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That is necessary to become the first-class manicurist

House training

The lesson No. 1 — "That needs to be known to become the good manicurist"

You already took the first step by the beginning of training in a nail esthetics independently — you found desire to become the good master, this the first and one of the main conditions of high-quality work. Further you turn the desire into ability with our help. It is an introduction lesson which will train you:

  • to bases of work of the manicurist;
  • to manners of communication with clients that you became their constant master;
  • to conditions and rules of hygiene and sterilization (tools, materials);
  • to rational use of the material — economy;
  • to registration of the workplace.

That is necessary to become the first-class manicurist

Bases of work of the manicurist

That is necessary to become the first-class manicurist

You have to fall in love with the chosen profession that your work went with all the heart. First of all understand, quality of work — this accurate performance of milestones of actions, how you will meet the client before you hold a nail file. The professional possesses not only ability, but also manners. They are shown in communication, arrangement of a workplace, material which you will use. Many work simply to earn, often without following elementary rules because of what lose much more opportunities, for example, without disinfecting the client's handle, but we will return to it in point on sterilization.

Simply understand, to earn by means of manicure and to become highly paid by dear master — these are absolutely different things. 

The master of a nail esthetics — it is unambiguous art! Turn the work not simply into performance of services for money, and into procedure which will get to fall in love the client with process, communication with you and of course result.

Skillful work professionally go masters — is a complex:

  1. Be friendly, you meet the client always with a smile irrespective of, with what mood he came. The main thing that after a meeting with you the visitor has to leave with a smile, pleasure from faultless manicure;
  2. Be quiet and self-assured. Even if something aren't able, not terribly, you can offer the client something another, but learn new skill are obliged!
  3. Matter of time. Quality demands certain time. Each client is individual also time for everyone will leave differently. Don't hesitate if you spend slightly more time, than others, first, you will get the hand and you will be accelerated, secondly there are no restrictions on time. Clients appreciate result, besides many masters of high level not always work absolutely quickly how to be told: "The pleasure from high-quality nail extension lasts much more long, than pleasure from quick low price."
  4. The workplace also speaks to the client about degree of your professionalism. It has to be pure, functional, represent the range of your opportunities. (You work or in salon not very well at home).
  5. Your appearance. The main advertizing of the master not only councils of the clients who already visited you. The main advertizing of the master — is his manicure! Also work in a form or an apron, gloves and a mask. Protect health of the client and the.
  6. Materials and tools. You watch purity of working materials, you clean hygienic tools and materials of a decor;
  7. Pay attention to the client in process, do compliments in the form of coffee and a food. The manicurist's profession from part demands to be a droplet the psychologist, after all many clients often come to talk.

Manners which it is desirable for manicurist if you want to get regular customers quickly to possess 

That is necessary to become the first-class manicurist

This work demands ability to understand people. All clients different, having come to you they will express the mood, features of character, and sometimes and consequences of the occurred events to a meeting with you. You need to estimate mood of the client at first sight. to understand as to behave, especially at the first acquaintance. Present that you meet the new friend, find the general subjects, start easy conversation, you remember you come into contact, for continuous cooperation. But, it individually, not all people are sociable, you remember it if the person doesn't wish to communicate, then submit only him the excellent work.

Qualities of communication with the volume at procedure of manicure or a pedicure is glued:

  • Greet the client and be presented, learn how you can address to the client. Surely smile;
  • Most likely, whether the client at first will ask a question of that you can execute something defined "for example, whether you do a covering gel is delicious?". Answer positively "Yes, of course we do, I have qualitative material, point to term in a sock", offer options, show a color palette, specify that you do designs. As a compliment as the client at you for the first time and to you it is necessary to get to fall in love it with the services, make design free of charge, as a gift, here you will see it will interest, and it is possible for you also expenses.
  • Behave easy in communication don't go too far in care, too great attention can irritate. Start conversation and support it, but you don't rumble unceasingly, give the chance to be uttered to the client, listen more, and time will be imperceptible for the client, and you will prove.
  • Make recommendations, show the knowledge, but moderately. For example, to you the visitor who wants cut manicure came, but you see that her type of a cuticle allows to make combined, recommend it, explain that this procedure is more useful.
  • Treat the visitors, how you do manicure or a pedicure of the visitor have to relax, the cup of coffee or fragrant tea and pleasant conversation will help with it.
  • Don't feel sorry for discounts and interesting offers, simply do it correctly and favourably for yourself, surprising the client minimum for you, but generosity, considerable for it. Besides pleasant additives of your attention — tip.

Refined manners of the master — return of the client, the recommendation to acquaintances, growth of your authority and earnings, and, above all you will be very happy with yourself when you see a loving look of visitors in your diligent work.

Hygiene which the manicurist has to observe. Conditions and rules of sterilization of manicure.

That is necessary to become the first-class manicurist

STERILITY — the most important condition which you have to observe! Safety depends on it for you and your visitors. Don't think that manicure — it is very simple and if you neglect purity, you can bring some infection.

That the manicurist dolzh en to disinfect:

  1. You have to disinfect hands to yourself and the client before any procedures (the client's foot too if you do a pedicure).
  2. Work in gloves and a mask. Use disposable material of 1 times (orange sticks, gloves, packages for a pedicure, slippers). It is better to use not fabric towels, but paper or disposable.
  3. Disinfect the tool at the client and the ambassador of his leaving. After each use all tool has to be processed (nail files, brushes, struts for toes and of course a grater). Too it is desirable for technician to disinfect periodically.
  4. In spite of the fact that you dress a disposable package on a tray, 2 times a week all the same it is worth processing it disinfecting solution.
  5. Be not accustomed to display the excess tool on a table, for example, if you do to the client only a covering, remove tools for manicure.
  6. It is desirable to use different tool kits — one for nails of hands, another for a pedicure (mean, nippers and scissors, nail files and bafa).
  7. Very important point with srubs and creams, use bottles with batchers better, don't get cream hands, use shovels.
  8. On the end of reception of clients, clean the workplace, you will surely grow up garbage and wipe a table.

As it is rational to spend manikyurny materials

That is necessary to become the first-class manicurist

In manicure, the tendency "expensively-qualitatively" works fully. Really good manikyurny stuff and the tool costs much therefore even despite high earnings it is necessary to be able to protect it and to spend in enough (on one client means), but no more than it is necessary.

Economy manik of yurny material: 

  • The small expendable material, such as napkins, wadded disks, a foil, cream and srubs, seems absolutely not expensive, but if to spend it quickly and not economically, due to frequent purchases, you will understand that it too makes value. Therefore use materials with a full-fledged expense on 1 client. At manicure at you has to leave — 2 disposable napkins, 1 orange stick, on 1 share of disinfectors for skin and the tool, 2 portions of cream, when using the batcher (if cream too fat is enough 1), couple of wadded disks for clarification of nails.
  • When building the enormous amount of material is spent if to do nails thicker or longer, than it is necessary as all surplus will be cut, and it is essential. Model nails initially ideally that correction of a form and I opit were minimum — this thin, but possible art.
  • Gel systems don't love a surplus, each layer has the proportion, quality and uniformity of drawing together with the further durable depends on it. You aren't lazy to clean surplus from brushes.
  • Systems of removal of coverings too love a measure, easy to remove an artificial covering from nails and for this purpose it isn't necessary to heat nails in liquids for removal.

Registration of an office of the nail technician

That is necessary to become the first-class manicurist

No matter where you plan to work at home or in beauty shop, your place has to speak about professionalism, abilities and to create to you comfortable working conditions.

As to the beginning manikyurshchitsa to equip the workplace:

  1. Table. On a table there shouldn't be nothing superfluous. The lamp a substrate for hands, a support for nail files and brushes, means on leaving and removals of coverings — it everything that is required to you, get other tool according to services. It is more convenient to fasten a lamp to a table end face, without support (it saves a place).
  2. Near a table there has to be a ballot box.
  3. On a table or over it you need the shelf, it is called the shelf presentation therefore it has to be in full view of the client. On it you will expose the works on a list, and of course coverings, show the rich range (for convenience of the client nevertheless still make a palette separately). Superfluous put tools and equipment to shelves of a table and a subsidiary bedside table, to them not why to become dusty, taking an excess place.
  4. Walls should be decorated with the certificate or photos of your best works, don't hang up simply the picture, gain trust of the client the works.
  5. Make the price-list of services, it has to be near the client. In it it is worth making also an empty seat for actions.
  6. Decorate the workplace, for example, in a glass with nail files, you can put a decor element. On a window sill a vase with a fresh flower.
  7. Use extracts (whenever possible).
  8. On the certain shelf, it is desirable mobile (it for convenience) you will expose the container or the device for sterilization, the client has to see that you care of purity.
  9. Have a plaid in the economy, there are clients freeze, especially at a pedicure.
  10. If you have no pedicure chair, use a soft pillow for convenience of the client.

We congratulate! The first lesson is passed, you on a professional step became closer to the purpose. To be the excellent master of nail art difficult, simply you treat it as to work, and as to creativity. With ours online lessons at you everything will turn out!

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