can be made in house conditions, for this purpose it is necessary:

  • The machine on which necessary nozzles are fixed.
  • Mills
  • The accumulator or the battery (depending on modification of the device).

The Manikyurny device has to have a set from several mills (the description of nozzles under a photo):

What mills and nozzles are necessary for hardware manicure and a pedicure

  1. Spherical nozzle – for removal of the become lifeless cells of skin round a nail plate.
  2. Cylindrical form – to give the necessary form to a nail.
  3. Fissurny mill – it should be used for processing of lateral rollers of a nail.
  4. Acerate form – it can be applied to processing of a cuticle.

Also for polishing of a nail use caps which are intended only for one-time use. It isn't necessary to sterilize caps, after use they are subject to replacement.

For a hardware pedicure

To make a hardware pedicure, the special machine – the device into which necessary nozzles are inserted is necessary. To itself to make such procedure very difficult therefore it is best of all to address to professional beauty shops. The main nozzles for the pedicure device:

What mills and nozzles are necessary for hardware manicure and a pedicure

  1. Nozzle for removal of a cuticle.
  2. For removal of the become lifeless skin and callosities on foot.
  3. The nozzle used for processing of skin between fingers with a small abrasive.
  4. For processing of skin of foot.
  5. For polishing of skin of foot with a large abrasive.
  6. Mill for processing of rough sites of skin between fingers in a pedicure.
  7. For removal of natoptyshy and rough skin in a heel.

Sometimes, that the pedicure technician should work with rod callosities, for this purpose it is necessary to have pine forests of various diameters, sometimes with notches as is one photo lower.

What mills and nozzles are necessary for hardware manicure and a pedicure

The most popular mills for removal of a cuticle

Processing and removal of a cuticle are main objectives of manicure. The machine for removal of a cuticle gives the chance for shorter terms to provide safe manicure, in comparison with classical. To remove a cuticle, only two nozzles which enter each standard set will be necessary for us: with a round tip of average diameter and a manikyurny mill of the same type, with a diameter of the smaller size. The first allows to remove as much as possible a cuticle, and the second for removal of its become horny parts.

What mills and nozzles are necessary for hardware manicure and a pedicure

Mills for a cuticle on a photo.

Also for removal and processing of a cuticle use conical mills. Cylindrical, most often use for a pedicure.

The hardware manicure forces out classical cut more and more and takes the first positions on popularity. It safer, fast, sterilization and processing of mills occurs much quicker and more conveniently than the tools used in cut manicure.

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