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When to do manicure on a lunar calendar

When to do manicure on a lunar calendar We are glad to welcome you again on our pages! You sometime reflected that the moon influences quality of the made manicure!

Isn't present? And whether you can believe what the made manicure in certain days will help a marigold to be stronger and more healthy?

Today we will discuss when to do manicure on a lunar calendar and in what days it isn't desirable to be accepted to targeting of beauty on hands.

You really consider, what the cult of a manicuring is a fashionable tendency of modern life? You won't be right at all!

In ancient centuries our ancestors knew how and when it is better to look after nails. Having looked at an ukhozhennost of hands, it was possible to define, what estate to treat the person.

Still in those days people knew that a manicuring it not only is beautiful, but also it is very useful for health. And you know why?

If yes, then you really care of the health. If isn't present – it is worth taking measures as round a nail plate the points which are responsible for internals are located.


Cunnings of well-groomed hands

Certainly, only to you to solve, observe our recommendations or not but why not to combine? If to consider that on average the nail in a month grows by three millimeters, it is enough to put of them in order of time in two weeks for maintenance of beautiful manicure.

There are some types of lunar calendars. To what you will adhere – to choose to you:

  • On days of the week.
  • On passing of the moon through zodiac signs.


Week calendar:

  1. The first unlucky day but if you have a bad mood or a depression – be engaged in the handles. Monday – day of the Moon, not only promotes excellent manicure, but also as prevention of diseases of urinogenital system.
  2. Podstriganiye of a marigold this day stabilizes your financial position, and also receive in addition protective forces and an arrangement of space. Tuesday – day of Mars.
  3. Targeting of beauty on hands on Wednesday promotes elimination of a disorder and concern in personal records. Also will increase immunity, and to improve achievements in the professional sphere.
  4. You went for increase or you go on a new place of work – Thursday ideal day for a manicuring. In day of Jupiter (Thursday) the authority on collective increases, and also has the most salutary day on an organism in general.
  5. Friday Venus patronizes. At the end of the labor week all processes in organisms to be slowed down therefore astrologers don't recommend to preen feathers this day.
  6. You saved up debts? Obtain a habit to cut nails on Saturdays. This day is promoted by the planet Saturn which will help to get rid not only of material problems, but also moral debts. Also this day for appearance promotes lonely hearts and elimination of chronic diseases.
  7. On Sunday it is necessary to allow to have a rest fully not only from affairs, but also to targeting of beauty. Otherwise you can predict evil spirit to the house.

When to do manicure on a lunar calendar

Zodiac calendar:

  1. There are neutral days when the done manipulations don't cause neither advantage, nor harm to an organism in general. Treat the Moon in the Aries and the Taurus them.
  2. You fan of artificial nails? Then astrologers don't recommend to visit the master, when the Night star in Twins.
  3. Growth of nails when the Moon is in the Cancer is significantly slowed down.
  4. If you have a creative approach to manicure or you decided to try new design, the most productive will be day, when Month in Lev.
  5. One of the most favorable days for any kinds of manicure and a pedicure – the Moon in the Maiden. This day the organism will receive the maximum advantage of medical procedures.
  6. It is better to do foot massage and use of aromatic oils when the Night star is in Scales. The woman during this period is very sensitive to color scale. It is worth choosing color which will lighten your mood.
  7. Astrologers don't recommend to do a tray for feet at the Lunar Sickle in the Scorpion. This day it is possible to make massage with essential oils.
  8. It is better to do medical procedures for nails with use of propolis and olive oil when the half moon is in Sagittariuses.
  9. The night star in a goat – is the most favorable day for a manicuring and feet.
  10. You formed cracks and inflammations on feet? We recommend to be engaged in them when the Moon is in Aquarius. Also this day is favorable for any the manikyurnykh of procedures.
  11. In day when the Moon passes through a sign of Fish, our organism is most sensitive. Therefore operations on removal of the grown nail or experiments with new cosmetics aren't recommended (especially to allergic persons).


Couple of councils:

  • To get rid of all superfluous on the body it is better under the decreasing moon (freckles, face peel, cellulitis, extensions, a liposuction, etc.).
  • To sate an organism with vitamins, nutritious masks, creams it is necessary at the growing Sickle. The organism will take a maximum from the carried-out procedures in this period.
  • The manicure made under the Moon in the Capricorn – will be successful.
  • It is better not to do manicure and a pedicure at the Half moon in Fishes.
  • There are special lunar calendars in which you will find all necessary information.

Your right to trust or not to believe in influence of the moon on our health, but it is easier to check, than to guess! Subscribe for our news and learn something new to yourself.


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